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Log Date: Saturday, Jun 23, 2018
Entry By: Roatan Aggressor Crew


*Roatan Aggressor  Captains Log, June 23rd-30th 2018

*Air Temp.  83-87F
*Water Temp. 81-85 F
* Visibility 80ft-200ft
* Wetsuit req. 3-5 mm full, shortie or skin

Captain -Eddy
Operations Manager & Video Pro- Jon S
Chief Engineer - John B
Chef - Milton
Sous Chef/Steward - Jana
Instructor & Photo Pro - Willie
Instructor - Gabi

Sunday –Tavianna’s Wall & Half Moon Bay Wall
Monday -The Odyssey Wreck & Lighthouse Reef
Tuesday -Cara A Cara, Mary’s Place & Mandy’s Eel Garden
Wednesday -Cayos Seamounts & Butchers Bank
Thursday – Dolphin Caves, Spooky Channel & Black Rock
Friday –

Saturday June 23rd
We welcome aboard this week 17 guests from a variety of areas within the United States. There is an Ex Pat Brit but he has been living in the States for more than 20 years! Once the dive gear is set up, check in is complete, the welcome meeting concluded we all head up to the sundeck where Willie is manning the grill, Chef Milton & Sous Chef Jana add the final touches to all the delicious sides, the hydroponic salads which are grown here on Roatan, the tasty baked potatoes & the crunchy corn on the cob which accompany the juicy ribs & succulent chicken. If there is any room left there is a delicious light and fluffy rum & pineapple cake for desert. After a long days travel its a good opportunity for an early night.

Sunday June 24th
Its a nice early start, the wind is blowing on the south-side of the island so at 5.15am the engines crank up and we head around the west point of the island for our check out dive at Tavianna’s Wall which takes us just under an hour. It’s a little bumpy so breakfast is served once we have made the turn. Here on the North side we are  have some protection from the full force of the wind. With our weekly deck safety & dive site brief done we splash at 8.15am. After 2 dives the question is what didn’t we see, there were Yellow-headed Jawfish with eggs, Corkscrew Anemone with their token Snapping Shrimp, White Spotted Filefish, Indigo Hamlet’s, Pedersen Shrimp with their own cleaning stations a singular rather large Reef Squid, some cruising Permit’s, a medium sized Cubana Snapper, Tiger & Nassau Grouper’s & Atlantic Spadefish.
The eagle eyed Willie spots both a Ribbon & a Sail-fin Blenny along with a Heart Shaped Urchin Pea Crab.  Jon is filming a free swimming Green Moray as he glides past the guests, pretty cool stuff. There are several Hawksbill & a couple of Green Turtles, one rather large Hawksbills is adorned with his own rather large Remora’s. There is a huge Porcupine-fish, an adoring pair of Queen Angels who are totally in love with each other & a wonderful pair of Ocean Trigger-fish, a solitary Queen Trigger, Spiny Lobsters & a wonderful selection of Short Nose Puffer-fish some with dramatic blue eon lines, it must be mating season. A large Hogfish was doing the rounds, most unperturbed by our presence. Once everyone is back onboard the engines start up, its lunch with Ice-cream Sundaes for desert, its only a short distance to Half Moon Bay, splashing at 2pm, 4pm & 7.15pm. We encounter Mantis Shrimp, a huge Barracuda at a cleaning station, Peacock Flounders, Spotted Drums, Southern Stingray & a Sharp Nose Eel.
After dinner & a delicious Roatan Key Lime pie for desert Captain Eddy delves into the dark waters with 11 guests for a night dive. They see Huge Spiny Lobsters, several Massive Channel Clinging Crabs, a beautiful super cool busy Reef Octopus who was so interesting to watch & another less busy Common Octopus.

Monday June 25th
The engines crank up at 5.30am & as the sun rises we head east to the Odyssey Wreck which has been requested by a few of our guests who are Geo Box crazy, they hunted for a box that was supposed to be placed at 97ft on the port side, they had something to leave & were prepared to collect their prize but it wasn’t where they thought it was, there was something at approximately 80ft, more like a board with various attachments. The wreck itself is a great wreck, lots of areas to explore with a variety of little critters like Banded Coral Shrimp, Arrow Crabs, & some wonderful swim thru’s areas. Tortilla soup & taco’s for lunch as we head over to Lighthouse Reef. We splash at 2pm, 4pm, with a night dive at 7.15pm. We see a huge Nassau Grouper ducking & diving through all the small networks of caverns, there are a gang of Blue Tangs on steroids, they are here, there & everywhere, hilarious to watch. The afternoon dive is awesome with a gigantic Eagle Ray swooping in & crossing paths with a Hawksbill Turtle! Whilst over in the barrel sponge sits a Tusked Goby but hidden in plain sight is a Spotted Scorpionfish. Chocolate, chocolate waterfall is for desert, it looks every bit as good as it tastes. Willie is in on the night dive along with 9 divers & a White Speckled Nudibranch! We leave Lighthouse Reef & head a short distance to our mooring at Mandy’s Eel Garden where we get a good nights rest.

