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Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, Mar 10, 2018
Entry By: Belize Aggressor III Crew


Belize Aggressor III Captain’s Log

March 10-17, 2018


Sea State: light

Avg. Air Temp: 75oF

Avg. Water Temp: 78oF

Avg. Visibility: 70ft+



Captain – Jerome

Chef – Anna

Steward- Randy

Engineer- Fermin

Dive Instructor- Daniel

Video Pro - Monique


Saturday March 10, 2018

3:00 PM – Guests Board

5:30 PM – Safety briefing & Introductions

6:20 PM – Dinner is served!


Sunday March 11, 2018

Dive Sites: Sandy Slope & Amber Head North

We departed the Radisson dock early morning looking forward to a great week of diving and made our first stop for the checkout dive at Sandy Slope. We dove both sides of the mooring pin, heading north first and then south. It was great to find several spotted moray eels, yellow stingrays, lobsters, pipefish and a beautiful reef to start off the week.

We then headed over to Amber Head North and had two afternoons dives as well as our first night dive. This site seemed to be eel city, as we had spotted, green, golden tail, and sharp tail eels, all on the same site. We also had our first turtle sighting of the week and a couple of southern stingrays.


Monday March 12, 2018

Dive Sites: Amber Head South & Cathedral

Monday morning was Amber Head South time, and the water was so clear that morning that it made it easy to drop deeper than we would have liked. Our nature sightings started with three spotted eagle rays swimming along together, making this a very memorable moment! Some other creatures and fish we spotted were scorpion fish, lobsters inside sponges, and green moray eel.

Heading over to enjoy Lighthouse Reef Atoll, we stopped at Cathedral for the afternoon and night dive and had our first shark encounter of the week. We also saw a couple of tarpons, a hawksbill turtle, and a neck crab. On the night dive, guests saw a couple of squids, an octopus, and a speeding tarpon that seemed curious of the divers, so it passed by several times.


Tuesday March 13, 2017

Dive Site: Chain Wall, Half Moon Caye Wall & Night Mooring

Light wind and an over cast day made us move to Chain Wall for calmer seas. It seems that this site continues to be what it is best known for, “Shark experience”. A friendly reef shark kept swimming up and down the reef, also following us into the shallows. And when the reef shark was away, Nassau groupers kept us company. On the shallows, a couple of southern stingrays kept it interesting.

The afternoon dive continued were we left off, as again we were entertained by couple more reef sharks. We were extremely lucky to have found two logger heads turtles seemingly mating. The shallows were equally filled with awesome Caribbean creatures, as we saw tons of garden eel, flapping ding bats, head shield slugs, southern stingrays, and spent some time looking at some sail fin blennies fly around.

We headed to the night mooring and decided to do something different for the night dive. This was for sure no disappointment, as we had a bunch of southern stingrays under the boat, and lobsters all over the patch reefs, box crab exploring the sand, and octopus and reef squid.


Wednesday March 14, 2017

Dive Site: Blue Hole & Lighthouse Wall & Halfmoon Caye Wall

We made an early morning start and headed to the Blue Hole for some deep exploration. We descended peacefully into the stalactites and explored a little, enjoying the quiet and calm of the site, as well as the extraordinary geological formations.

After a nice deep dive, we went over to Lighthouse Wall and were thrilled to find a reef shark that continuously turned to check us out. There was a loggerhead swimming over the sand bed, and a couple friendly Nassau Groupers and barracudas.

Finally, it was time some a little fun on the island excursion. Our guests enjoyed the walk on the beautiful white sand of Halfmoon Caye, as well as the views of the magnificent frigate birds and red-footed boobie birds from the observation platform, strategically placed amongst the orange-flowered Zericote trees.

For the last leg of the day, we dove Halfmoon Caye Wall. As always, the site was beautiful for the night dive. Amongst the creatures we found in the dark were tarpons, head shield slugs, lobsters, many urchins, and box crabs.


Thursday March 15, 2017

Dive Site: Hat Caye Wall & Black Beauty

Our final dive of the week at Lighthouse took us to Hat Caye Wall. With a mid-current on the top, we spent most of our time diving off the wall. We saw a couple of spotted moray eel, banded coral shrimps, and some wire coral shrimps.

Right after the dive, we headed back to Turneffe Atoll, to explore the site called Black Beauty. With 2 afternoon and night dives, our guests became very familiar with the topography and were able to see understand the origin of the site’s name. We saw a couple of free swimming green moray eel, burr puffer, neck crabs, Peterson cleaner shrimps, white spotted toad fish and a loggerhead that got the adrenalin pumping back into our day.

During the surface interval, we snorkelled with a small family of four dolphins, which was enough to who keep us in the water the entire time. Since they seemed to want to linger around, we took a shot to dive with them, but they were not up for the underwater play and eventually left us.

The night divers found a couple more toad fish and octopus that made their day even better.

Friday March 16, 2017

Dive Sites: Zip Line

Time surely flies by when you are having fun, and just like that we came upon our last day out at sea. So, we made the best of the day and took an early morning dive at Zip Line, a site we hardly dive, but it just seemed like the day was calling for a little exploration there. We weren’t disappointed, as we had great visibility and were delighted to see the sun morn through the water and awake the sleeping creatures and fish from their nightly slumber. We even lost count of how many spotted moray eels we found, at the end we just called it a bunch. There were a couple of bur puffer, flounders, lobsters inside barrel sponges, and to seal of the dive and the week, we ended with a beautiful spotted eagle ray.


Many thanks to our Iron Diver Rowan that made the dives even nicer gracing us with his presence throughout the dives. Congratulations for being outstanding diver

And once again, we bid our esteemed guests a Belizean farewell, not a goodbye, as we hope that you make your way back to Belize and back aboard the Belize Aggressor III. We hope that your stay was as pleasurable to you as it was for the captain and crew to host you.