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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Apr 14, 2018
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Captains Log

Cayman Aggressor IV

April 14th to 21st 2018

Guests Debbie & Lee, JJ, Paul, Mike & Judy, Chad & Sarah, Bruce, Joe, Chris, Steve & Laura, Greg, and Kristi.

Crew Captain Manny, Engineer Rodel, Chef Kingsley, Instructors Aubri & JC, Stewardess Latoya.

Water temp 78 to 80F; Air temp 82 to 84F

Exposure protection: 3mm wetsuit

Saturday As our guests trickled in throughout the afternoon there was only one question on everyone’s mind- “Are we going to Little Cayman?”. Fortunately, we had the window and we could happily inform everyone that we would be crossing tonight. With the safety briefing complete and dinner on its way we set off for Bloody Bay, Little Cayman here we come!

Sunday We arrived late in the night to beautiful conditions. The day began at Bus Stop where divers enjoyed Turtles, Squid, Stingray, Nurse Shark, and even Mantis Shrimp! Once everyone was checked-out and feeling comfortable in the water again we headed up to one of our favorites- 3 Fathom Wall for the afternoon. Everyone was very impressed with the large schools of fish here and some even made friends with one of our Nassau Grouper. As we moved to our night dive site, Meadows, we enjoyed a delicious dinner up on the sundeck. Afterwards, it was time for the night dive where divers found 2 Octopus, a Nurse Shark, Channel Crabs, Lobster, and Stingray.

Monday We began our day with an early morning splash at 6am. The Turtles were out and enjoying some breakfast while the Grouper were parked in the cleaning stations getting fresh for the day. Back onboard we enjoyed some breakfast and then splashed again at Meadows. There were even more Turtles and some even saw a Reef Shark! Next on our morning schedule was The Great Wall- the sheerest section of Bloody Bay with sponges growing straight out from the wall. It was a wonderful last dive in Little Cayman seeing a little Turtle and a very large and photogenic Barracuda but alas it was time to head back to Grand Cayman as the winds were changing. We had a safe and smooth crossing to the big island and guest relaxed on the sundeck, watched movies, and even did some Nitrox homework during the journey.

Tuesday Safely back in Grand Cayman we set our sights for some south coast diving. We spent the morning at Pedro’s Castle exploring the Swiss cheese-like canyons and looking for all of the Lobster and Crabs tucked away in the reef. Divers were impressed by some of the healthiest looking Elk-Horn Coral in all of the Caymans and even got to watch two large squid playing in the surge. Back onboard we enjoyed a delicious Italian lunch while we cruised over to West Bay for some diving at Governor’s Reef and Oro Verde. Large schools of feeding Blue Tang, Lobster, and Bubble Tip Anemones filled with Shrimp were some highlights of Governor’s while at the Oro Verde we saw a Green Moray, Eagle Ray, Turtle, Jaw Fish, and a family of Lobster.

Wednesday We began the day at Round Rock / Trinity Caves. The dives were beautiful with numerous Eel and Juvenile Spotted Drum. Wednesday means Cheeseburgers in Paradise- Joe’s favorite meal of Kingsley’s! For the afternoon we headed to the wreck of Doc Poulson. Divers enjoyed exploring the small Japanese Tug and checking out the variety of slugs to be found in the sand. Highlights of the afternoon dives were Turtles, a Nurse Shark, sleeping Octopus, and even a Nurse Shark! For the night dive all of the sleeping Basket Stars from the Poulson came out to feed and the little sleeping Octopus even came out a bit at night. It was definitely another great day here on the Cayman Aggressor!

Thursday We planned an action packed last full day of diving starting with Big Tunnels. This hot spot for Turtles was truly beautiful this morning as divers checked out swim throughs and searched for critters. After one dive we headed around to the North Sound for Stingray City! The Rays must have been hungry because they were out in numbers today. We cruised back to West Bay during lunch and splashed at the USS Kittiwake for the 3 afternoon dives. This classic Cayman shipwreck located next to a beautiful wall always has something for everyone- wall, reef, wreck, swim throughs are all top notch. When the diving was done we settled down to a delicious Thanksgiving dinner followed by the movie and slideshow of the week before crashing into bed.

Friday Our last day of diving was upon us, first up, Eagle Ray Rock. We didn’t find any Eagle Ray but there was a friendly Turtle and a very cool Scorpion Fish. For our final dive we headed to Devil’s Grotto for some swim throughs and Tarpon. Back on board it was time to start cleaning up and heading for the dock. Guests spent the afternoon relaxing and exploring George Town. At 5:30 everyone gathered upstairs for a cocktail party where we celebrated a wonderful week of diving and congratulated Joe on being the only Iron Diver and Paul, Bruce, and Greg for completing their Nitrox course!

Until Next Week

Your Cayman Aggressor Captain & Crew