Tuesday June 26th
Its a 5.30am start & we are off to Cara A Cara for our weekly visit to see our wonderful sharks! The winds are moderate from the east so its a bumpy ride to the south-side, taking us just over an hour. Splashing at 6.45am its a pre breakfast dive & what a dive, more than 12 female Caribbean Reef Shark, one matriarch who was built of solid muscle. Our hungry divers return & delve into Chef Milton’s specially prepared Eggs Benedict. The wind is being kind to us & should be for the next hour so we head a short distance east to Mary’s Place splashing at 9am we avoid other dive operations. The light was perfect, showing off what a beautiful site this is. Mary’s place is so full of abundance & vibrance. The winds are due to pick up so once we are all back on board we head back over to the Northside & Mandy’s Eel Garden, we splash at 2pm & are greeted by a blanket of Garden Eels. Beautiful juvenile Spotted Drum’s, Spotted Eel & Southern Stingray’s. We remain here for the rest of the day, the night dive is full of small Spotted Lobster & gigantic Channel Clinging Crabs along with so many tiny critters in every crack & crevice.

Wednesday June 27th
Its another 5.30am start & we are off to Cayos & the wonderful Seamounts, the wind is blowing & it’s a pretty bumpy ride but once we splash at 8am its crystal clear, absolutely stunning, the plethora of life is outstanding, this oasis in the ocean desert can show you anything, you never know what you might see. There is a huge colony of Yellow-headed Jawfish down at 90ft, shoals of Ocean Triggerfish & Atlantic Spadefish, a shy Nurse Shark & over in our Sponge Garden the Creole Wrasse are whizzing around as usual. We manage a 2nd dive & have to head back to Roatan as the wind picks up. Cheeseburgers in a blowy paradise are served up & once demolished Captain Eddy turns our bow towards Roatan’s north side & to Butcher’s Bank we go, splashing in at 2pm & again at 4pm, there are several Turtles, a Snake Eel who is super curious, the smallest Short-nose Pufferfish being cleaned by a really tiny Pedersen Shrimp, whilst not far away a seriously tiny Hermit Crab makes friends with a very little Banded Shrimp, it’s was like being in a nursery. After Pomdoro sauce over fish & Utilian Bread Pudding it’s time for the night dive at 7.15pm.

Thursday June 28th
We have a long journey to Dolphin Caves at 5.30am the engines start & we head far east of the north side of Roatan to a this fabulous spot, it really is spectacular, awesome swim thru’s with the light bursting through slits & skylights, there are Buried Anemone’s where inside we find Squat Anemone Shrimp, Anemone Crabs & Anemone Shrimp, Belted Cardinal-fish, Lettuce Leaf Sea Slugs, Bearded, Large Eyed Toadfish. We also see an Adult Spotted Drum, Fire-worms, a large free swimming Green Moray. We have two dives here, lunch & head back west, stopping at Spooky Channel for our early 1.30pm splash, there was good visibility on the wall, however the channel was a bit murky & extremely Spooky! After Spooky we travel almost to west point & Black Rock where we delve into the deep, gradually following the wall up to the very shallows at 15ft, there we see Sand Divers, Arrow Crabs, Corkscrew Anemone with their residents the Pederson & Snapping Shrimp. There is a big blue Midnight Parrotfish, the Blue Tang gang were out in full force, Creole Wrasse, several substantial Permits go by just below a good sized Tiger Grouper. Congratulations to Richard & Ellen for reaching their personal dive milestones of 300 dives & Randy 100 dives! Good stuff. Our last dive of the day is at 5.30pm as we have a special evening tonight, our dinner is our amazing Lobster Surf & Turf swiftly followed by White Chocolate Creme Brûlée, then the movie of the week courtesy of Jon, we’ve had some pretty amazing sightings this week, please view our Captains Log photos & critters board. After a recap of the week & information on tomorrows schedule an early night is called for as Friday is approaching rapidly.

Friday June 29th
The wind has dropped a little enabling us to head over to the south side & Calvins Crack which is excellent news. In we splash along with Willie our wonderful dive master who takes us directly to Mr Seahorse, yeah ha!!!!! Jen saw some Black Capped Basslets, also seen were juvenile Spotted Drums & Painted Tunicates. Once out of the water we head off to Mr Bud’s our last dive this week. Our guest’s pay the piper & chow down on Triple Chocolate Brownies, yummy! This week has flown by as much as it has been windy, as our divers exit the water we assist them, rinsing the salty water off their gear & hanging the gear out to dry, we head into dock as we set up and serve lunch, succulent & tender baked chicken with a variety of sides. Docking at Romeo’s many of our guests take the opportunity to head down to Buccaneers for the icy cold beers & fabulous cocktails, set in the original teak wooden settings it has a historical museum, natural seawater inlet pool, it is a large area and very picturesque, hammocks lie from the decks stretched out over the water, there are Palapa’s to sit at whilst dipping your toes. All Guests return at 6pm for our ‘Pirate’ themed “Rum Punch Cocktail Party", a lively event. We have some great awards to give out, a few milestones to celebrate, 100 dives to Randy and a congratulations to both Richard & Ellen for reaching 300 dives ! We have 9 Iron Divers this week! The party moves forwards as we head over to Romeos, French Harbour, its less than 20 steps away & as always a superb 5 star dinning experience.

Saturday June 30th
Its 7.30am, all our lovely guests are finishing off their continental breakfast, the transportation arrives at 8am and we start to load bags. Thank you to all these wonderful people for joining us this week, we hope that they will have safe onwards journey & come back and visit us very soon or see us somewhere else in the world, wishing you all safe travels
Until the next time, the crew of the Roatan Aggresso