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Log Date: Saturday, Jun 16, 2018
Entry By: Fiji Aggressor crew


Fiji Aggressor Captain’s Log 16th June, 2018.

Water temp – Recommended suit – Weather –
Visibility – 70/90ft


Captain – Arthur Williams Relieving Chief Engineer – Sotia Dive Master / CD - Richard Chef – Peni
Steward – Eddie

Bula and welcome to the Fiji Aggressor. Remember it’s not just diving, it’s an adventure. This week, we were excited to welcome on-board 6 guests.

Dr. Jon & Wende 

Saturday 16th June, 2018
Guests arrived at 1300hrs and settled in with a light lunch of BBQ chicken wraps and coconut water. They were briefed for the week ahead and assigned to their respective cabins.
We then begin our 10hr journey to Namena Island.
They all settled in real quick and seemed ready for their adventure.

Sunday 17th June, 2018
Day 1
Our first dive day was at Kansas (Check out Dive)
Water was warm with a mild current. All 6 divers were happy with the checkout dive, buoyancy and visibility up to 80ft.
Second dive was at Kansas and the Arch. Guests were impressed and were able to see the arch, a school of Jacks, butterfly fish, moray eels, Anthias and colorful coral.
Third dive was scheduled for Mushrooms where the guests decided to hold off the dive because of the strong current. They decided to go for a snorkel instead and enjoy the afternoon on the boat.
Only two guests decided to do the night dive (Kate and Kris) at 1730 hrs and were back in time for dinner at 1830hrs.

Monday 18th June, 2018
We began the day with a dive at the Save-a-tack wall. Visibility was clear up to 100ft with a view of grey reef sharks, moray eels, baby Barracudas and a lot of soft coral.
Second dive was at Kansas with a slightly stronger current that brought out more soft coral. Visibility wasn’t as good but guests saw a grey reef shark and a black tip circling the pinnacle that made the dive exciting.
Third dive at Fly By (South save-a-tack) with sea ferns, lobsters and trigger fish in view.
Fourth dive at the four and a half sisters had great visibility up to 50ft with a lot of coloured fish, soft and hard coral and moray eels.
Guests asked to skip the night dive and have an early night.

Tuesday 19th June, 2018
Woke up to a beautiful and clear day.
We discussed our plan with the guests which got them excited. We decided to complete two dives in Namena then make a short voyage to Makogai where guests would visit the Island hatchery for breeding Turtles & Clams. After the visit, guests would complete two dives in Makogai.
First dive was at school house with clear visibility up to 100ft or more. A couple of minutes into the dive, schools of fishers decided to grace us with an extrodinary performance. Barracuda’s, Jacks, Banner fish, Anthias along with a group of sharks were wondering everywhere. Was the first for all of us under the water.
Because the first dive was great, guests suggested we do our second dive at School House again. This dive wasn’t as great as the first but they all still managed to see more of the coral structures and under water surroundings. Guests agreed that it was still a wonderful dive.
1300hrs after lunch, we were off to Makogai, 3 hours south of Namena.
At Makogai, guests visited the hatchery and were told stories of the Islands history which was quite interesting.

After the visit, they were off to the boat for afternoon snacks and their third dive at Christine’s Place.

Guests were back in the water at 1700hrs for their third dive at Christine’s Place. Unfortunately the divers did not have much to see with a strong current and murky view. After the dive, guests decided to not do a night dive. We decided to sail to Wakaya Island the next morning about 2 hours from Makogai.

Wednesday 20th June 2018

We arrived at Wakaya Island around 0300hrs this morning and planned the first dive for 0800hrs at Manta Rock located off Wakaya Island.

Beautiful morning for our first dive with clear blue water at Vatu Vai, Wakaya.
Divers made their way around the pinnacle from the bottom to the top watching some cleaning Shrimps working along. After a few minutes, two Manta-ray decided to join them with the smaller Manta putting on a show. Guests thoroughly enjoyed their dive.

Second dive was at our same location, Vatu Vai as the Manta’s had refused to leave and were enjoying our company. Guests enjoyed their view of the Wakaya wall and the Manta’s of course.

Third dive was around the Wakaya passage. Guests were happy to see a few white tips and turtles and some great land and coral structure.

Fourth dive was at the Wakaya Wall again with only two divers, Kris & Kate. As the sun was beginning to set, visibility wasn’t too good but divers were happy to be able to see a large bale of Turtles swim by. After the fourth dive, guests decided not to do the fifth dive, so we decided to begin our voyage to Gau Island after dinner. It took us about three and a half hours to reach Gau Island.

Thursday 21st June, 2018
Guests were excited about today as it was our Village visit day. Unfortunately Kate and Kris weren’t feeling too well today so the Buras family decided to continue with the dive.

First dive was at Jim’s Alley. We had low visibility for the first few minutes but dive got better as we went deeper. Divers caught a glimpse of schools of colored fish, soft coral and the banded sea snakes that decided to give everyone a little scare appearing out of nowhere.

Second dive was at the Nigali passage. The current was coming in so we decided to dive the outer wall. Again we experienced murky water with not much fish but the divers agreed that the layout of the coral was beautiful. Divers also got to see a White Tip shark, a pod of Lobstsers and a school of Barracudas.

Guests decided to call it a day after the second dive and spend the afternoon relaxing before their village visit.
At 1600hrs, guests were taken to the village for some traditional Fijian entertainment and “Kava”(traditional drink).

They returned to the boat around 1800hrs for (Lovo) a traditional Fijian dinner of Chicken, Fish, pork and root crops cooked underground.

Friday 22nd June, 2018
Guests were up earlier than usual today as we had to do the first dive before the tide and current changed.
First dive was great with visibility of about 60ft. Divers got a glimpse of a school of barracudas, shoal of Bass and a large herd of Sharks to keep them entertained for an hour.

Our second dive was at Nigali Wall with only two divers and I before lunch and our journey back to Suva.

To sum up the dive trip, it was very relaxing and laid back. Guests enjoyed their holiday out on the ocean especially Max who was great company and had some intense soccer “football” skills. After a few kicks around the back deck, we could both agree I had more skills, right Max?!! 

Hope you’ve enjoyed the read and thanks for keeping up with our adventures on the Fiji Aggressor. Till next week... Moce Mada.

Richard Olsen Cruise Director FA 2018