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Log Date: Friday, Jun 22, 2018
Entry By: Okeanos Crew


22 June – 02 July 2018


Average Water Temperature 81 F (26 Celsius)

Average Air temperature 82 F (26 Celsius)
Average Visibility 84 ft-25 mts
Wetsuits: 3mil, maybe more if you get cold easily.
Crew this week: Capt. Mauricio, Chefs Douglas and Gerardo, Engineer Fabio, steward Jairol, Boat drivers and Divemasters Warren, Luis and Xavier.

Here we are ready for one more diving trip with guests from United States and our friend Scott as tour leader. We started our journey Friday at 11am with beautiful weather at Puntarenas dock. Our guests were very excited and as soon as they got onboard, they started to set their dive gear up followed by yummy lunch by the chef Douglas and Gerardo.

Next day, we were able to see dolphins surfing the bow of the boat and some bobbie birds flying super close posing for the photo. When we got to Cocos, at 8am we were already doing our first dive of the week starting with lots of white tips sharks and fish. At the end of the dive we got to see a small whale shark passing by and right away we knew this was going to be a great diving trip.

Second and third dive we went to Manuelita Island looking for hammerheads and she didn’t disappoint us, they were everywhere and so close that everybody was able to get good pictures and videos of them.

Next day, we chose Dirty Rock. We just got in the water and the sharks were waiting for us in big groups, marble rays passing by and a huge schools of Big Eye Jacks of at least 3000 all together. We couldn’t dive Punta Maria this day because of the currents and for the second dive we dove Viking rock with a spectacular rock formation and Hammerheads very close to the sandy bottom surrounded by a “cloud “ of fish.

This week currents were coming in and that’s the reason for the good activity of the Hammerheads in the island. Alcyone was the perfect example of a Cocos dive, this sea mount is located one mile away from Cocos itself and when we got there, within the first five minutes we were looking at HHHHHammerheads and then all of the sudden a 15 ft whale shark came to the side of the group swimming so slow and so close to us that everyone could take great pics of him.

The next days we were coming back to the best dive sites of Cocos and it was just another fantastic week! Stay tuned for more…

Thanks to all of our guests; Scoot,Morgan,Jack,Rob,Ron,Carl,Randy,Chris,Scott,Christy,Kingsley,Dave,Kathy,Bill,Zack,Melissa,Bart,Dave,Megan,Dave H,Kathy H.for a great week of diving.