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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Jun 23, 2018
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Guests Bruce, James, Chris, Matthew, Tom & Carmen, Roger & Liz, Joe & Sarah, Wayne & Cheryl, Sandra & Angela, Clark & Elaine, Brandon & Kathleen.

Crew Captain Manny, Chef Kingsley, Engineer Rodel, 1st Mate JJ Instructors Aubri & JC, Steward Oneil.

Water temp 80F; Air temp 85F

Exposure protection: 3mm wetsuit

Saturday Ready to go back to the sea the crew eagerly greeted our new guests for the week and helped to get everyone settled into their new home for the week. This week we were pleased to welcome a group of friends and their families from the USA and Canada. Once everyone had arrived it was time for the Welcome and Safety briefing and to push off the dock. When we finished the briefing we all sat down for some dinner as we cruised into the night bound for Little Cayman.

Sunday We arrived safely in the night and awoke to beautiful calm waters on Bloody Bay. Our first dive of the day was at Bus Stop, a beautiful site with a mini wall and main wall separated by a stretch of sand that is home to many feeding stingray. This was the perfect place for everyone to shake the dust off their fins and start exploring. For the afternoon we headed over to Nancys Cup of Tea where we were delighted to spend some time with a reef shark along the wall. Divers also came across a turtle and several large barracuda. After enjoying another one of Kingsleys amazing dinners we were ready to go off on a night dive. Big congratulations to James, Sarah, Joe, Carmen, and Tom for their first night dive ever! A good time was had by all with highlights being a spotted eel, conchs out in the sand, and a big barracuda. Back on board there was Cayman style hot towels, hot chocolate, and the hot tub to end our day.

Monday Our day started out at Lea Leas Lookout for two beautiful dives. Divers had the chance to encounter some of our friendly grouper and check out some lobster tucked into the caves and swim throughs. We also came across a spotted moray and scorpion fish. After coming up from the dives we gathered for lunch and then everyone snuck off to get a bit of rest before the afternoons dives at Meadows. These dives were incredible with large schools of squid, a free-swimming nurse shark, stingrays, and cleaning stations. When the afternoon dives were done it could only mean one thing, dinner! Following that we then splashed in for our night dive at Meadows where we saw several nudibranchs and mesmerized several juvenile squid with our lights. With the days diving done everyone was ready for some rest before another exciting day in Bloody Bay.

Tuesday We awoke to a beautiful sunrise over Little Cayman and headed for the first dive site of the day- Randys Gazebo. Here we marveled at the lush wall and encountered several friendly grouper and a curious nurse shark. There were also several eel hiding in the coral and lettuce leaf sea slugs abundant on the reef. After having some lunch and a rest we splashed again for Nancys Cup of Tea where we checked out some swim throughs and came across a turtle and some squid. For our final dive before heading back to the big island we went to Three Fathom Wall. This dive was spectacular with a big nurse shark, schooling fish everywhere, and even a seahorse! Back on board it was time to start securing the vessel for our journey. Next stop- Grand Cayman!

Wednesday We arrived safely in the evening to the USS Kittiwake. Being one of the most popular dive sites in the Cayman Islands we thought it wise to have an early splash time. It paid off as we had the whole wreck to ourselves and spent two dives exploring the wreck and surrounding reef. While enjoying some "Cheeseburgers in Paradise" we headed over to our next site- Lost Treasure/Spanish Anchor for one afternoon dive. Here divers searched for the Old Spanish anchor and came across some yellow stingrays as well. Next up on our itinerary was the Doc Poulson. This beautiful little shipwreck has something for everyone with life growing in all parts of the wreck and a beautiful wall and shallow reef just nearby. We did and afternoon dive here and then a night dive before calling it a day and heading off to bed.

Thursday The day began at Round Rock/ Trinity Caves for two dives. Everyone was thrilled to explore the beautiful swim throughs and wall. Afterwards we enjoyed some lunch and moved to Governors Reef for one dive where we watched a small turtle feed for about 20 minutes and Carmen even spotted a scorpion fish by the mooring line. Our next two dives were at the wreck of the Oro Verde. These were both spectacular dives with sightings of a large turtle and up to nine lobsters. When the diving was done we celebrated Aggressor style Thanksgiving and then gathered in the salon for the movie and photo slideshow of the week. After all of the days events everyone was ready for a good nights rest.

Friday Sadly our final day two dives had arrived. Our penultimate dive was at Big Tunnels, a beautiful wall covered in black coral and schooling fish, which also boasts some impressive tunnels and archways. Next we headed over to the Devils Grotto for our final dive. Here Clark and Elaine came across a spotted eagle ray and many divers and our two snorkelers saw a young nurse shark swimming around. Back on deck we began to clean everything up and head to the dock. Once back at the dock guests spent the afternoon exploring town and packing up until the cocktail party. We had a great time laughing, taking pictures, and celebrating with an award ceremony.

Until Next Week

Your Cayman Aggressor Captain &C