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Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, Mar 03, 2018
Entry By: Belize Aggressor III Crew


Belize Aggressor III Captain’s Log

March 3-10, 2018


Sea State: light

Avg. Air Temp: 75oF

Avg. Water Temp: 78oF

Avg. Visibility: 50ft+



Captain – Jerome

Chef – Anna

Stewardess- Jean

Engineer- Fermin

Dive Instructor- Daniel



Saturday March 3, 2018

3:00 PM – Guests Board

5:30 PM – Safety briefing & Introductions

6:20 PM – Dinner is served!


Sunday March 4, 2018

Dive Sites: Black Beauty & Hat Caye Wall

We left the Radisson dock early morning looking forward to a great week of beautiful weather and awesome diving. Very light winds had us heading to the eastern side of Turneffe Atoll t for a site called Black Beauty. This site was rightfully named from the abundance of black coral that was once bountiful in the area. Immediately, we had an exciting start to our check out dive as some divers had a drive by visit of a spotted eagle ray. Some of our other high lights of the dive were free swimming green moray eel, Peterson shrimp, banded coral shrimp, channel clinging crab, yellow head jaw fish and whited spotted toad fish

We then headed over to Lighthouse Reef Atoll and stopped at Hat Caye Wall for our afternoon and night dives. A very mild current made the dive a little exciting as we were swept back to the boat way faster than we had expected. Some of our sightings here were a hawksbill turtle, garden eels, a southern stingray, spotted drums, lobsters and neck crabs.


Monday March 5, 201

Dive Sites: Light House Wall & Painted Wall

Monday morning had us heading to Lighthouse Wall. The clear water here had everyone excited about diving. Sooner than we expected, a baby reef shark swam by to start the morning, and not too far behind, a loggerhead turtle appeared giving us different views while it swam overhead then below us and eventually relaxed on the sand bed, giving some great photo opportunities. Amongst the other sightings were a green turtle, a pipe fish, Nassau grouper, and barracudas.

Next, we slid to the north side of Long Caye to finish our day with three peaceful dives at Painted Wall. It was the perfect site to pull out the macro lenses to capture the beauty of several neck crabs and arrow crabs, a yellow head jaw fish, blennies, box crab and a sea horse. The night dive was strongly dominated by tarpons that kept buzzing through the divers. Still, some five channel clinging crabs, spotted lobsters, spiny tail lobsters, and a free swimming green moray eel still caught the attention of the inquisitive eyes and lenses.


Tuesday March 6, 2017

Dive Site: Blue Hole, Aquarium & Eagle Ray Wall

Tuesday on the Belize Aggressor III is traditionally Bluehole day!!! So, we got an early start and navigated through the atoll toward the underwater sink hole for some deep and shallow dives. We explored the stalactites and up to the shallows were some divers found a nurse shark and a spotted moray eel.

We headed toward Long Caye and dove a site we had not visited in a long time, the Aquarium. This site is bright with such beautiful variations in colours at the base of the deep-water gorgonians that decorate the edge of the wall. Amongst the many creatures and fish that live and transit in this part of the reef, we were able to spot couple of hawksbill turtles, a loggerhead turtle, a spotted eagle ray, reef shark, green moray eel, cow fish, porcupine puffer and flamingo tongue. Simply put, it must have been from a place like this that the fish tanks were named aquariums.

Afternoon and night dive at Eagle Ray had schools of Bermuda Chubs, Tarpons, Octopus, Reef Squids and Lobsters.


Wednesday March 7, 2017

Dive Site: Chain Wall, Half Moon Caye Wall & Painted Wall

Wednesday brought a creole slang to mind “Wicked day a diving” (great day of diving), as this just seemed to have been the perfect day. With very little wind but nicely warm temperature, blue skies and the clear turquoise water of the Caribbean, the visibility was unlimited. We had several encounters with some of the big marine inhabitants, starting with the excitement of reef sharks swimming up and down Chain Wall, then meeting 5 spotted eagle rays swimming as if they were in an airport with many landing pads. We had a few other memorable encounters through the day with some very friendly groupers, a loggerhead turtle quickly visiting us and the brief sighting of 2 hammerhead shark which is a very rare one for us.


Thursday March 8, 2017

Dive Site: Quebrada & Front Porch

Our last dives at Lighthouse Reef for this charter took us to Quebrada, a captain’s favourite. This site is well known for the most beautifully coloured sponges like you would not believe. The top of the reef looked so nice, glittering beautifully with the sun rays, lighting the sponges in a most majestically way. We found a shark and a hawksbill turtle, a yellow head jaw fish, a queen triggerfish amongst so many other little fish and creatures of the sea.

For the afternoon and night dives, we headed over to Turneffe Atoll and made a stop on Front Porch. The day was quiet and peaceful, but we spent it exploring the reef searching for the elusive white spotted toad fish. Even though we didn’t find it through the day, we caught an awesome break at night, when we not only found one, but it was actually outside of its hiding hole, allowing us some time to actually admire it. We also found some squids, an octopus, a spotted moray, a channel clinging crab, and a cool loggerhead resting on a sand hole.


Friday March 9, 2017

Dive Sites: Amber Head North

Wrapping up the week at Amber Head North site, we realized that time surely flies by when you are having fun. We found an eagle ray, and lobsters, but we were most excited to find a spotted sea hare, which we don’t commonly find, and also a sharp tail eel along with a few squids.


We want to congratulate our Iron Divers, David F., David K., Ron P., Ron H., Brenda, Russel, Patrick, Todd, and Jean.

From the captain and crew, we thank you all for diving aboard our vessel, the Belize Aggressor III. We hope you book with us for your next visit.