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Roatan Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Jul 21, 2018
Entry By: Roatan Aggressor Crew


*Roatan Aggressor  Captains Log, July 21st-28th 2018


*Air Temp.  81-87F

*Water Temp. 79-82 F

* Visibility 70ft-160ft

* Wetsuit req. 3-5 mm full, shortie or skin



Captain - Nestor

Operations Manager - Alan

Chief Engineer - John B

Chef - Milton

Sous Chef/Steward - Miss Jana

Instructor & Photo Pro - Willie

Instructor & Video Pro - Gabi



Sunday –Pirate Point, Taviannas & Eel Garden

Monday -Cayos Cochino Sea-mounts, Little Coco & Toon Town

Tuesday -  Utila - Teds Point, Jack Neal Point & Spanish Bay

Wednesday - Utila - Creole Bank, The Pinnacle, Butchers Bank (Roatan)

Thursday – Cara A Cara, Captain G & Mr Bud

Friday –Valley Of The Kings


Saturday July 21st

This is an unusual charter with only 12 guests this week, with 8 crew these wonderful guests are going to be pampered & waited on hand and foot. The majority of guests are from California & Texas, a couple of guests joined us last year when we first launched, loving it so much they have returned with friends. There are other familiar faces, Aggressor Addicts & VIPs. Once the dive gear is set up, check in is complete & the welcome meeting concluded its that time of the week to head up to the sundeck for our Saturday BBQ. Willie is manning the grill, he does it so well. Chef Milton & Sous Chef Miss Jana are adding the final touches to all the delicious sides, the hydroponic salads whose base ingredients are all grown on the island. There are tasty baked potatoes, crunchy corn on the cob accompanied by juicy ribs & succulent chicken. Should any room be left for desert we are serving a delicious homemade island style Corn Custard for desert. After a long days travel its a good opportunity for an early night.


Sunday July 22nd

Departing French Harbour just before 6am we stay on the south side of the island & move a short distance to Pirate Point, we have a strong southerly swell with SE winds meaning that the surface is slightly challenging but once we descend down onto the reef it is great, Kat sees our resident Green Moray on her descent. Willie finds a Scaly Tailed Mantis Shrimp. There is a rather large Spotted Scorpionfish, shoals of Sennets, the Blue Tang Gang are out with a Spiny Lobster hiding under an overhang accompanied by a reasonably sized Banded Coral Shrimp, with a Red Snapping Shrimp in the Corkscrew Anemone & the smallest Squat Anemone in an extremely small Giant Anemone. There is a large Saucer-eye Porgy doing the rounds.  After just the one check out dive the ladders are pulled up and we head west around the point to the south-side of the island where we seek out calmer waters & moor up at Taviannas Wall. Splashing in there is a Hawksbill Turtle munching on a sponge, a beautiful large Ocean Triggerfish down in a gully soon joined by his mate, two White Spotted Filefish come by to say hello, slightly north under an overhang we find several juvenile Spotted Drums, its Clays 300th dive so well done Clay. Lunch is our Turkey Subs & Shrimp Salad followed by an island style ice cream sundae with caramel & chocolate. Time for a nap before our 2.15pm dive. Leaving Taviannas we head a very short distance to Mandys Eel Garden where we splash at 4.30pm straight down to another Hawksbill Turtle, Susan was swimming along very happily with him. Suzi was up in the shallows in the sandy area watching a tiny juvenile Peacock Flounder, Clay finds a large Channel Clinging Crab under a small ledge, the Creole Wrasse are busy with their marathon race which appears to be never ending, there is a single Permit cruising around, a good sized Midnight Blue Parrotfish and tucked away we come across a Pea Crab & Ribbon Blenny. Its Deep water Red Snapper for dinner followed by Roatan lime Pie. Willie does the night dive safety brief with Suzi & Eric our only night divers at 7.15pm & in they go for a splendid dive they have two sightings of Octopus, Reef & Common, Regal Slipper Lobster, a wonderful and very disguised Decorator Crab. Willie is a true artist, he is a fabulous dive master always finding the most amazing stuff, up from the dive Miss Jana awaits with hot chocolate & rum, an early night is called for as its a very early start tomorrow.


Monday July 23rd

Engines turn over at 4.45am with Captain Nester at the helm we head out to Cayos Seamounts, a unique set of underwater mountains 13 miles from land, an oasis in the ocean. Splashing for a pre breakfast dive there are the usual shoals of Atlantic Spadefish, Yellow Tail Snappers, Sgt. Majors & Creole Wrasse. There are Ceros, part of the Mackerel family, Bar-Jacks & Giant Barracudas are all on their continuous search for food, the circle of life is very prevalent here. The almost puppy like Nassau Grouper follows our dive masters around as they seek out Lion-fish. The Queen & Ocean Triggerfish are stunning with their dances which appear to be enticing each other. The intensity of colour & clarity of the water is breathtaking. Two dives in & the ladders are pulled up we move but a short distance to Little Coco the smaller of the sea mounts, splashing there at 1.45pm we see a couple of Nurse Sharks, one is a juvenile. There are several Turtles both Green & Hawksbill, then its over into Cayos and Toon Town to check out those Blue Tunicates which they are famous for along with Criss Cross Tritonia & White Speckled Nudibranch. There are Pork Chops for dinner tonight followed by Chocolate, Chocolate Waterfall Cake! With no takers for the night dive its just a relaxed, chilled evening, another early start in the morning.



