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Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, Jun 23, 2018
Entry By: Belize Aggressor III Crew


Belize Aggressor III Captain’s Log

June 23-30, 2018




Sea State: Light chop to choppy

Avg. Air Temp: 85F

Avg. Water Temp: 83F

Avg. Visibility: 80-100ft

Avg Wind Speed: 10-15knots



Captain Jerome

Chef Anna

Steward Randy

Engineer Fermín

Dive Master Monique

Dive Master Jadiel


Sunday June 24, 2018


Dive Sites: Hat Caye Wall, Julies Jungle


Early Sunday morning, we departed from Belize City. As the sun rose and shine bright, we arrived to Light House Reef Atoll ready to start a very memorable diving vacation. We did our check out dives at Hat Caye Wall. This site provided us with big high rise coral formations and some huge sand beds to spend some time in as we adjusted our buoyancy and become familiar with our gears.


The reminder of the day was spent at Julies Jungles. The wall here is absolutely phenomenal. As the name depicts, it has an abundance of colorful soft corals, sponges and sea whips. We were greeted by a medium size black tip shark that cruised below on the wall. In the cracks and crevices, we were lucky to find lobsters, small coral shrimps, spotted drums and spotted moral eel. The night dive was very fun. We had a big resting nurse shark, lobsters in sponges, lettuce leaf slug, long horn nudibranch and four octopuses.


Monday June 25, 2018

Dive sites: Cathedral & Eagle Ray Pass

Cathedral is known for its mysterious swim through that has entrances of ancient churches. As some of the divers entered the water and make their way towards the wall, a pod of dolphins swum by. They were very playful, some were swimming upside down and twirling as if they were dancing. Other divers saw a shark cruising on the wall and a turtle that had a satellite tag on its back, came very close so it could have its picture taken.

We spent the rest of the day diving at Eagle Ray pass. The wall here is very beautiful and drops very deep to the great unknown. It is clustered with brightly colored tube sponges. On the wall we had 2 sharks cruising and an eagle ray cruising by. The reef top is so full of life. Bermuda chubs and tarpons gathered beneath the boat and a school of blue tang grazed carefully on the algae of the sea floor. On the night dive

Tuesday June 26, 2018

Dive Sites: Blue Hole & Painted Wall

The weather today seems perfect. We took full advantage and set sail to the Blue Hole Natural Monument for a very special diving experience among stalactites formations. Most of the divers enjoyed a macro dive in the shallow areas while a few went to a maximum depth of 130feet. With a very exciting adrenaline rush as we got to our max depth, the view was beyond belief and treasured. All the divers were in their glory knowing that this is another checked mark on their bucket list.

We headed to Half-moon Caye to completed our much needed surface interval. On the small island we went on a trail through a somewhat dense littoral forest. We found spiny tail iguanas and land hermit crabs that we each had a chance to collect and played “crab race”. This was very fun and full of laughter. As we continue we arrived at the bird tower to observe the nesting colony of well over 4000 booby birds. Among them, were frigate birds and brown pelican.

         Diving was resumed at a site called Painted Wall. As the name depicts, the reef top is very colorful and full of life. Below the boat we had schooling black durgons and sergeant majors. Also among them were Bermuda chubs that followed us on the dive. We had very friendly free swimming moray eels that came a little too close for comfort. However, they really did provide us with some great photo image. On the night dive we had a couple octopus. One in particular was playing along with a spotted lobster. This was very cool to watch. We also had a southern sting ray, a very camouflaged scorpion fish, some spiny lobsters and some huge clinging crabs.

Wednesday June 27, 2018

Dive Sites: Chain Wall & Quebrada

With threatening clouds over head, we took our chances and headed over to Chain Wall. This site is tucked in behind Half-moon Caye making it perfect for diving today. We had two remarkable dives with Reef sharks cruising between us. These sharks must have been 6 to 7 feet in length. They were massive and graceful. We also saw a green turtle, a very tiny pipe fish and a huge spiny lobster walking over the sandy bottom and then making its way on top of a coral head to show off its big carapace. Everyone was very ecstatic about these dives.

Quebrada was the dive site we ended up completing our day. It has a very beautiful wall fully covered with soft corals, rope sponges and wire corals. Among them were gigantic Barrel Sponges and very large sea plumes. We also saw moray eels, reef shark, a lovely pair of spotted drums, a huge black grouper. In the sandy area we had yellow head jaw fish, peacock flounder and sand tile fish.

Thursday June 28, 2018

Dive Sites: Halfmoon Caye Wall & Long Caye Wall

Weather conditions were great today. We had a fun set of dives at Half Moon Caye wall. Upon entering the water and headed to the wall we were encircled by a large bait ball of silver sides. There was plenty of activity going on here. Tarpons, Jacks, Barracudas and Groupers were having a feast right before our eyes. We could have spent an entire dive just soaking in this frenzy. Along the wall we had a hawksbill turtle munching on some sponges. This was very cool to watch. In the grass beds there were hog fishes, southern sting rays and white Margate grunts hunting for small prey. Everything seemed to be hungry today. It was thrilling.


The remainder of the day was spent at Long Caye wall. This is a very beautiful site. The brightly colored sponges, abundance of soft corals and life on the reef top was a part of what made this site so pristine. Off the wall we had a shark cruising along with us. Tarpons were starting to gather around for the evening frenzy and a lot of bar jacks was under the boat swaying along with the swing of it. On the night dive we had octopus, squids, lobsters, huge channel crabs, tiny neck crabs, hungry tarpons and sleeping nurse shark. Today was a very fabulous day.

Friday June 29, 2018

Dive Site: Sandy Slope

As the sun rise today, we were stoked to do our dawn dive. If we were half asleep still well, this dive definitely woke us up. We had 2 fun dives here before we closed of the week. An eagle ray cruised by us on the wall, a turtle in the distant, free swimming moray eel and tons of spotted moray eel all greeted us. For the first time we found a baby octopus in the sand. We didn’t even have to worry about no doing a night dive. Pipe fishes were found on the sand bed as well, along with hermit crabs filtering all the good stuff out of the sand. Two very friendly remora tried to stick on some of the divers for a free ride. All the divers were excited and eager to do it again some time. What a fantastic week.

Congratulations to our Iron Divers Chuck and Alexandra.

Happy Birthday to Rod, we thank you for celebrating with us.

Special thank you to all the divers, we trust that u had a lovely week.

Captain and Crew