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Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, May 05, 2018
Entry By: Belize Aggressor III Crew


Belize Aggressor III Captain’s Log

May 05-12, 2018

Conditions: light

Sea State: choppy

Avg. Air Temp: 95oF

Avg. Water Temp: 82oF

Avg. Visibility: 70ft+



Captain -             Jerome

Chef -                         Anna

Steward -             Randy

Engineer -             Fermin

Dive Instructor – Rocke

Divemaster - Monique


Saturday May 05, 2018

3:00 PM – Guests Board

5:30 PM – Safety briefing & Introductions

6:30 PM – Dinner time




Sunday May 06, 2018

Dive Sites: Sandy Slope, Black Beauty

On early Sunday morning we head out to the deep blue to start our new week. We made a stop to Turneffe atoll to do our check out dive at Sandy Slope. In the first few minutes, we sorted out our buoyancy and slowly made our way to the sloping wall. The sloping sand bed was occupied by hundreds of Garden eels on the hunt. Pike blenny and pipe fish was also spotted in this area. Some spotted moray eel, lobsters and small banded coral shrimps were spotted among the variety of hard and soft corals of the reef top. Bright coloured tube sponge and huge barrel sponges we also apart of this very beautiful and relaxing check out dive experience.

We then made our way from the western side to the eastern side of Turneffe atoll, to a sight known as Black Beauty. Like the name describes, there were some large and beautiful black corals on the wall. Among them were small schools of brightly coloured Blue Chromis as well as some very territorial damsel fish no bigger than 3 inches. Off in the distance were two graceful Eagle rays that made their way just below the divers and cruise calmly along the wall. The croaking of the very endemic white spotted toadfish made us excited for the night dive. The toad fish was spotted complete out of its hiding place. Some divers thought they were bigger than what they expected. These unique shaping fish always make divers excited when they finally see what is responsible for the croaking that is identical to that of a land toad. Spotted moray eels and countless reef squids along with small bait balls and bar jacks on the hunt made up a complete and fun night dive, especially for the first timers.

With a full day at Turneffe, we now made our way into to the night, to Light house Reef Atoll.




Monday May 07, 2018

Dive Sites: Light house wall, Cathedral

With very light wind condition, we had the perfect opportunity to start our Monday at Light house Wall. The visibility was great off the steep drop off. A huge barracuda swam slowly between the divers giving them some excitement. The friendly Nassau Groupers were there waiting on the reef top to personally greet us. Some came slow close to be pet, they were like tame dogs. A scorpion fish was spotted relaxing on a coral head. Flounders, Queen Conchs, Hermit Crabs and Southern sting rays were the highlights of the sandy bottom.

We then made our way behind Long Caye, where we spent the remainder of the day at Cathedral. By this time dark clouds have surrounded us making the dive not as bright. This did not stop us from seeing huge Tarpons trailing each other on the reef top. A Huge Black tip shark cruise just below us along the wall. A moray eel was peeking out from a hole and a nurse shark lie unbothered under a coral ledge. A hawksbill turtle was spotted on the reef top just when we were about to turn around. The divers enjoyed the sight of all the horse eye jacks that gathered under the boat. The night dive was a success with Tarpons on the hunt, octopus, squids, big crabs and lobsters that occupied the reef and sea floor.


Tuesday May 08, 2018

Dive Site: Blue Hole, Angelfish Wall

We navigated through the atoll towards the Great Blue Hole bright and early Tuesday morning. Our divers were excited about the deep diving and the stalactite formation of such a historical and unique site.

With all the underwater activities, we took this time to visited Halfmoon Caye Island for our bird tour. We took the cool trail to the observation deck, where we got to see the Red-footed boobies. There were some fluffy juvenile birds still around their nest as well as frigates flying in and out of the trees.

We spent the remainder of the day at Angelfish Wall. A big Caribbean Reef shark was the highlight of the day as it cruised amongst the divers. A Hogfish opened up to the Neon Gobies at a fully functioning cleaning station, unbothered by the divers allowing us to capture video and take photos. On the night dive found octopus, lobsters and huge star baskets.


Wednesday May 09, 2018

Dive Site: Half Moon Caye Wall Julies Jungle

The sea was flat calm with little to no wind blowing. We could sea the sea floor from off the boat. We took this opportunity to motor from our night mooring and make it and early start at Halfmoon Caye wall. Couple divers managed to see a very large loggerhead turtle that lives in the area. The huge reef sharks were not shy today. The were very photogenic, competing with the Nassau groupers for our divers’ attention. Well, the sharks were the winners today. A few tarpons swarmed into a bait ball of silversides and Barracudas lurked around for straying prey. Some small southern sting rays scan the grass beds for food while bar jacks trailed behind them for scraps.

For the last dives of the day, we chose to do Julies Jungle. This site is very beautiful with its abundance of soft corals and high rise coral heads that u can swim between as u search for cool critters. A very large Green Moray joined the divers as they navigated along the wall. Some lobsters were spotted in the cracks of the reef. One lobster was full of orange coloured eggs under its tail, we observe the lobster as it fanned the eggs with its hind legs to allow air to flow through them. This was pretty neat. A very big and grouchy looking scorpion fish rested on the coral head. Its bright pectoral fins shined brightly as he swam away from us. This made the divers looked at each other in shock. Who knew they could be that colourful when they swim.

The night dive was full of cool critters. Hermit crabs, star baskets, brittle star, lion fish and spotted eels. We then retired at our night mooring and called it another wonderful day in paradise.


Thursday May 10, 2018

Dive Site: Chain wall & Painted

We headed for Chain Wall on Thursday, knowingly it would be a very memorable dive. It was! We had shark activities as we entered the water. We got to sea a reef shark opening up its mouth and making big biting movements as it was clearing out its gills. Many of the divers said it looked like the shark was laughing at us. This was a very cool experience. A small Hawksbill turtle checking us out and a pair of eagle rays cruising gracefully below us. The divers were full of excitement.

We finished the day at a colourful site called Painted Wall. Brightly coloured Sergeant Majors schooled under the boat. Bermuda Chubs and Yellowtail snappers in the hundreds, also flock and follow the divers on the wall. A free-swimming moray eel was spotted on the wall and a very huge Loggerhead turtle came upfront and personal with one of our divers. Once again, a day well spent under water.

We started our vessel and set sail into the night. Turneffe Atoll was our destination. We spend the night here in order to prepare for our early dive the next morning



Friday May 11, 2018

Dive Sites: Amberhead South

To close off our awesome week of diving, we winded down at Amber head South. Visibility wasn’t its best today but that did not stop us from seeing a free-swimming moray eel that entertained us for quite a while. Too many lobsters peeking from under their shelters. A scorpion fish laid motionless on a beautiful coral head just looking at us pass him by.

Many thanks to our Iron Divers Sirpa, Todd and Dave. These guys were undefeated. Diving was their priority at all times. Congratulations for being outstanding divers!


We are sad to see you all leave, but the captain and crew sincerely hope that your Belize experience has made a lasting impression and you decide to visit us once again to dive aboard the Belize Aggressor III. Thank you!