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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Jun 09, 2018
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Guests Sarah & Dan, Deb &Lee, Mike W, Rob & Dawne, Delaney & Gracie, Natalie & Cindy, Tim, Kathy & Lance, Jane & Mike, Patty & Mike.

Crew  Captain Manny, Engineer Rodel, Chef Kingsley, Instructors Aubri& JC, Stewards Latoya & Oneil.

Water temp 81F; Air temp 84 to 88

Saturday The Island Hoppers Dive Team all arrived promptly at boarding time and to their surprise they were greeted by a brand new vessel- the Cayman Aggressor V. We got everyone settled into their dive stations and cabins and then all gathered in the salon for a welcome and safety briefing as we pushed off the dock for Little Cayman!

Sunday We arrived late in the night to Randys Gazebo on Bloody Bay Wall. After some breakfast and a dive briefing everyone was ready to get wet. We had some great morning dives here with moray eels, nurse sharks, a pipefish, and turtles all waiting to be found. Back on the surface we enjoyed some sandwiches for lunch and then a quick nap before heading back in the water at Nancys Cup of Tea. At Nancys we explored the pinnacle and found two turtles hanging out for an afternoon snack. There were also several lobsters in the area and a spotted eel. After dinner we splashed for our 5th dive of the day, a night dive, and found three different kinds of nudibranch and a school of baby squid. It was definitely a macro lovers dream down there. With a fantastic first day of diving everyone was looking forward to what lies ahead.

Monday After a good nights sleep everyone was ready to go again when we tied up to 3 Fathom Wall for the morning. Divers loved this site so much that Deb even claimed it as her favorite site. We truly did have some special dives here with a nurse shark greeting us right as we jumped in and a southern stingray and green turtle swimming with the group but the cherry on top was when Jane found a beautiful purple and brown seahorse! After lunch we were back in for three more dives at the Meadows. Here we checked out some swim throughs and watched many stingray feed in the sand. There was also a lobster den filled with at least three lobsters and a crab. For the night dive we checked out several large crabs and lobster feed and a spotted eel swimming around. Some divers even came back with tales of a grouper eating all the fish that they were trying to look at. After everyone had their hot towels and hot coco it was time to call it a day and get some rest.

Tuesday The engines came to life early as we quickly moved over to Lea Leas Lookout for a 6:00am splash. No better way to wake up than to wake up with the reef. Back on the Cayman Aggressor V it was time for some eggs benedicts, the most well deserved breakfast of the week for our brave divers. Afterwards we did one more dive at Lea Lea’s to see the turtles feed and the moved over to the Great Wall for two more dives. Here we found baby nurse sharks, eels, turtles, red lipped blennies, and lettuce leaf slugs. On our final dive we had a very special celebration, Natalies 200th dive. Of course we celebrated in true Aggressor style by making her a cake but the Island Hoppers had something else in mind to celebrate and proceeded to draw all over her. After everyone had cleaned up and stowed everything away it was time to head back to Grand Cayman for the remainder of our week.

Wednesday Back in West Bay of Grand Cayman is where we resumed our diving. First up was Round Rock & Trinity Caves where divers explored the caves and swim throughs. Rob enjoyed taking photos of a very friendly turtle and everyone was excited with how different the marine life seemed from Little Cayman. One thing everyone was surprised with was the number of oceanic triggerfish schooling by the wall. In the afternoon we headed over to the Doc Poulson, a very cool shipwreck set in the sand between a wall and reef. Here we found large schools of horse eyed jacks and looked for some of the smaller critters like arrow crabs, peterson cleaning shrimp, banded coral shrimp, and head shield slugs. After dinner it was on to the night dive where Cindy found the first octopus of the week.

Thursday  We began our day on the USS Kittiwake, one of the most famous dive sites in the Cayman Islands. Here we explored inside and outside of this large submarine rescue vessel and encountered some cool critters on the wreck like blennies, file clams, sergeant majors with eggs, and sea urchins. There was also a very hungry turtle right by the bow of the wreck. In the afternoon we moved to Lost Treasure/ Spanish Anchor for one dive where we encountered a tiny octopus out on a sea fan and a free-swimming moray eel. For our final two dives of the day we headed to the wreck of Oro Verde. Here divers spent some time with a goliath grouper and checked out the resident lobsters. Back onboard it was time for dinner and a show, the movie and photo slideshow of the week. Guests even had energy to play a round of boys vs. girls Trivial Pursuit before heading off to bed.

Friday  Sadly our final day of diving had arrived but everyone was looking forward to the two amazing dives planned. First up was Big Tunnels where we marveled at the abundant black coral and lazily watched a few turtles having their breakfast. Last up on the itinerary was the Cayman classic of Devils Grotto. We took in all of the swim throughs and got to swim with a large school of tarpon before heading back to start cleaning up gear and packing up. As guests ate lunch we headed back to the dock in George Town . The afternoon was spent cleaning up and packing up until our cocktail party where we celebrated a wonderful week of diving and got to hear all the funny and endearing superlatives that the Island Hoppers came up with for each other and the crew. It was an absolute pleasure to have this fun group of friends on board and we hope to see you back for more adventures in diving.

Until Next Week

Your Cayman Aggressor Captain & Crew