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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Aug 11, 2018
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Captain’s Log

Cayman Aggressor V

August 11th to 18th 2018


Guests Chuck, Rodney, Craig, Donna, Doug, Donna, Joanne, Greg, Deborah, Rob, Alexa, Andrew, Elena, Ella, Grace and Vera.


Crew  Captain JJ, Second Captain Cedric, Cruise Director Aubri, Chef Kingsley, Dive Instructors JC, Kerry and James.    


Water temp 83F; Air temp 86 to 88F


It was another beautiful day here in the Cayman Islands as crew eagerly awaited the arrival of our new guests. When most were aboard we gathered for a Welcome Briefing and BBQ dinner. Our final guests arrived shortly after other guests went to bed. We gathered our new arrivals for dinner and caught them up with a proper Cayman welcome and then headed off to bed for everyone to get some rest after a long day of travel.


The next day we completed our check out dive on the west side of grand Cayman on the beautiful wreck the doc Polson, this wreck is a small barge that is covered in soft coral and lays at 50 feet so a perfect dive to make sure everyone is happy with their equipment and ready to start their week of diving.


Monday morning we arrived early in Little Cayman mooring to our first dive site on the island, Black Hole. After a very tasty breakfast from Kingsley, everyone was ready and excited to jump in the water and see what Little Cayman had to offer. The first dive did not disappoint, we saw a hammerhead! He was a small but curious hammerhead and stayed with the group for a few minutes before heading off on top of the wall. We stayed at Black hole for one more dive, with the other dive masters hoping to spot the shark for themselves, unfortunately is was not to be seen on the second dive but instead turtles and Nassau groupers, so everyone was happy. After Lunch we moved the vessel to the next dive site, Meadows. This site has a beautiful sandy area with large coral heads in the middle where we can find southern sting rays and large lobsters hiding in the coral, as well as this a beautiful hawksbill turtle was found munching on some soft coral. We decided to stay at this site for the night dive, which was great. The divers found octopus, slipper lobster and even a couple of eels hidden in the reef. After The night dive it was time of hot towels and hot chocolate as the guests settled down for the night after a long day of diving. 


In honor of our two Donnas aboard we began the day at a dive site known as Donnas Delight. We were pleased to find the visibility had drastically improved to a crisp 100ft. Here at Donna’s we were greeted by several friendly Nassau grouper and came across a few crabs, eels, squid, and a nurse shark over our morning dives. When lunch time came around we moved over to Nancys Cup of Tea where we would have our afternoon and night dives. As we explored the wall and stunning swim throughs we came across a shark and a very large anchor that has been there for centuries. Our group of macro fanatics were pleased to have come across some yellow headed jaw fish with eggs and spent the majority of their dive photographing the male tending to his young. The night dive here was one for the books! Divers came across two neck crabs, five or more different variety of nudibranchs, an octopus, orange ball anemone and more! Sadly the day had come to a close so after grabbing a hot shower, hot towel, and hot chocolate it was time for bed.


The next day we woke early to start a day of 6 dives, trying to make the most of every dive site we could in little Cayman. Our first 2 dives were completed on 3 fathom wall, this is one of our dive masters most loved dives, as there is a swim through that takes you from the top of the wall down to around 90 feet that brings you out to a spectacular drop off, as well as this on top of the wall is very shallow at around 20 feet allowing the divers to do a long safety stop and look for seahorses in the coral, our guests this week found one seahorse at the end of the second dive. For the next two dives we moved the vessel to ‘Great wall,’ on these dives the guests got to see baby nurse sharks hidden in the coral heads on top of the wall and a green turtle hanging just off the wall, as well as this we saw a few very friendly groupers that wanted to stay close to the divers.  After these dives the crew moved the boat to the final dive site of the day Randys gazebo. We completed 2 dives on this site including the night dive. On this night dive we saw grouper using our flash lights to hunt the small fish, we also found large crabs and many lobsters hidden the cracks of the reef. This was Alexas first ever night dive so she stayed close to the dive master and helped find all the critters for the rest of the group, She loved the dive and decided we would be doing many more night dives in the future.


Our final full day of diving had arrived all too soon but divers were happy to make the most out of their last day in Little Cayman. First up on our itinerary for the day was Lea Leas Lookout. The barrel sponge encrusted wall and cavernous swim throughs impressed divers as they searched for critters. Underneath one of the coral heads Grace even found a baby nurse shark sleeping. After getting some lunch it was time to splash for our final two dives at Bus Stop. Once again divers were eager to check out the swim throughs and wall. Some spotted turtles and reef sharks out on the wall and some stayed shallow to play with the sail fin blennies in the sand. Craig even spent both dives photographing a group of six squid that never left the mini wall by the mooring line. After two amazing dives we secured the vessel and began our journey back to Grand Cayman.


We arrived safely late in the night to the USS Kittiwake for one dive. Everyone enjoyed getting to explore this wreck sunk purposely for divers and were surprised by how good the marine life was for such a new wreck. After having some brownies back on board we splashed again for the final dive of the week at Devils Grotto where we encountered tarpon, silversides, yellow stingrays, and anemones. When all the guests were back on board we started to clean up and head back to the dock. Everyone enjoyed their afternoon relaxing after an action packed week of diving and then gathered once again for the captains cocktail party where we celebrated Elena and Graces completion of their Open Water course, Alexas upgrade to Open Water from JR Open Water, and Grace on completing Nitrox. Everyone had a lovely evening but sad to be saying goodbye to so many new friends made.


Until Next Week


Your Cayman Aggressor Captain & Crew