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Bahamas Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Jun 30, 2018
Entry By: Bahamas Aggressor crew


Captain’s Log June 30th-July7th, 2018

Water temp: 83-84F

Visibility: 60-100ft



Captain: Christy Weaver

Engineer: Rodney Valenzuela

Photo pro/Instructor: Ben Phillips

Video pro/Instructor: Rachael Lawns

Instructor: Matt Crawford

Chef: Rob Carabia


Dive Sites:

Sunday: Sherwood Forest, Red’s Ledge, Sugar Wreck

Monday: El Capitan, Shark Paradise, Sugar Wreck

Tuesday: El Dorado, Shark Paradise, Hogfish Reef

Wednesday: Stobarts Ridge, Fish Tails, Shark Paradise, Sugar Wreck

Thursday: Gary Wood’s Wonderland, Shark Paradise, Mini Wall

Friday: Silver Fox


Saturday June 30th

The crew of the Bahamas Aggressor welcomes 14 guests aboard for an exciting week of shark diving. After getting settled in and setting up gear, the guests enjoyed a relaxing dinner prepared by our master chef on the dock at Old Bahama Bay.

Sunday July 1st

After departing the dock at first light, we headed out on glassy seas and beautiful weather to Sherwood Forest for our first check dive to get the guests comfortable underwater. Some very friendly remoras that got up close and personal with some of the guests greeted us. We next cruised out to Red’s Ledge for 2 dives, where we encountered a nice school of Atlantic spadefish and a few reef sharks. We then moved to Sugar Wreck for our afternoon and night dive, where we encountered 3 different loggerhead turtles sleeping and swimming around us.

Monday July 2nd

We started our day with a deeper dive at El Capitan, our go to eagle ray site. As usual, we saw at least four large eagle rays, two of which came back around to inspect some of the guests. After our first dive we moved over to Shark Paradise for 2 dives, where we had tons of lemon and reef sharks, as well as some of the big black groupers chomping at the scent box. For our afternoon and night dive we returned to Sugar Wreck, where we found the cutest little juvenile green turtle we named “Tiny Tim”, who had not developed any fear of divers, allowing some of the guests to get right up to him for some incredible photos.

Tuesday July 3rd

Once again we began our day with another deeper dive at El Dorado, where we saw a big school of barracuda and a big lemon shark with its baby following, very adorable. Then we headed to Shark Paradise for 2 dives, where we had Wendy, one of our favorite big tiger sharks, as well as the usual mosh pit of sharks. Next up was Hogfish Reef for our afternoon and night diver, where all the sharks from Shark Paradise followed us to for both dives.

Wednesday July 4th

We started the morning with Stobarts Ridge, another one of our deeper dives, where we encountered many friendly reef sharks, as well as the “conch raceway” in the sand. We then tried our luck at Fish Tails for some big sharks, having many lemon and reef sharks, and even a brief encounter with a great hammerhead shark and Wendy the tiger shark! After that we moved over to close by Shark Paradise for some more shark action. For the afternoon and night dive we headed back to Sugar Wreck, where we saw three hunting reef sharks, more big loggerhead turtles and a few green turtles. It was a very happy Fourth of July for everyone on board! Instead of fireworks, we had nature’s own fireworks with thunder and lightning storm in the distance.

Thursday July 5th

We began the day with one dive at Gary Wood’s Wonderland, where we found a lot of yellow head jawfish, giant channel crabs and a big lemon shark. After that we headed over to Shark Paradise for 2 dives, where we had a tiger shark and the usual lemon and reef sharks. For our afternoon and night dive we made our way over to Mini Wall, where we encountered many arrow crabs, dragonets, lobsters and crabs.

Friday July 6th

For our last day, we finished off with one last dive at Silver Fox, where we had some of the best conditions possible for a very nice and relaxing last dive. We also found a few lettuce leaf sea slugs that some of the guests got very good photos of. We arrived back at the dock around lunchtime, with plenty of time for the guests to explore around Old Bahama Bay and relax on the boat. We finished off the night with a wine and cheese party, where the crew and guests shared stories from the week.