Tuesday July 24th

4.45am the engines start & we are off to Utila, breakfast is on route. We moor up in time for a splash at 8am. Teds Point is on the south-side of Utila towards the east end. We have a SE swell which pushes our stern into the shallows the water is so very beautiful and crystal clear, such an amazingly pretty dive with its Garden Eels, Pale Squatted Snake Eel, Red Snapping Shrimp, Pedersen Shrimp & Arrow Crabs in the Corkscrew Anemone. Yellow Head Jawfish, Sail-fin Blenny, Green Moray Eels are all to be found along with the umpteen juvenile Slender Filefish camouflaging themselves in-between the fingers of the fans. On the 2nd dive Captain Nestor finds a Stargazer to our divers delight & ours. During lunch we move west to Jack Neal Point splashing at 2pm, what a dive, there are Reef Squid, a Flying Gurnard, Upside-down Jellyfish, a Long-snout Seahorse, Yellow Ray, Furcate Spider Crab, several Lesser Electric Ray & a Pipefish. There is also several Sand Snapping Shrimp with their side kick Orange Spotted Gobies, what a diverse site this is and all found in such a small area its truly amazing and totally awesome, we have another dive here at 4.15pm. During dinner we move over to Spanish Bay for the night dive. Willie dives in with Eric & Suzi, they have a great dive with Grass Squid & Large Eyed Bearded Toadfish. Miss Jana is ready & waiting with the hot chocolate and rum.



Wednesday July 25th

Remaining in Utila we depart Spanish Bay at 6.30am travelling the short distance over to Creole Bank which is moderate sized pinnacle several miles from the mainland, delving down to 90ft with a 40ft top reef. Creole Wrasse are everywhere hence the naming of the site. The sunlight glints through the shallower water, the colours of the corals are vibrant. An interesting morning dive a buzz with critters. After breakfast we splash at 7.45am straight onto Nurse Sharks, Rough-head & Medusa Blennys & a couple of intermediate Spotted Drums. Oatmeal & raisin cookies are the snack. As we head to the northern most part of Utila & the Pinnacle for the next dives we delve down the slopes of the Pinnacle which display so many Arrow Crabs, Brittle Stars, Flamingo Tongues, we see Blue Tunicates & a Filament Blenny, Spotted Scorpionfish, Porcupine Fish. Lunch is served on the sundeck, cheeseburgers in Utila! with watermelon for desert. There is time for a snooze before we splash back in at 2pm. Once everyone is back onboard we pull up the ladders & head back to Roatan which is a 3 hour crossing. Arriving at West Point we begin to serve dinner as Captain Nestor takes us slightly east to moor up at Butchers Bank. We splash at 7.15pm with 3 divers and are surrounded by all the red eyes of the Red Knight Shrimp, there are both Spotted & Spiny Lobster, several Spotted Eels are out hunting, a very chilled out dive.





Thursday July 26th

A 6am start & were off to Cara A Cara for our weekly visit to see our wonderful sharks! We do a pre breakfast dive at 7am with a live drop totalling 12 divers. There are plenty of female Caribbean Reef Sharks, some mighty large Black, Nassau & Tiger Groupers who all put on quite a show. Our hungry divers return & delve into a full cooked breakfast, yummy! There is plenty of swell but we managed 2 pretty awesome dives at Capt G with all the usual suspects. The afternoon & dusk dives were spent at  Mr Bud where there were stunning Green Moray Eels, Sgt. Majors, Yellow-headed Jawfish & an abundance of macro life in the sand better known as muck diving. The wind & swell have picked up so much that its the Captains call that we head back to dock at French Harbour. Back onboard cocktails are indulged up on the sundeck until the bugle blows calling everyone to dinner where we serve our speciality dinner, our amazing Lobster Surf & Turf swiftly followed by White Chocolate Creme Brûlée. Its that time of the week again to show the movie of the week. Weve had some pretty amazing sightings this week even more than usual with the Flying Gurnards and Stargazer it really has been a spectacular week. Please view our Captains Log photos & critters board. After a recap of the week & information on tomorrows schedule an early night is called for as Friday is approaching rapidly.



Friday July 27th

Its an exciting morning this morning, we have completed a new mooring at Valley of the Kings & at 7am we splash for a pre breakfast dive, followed by breakfast with the slideshow of the week. This new dive site is super exciting, its a beautiful wall with lots of overhangs, huge Spotted Morays, a colony of Arrow Blennys & a wicked crack down at 90ft off the wall leading back up to the mooring. In between the dives guests pay their bills & once all has been settled those that wish to delve into the Valley of the Kings for one more dive. We reflect on the week, as usual it has flown by. Our guests exit the water & we assist them with rinsing the salty water off their gear & hang it out to dry. Heading into dock we serve lunch, succulent baked chicken & a variety of sides with Triple Chocolate Brownies for desert. Docking at Romeos our group this week pack and relax before joining the crew at 6pm for our Pirate themed “Rum Punch Cocktail Party", always a lively event. We have a bugle blowing contest & a best diving story contest, Teresa & Suzi win respectfully and get signed T Shirts from the crew. We have a Milestone award to give to Clay for completing 300 dives, congratulations Clay. Thank you for joining us this week it has been a lot of fun. The party moves forwards as we head over to Romeos, French Harbour, its less than 20 steps away & as always a superb 5 star dinning experience.


Saturday July 28th

Its 7.30am, all our lovely guests are finishing off their continental breakfast & at 8am all 12 guests board our transportation to the airport, we hope you have a safe & speedy onwards journey & come back and visit us very soon or see you somewhere else in the world. Until the next time, the crew of the Roatan Aggressor………..