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Log Date: Saturday, Aug 25, 2018
Entry By: Roatan Aggressor Crew


*Roatan Aggressor Captains Log, August 25th-September 1st 2018


*Air Temp.  83-85F

*Water Temp. 81-84 F

* Visibility 75ft-130ft

* Wetsuit req. 3-5 mm full, shortie or skin



Sunday –Tavianna & Half Moon Bay Wall

Monday - (Cayos Cochino) Sea-mounts & Toon Town

Tuesday -  (Cayos) - Little Coco (Roatan) Eel Garden

Wednesday - Dolphin Caves & Lighthouse Reef

Thursday - Cara A Cara, Mary’s Place & Mr Bud

Friday - 40ft Point


Saturday August 25th 

The Roatan Aggressor welcomes aboard this week a group of 11 friends, members of the Gavia Scuba Club from Cincinnati, Ohio. This original group was established in the late 80’s, a bunch of technical divers. Rick was one of the original members originally taught by Uncle Sam when he was stationed outside of Hawaii & an underwater explosive expert. After the navy he got his first dive card his number was 347 & more qualified than his instructor. Rick is 86 years old! The majority of the group have known each other from as long ago as 22 years with some of the newest members being 5 years. In addition to the 11 there is Wayne a repeat guest from one of our first charters & a father & son, a very nice group of people. Once the dive gear is set up & check in complete, the welcome meeting concluded its time to head to the sundeck as the sun sets for our Saturday BBQ. Gerardo is manning the grill whilst Chef Milton & Sous Chef Janell are adding the final touches to all the delicious sides, the hydroponic salads which are all grown on the island by a local company, grown without soil & delivered to the boat fresh today. There are tasty baked potatoes, crunchy corn on the cob which complement the juicy ribs & succulent chicken. For desert there is delicious rum & pineapple cake with fluffy whipped cream. After a long days travel its a good opportunity for an early night.


Sunday August 26th

We depart French Harbor heading west around the point & to the North side of Roatan during breakfast to our first dive site at Tavianna’s. After breakfast we gather on the dive deck for the safety briefing followed by the dive briefing before splashing into the beautiful calm waters of Tavianna’s where we are greeted by Mahogany & Mutton Snapper, Spotted Moray, Spiny Lobster, Indigo Hamlet, Yellowtail Damselfish, SharpTail Eel & Nassau Grouper. Our dive masters point out Sail-fin Blenny’s, Yellow Headed Jawfish, stunning Queen Triggerfish along with all the wonderful cleaning stations which Tavianna’s is famed for. During lunch we travel to Half Moon Bay, delving into the warm waters we see a fabulous large Green Turtle, several Golden-tail Morays, Lettuce Leaf Slugs, juvenile Smooth Trunkfish, which are the size of a dice! We watch Pedersen Shrimp dance on top of the Corkscrew Anemone where Snapping Shrimp hide. Looking up we see a large Cero goes by. Inside a Giant Anemone hide Squat Anemone Shrimp & Crab with Scrawled Filefish in the fans. After dinner & the night dive briefing we splash into the dark waters for an awesome night dive with Cryptic Teardrop Crabs & Red Reef Hermit Crabs.


Monday August 27th

As the sun rises we head south to Cayos & the magnificent seamounts. These immense underwater mountains rise from the deep waters with their pinnacles bathed in sunlight at 45ft. This oasis in the ocean attracts an extensive plethora of fish with a variety of colours. There are King Mackerel, Great Barracuda, silvery green & yellow, schooling open water fish such as Boga & Bonnet-mouth, endless schools of early juveniles, Smallmouth, Tomtate, Striped & Blue Striped Grunts. We see 12 Atlantic Spadefish, Pork-fish, Schoolmasters, juvenile Yellowtail Damselfish, Blue Chromis, Purple Reef-fish. There are large Nassau & Tiger Groupers, Red & Blue-striped Lizardfish, Band-tail & Sharp-nose puffers, several juvenile Balloon-fish, a Nurse Shark, a Longhorn Nudibranch, Reef Octopus, Slender Sea Spider, Skeleton Shrimp, Criss Cross Tritonia along with several Honeycomb Cowfish & an amazing display of mating Ocean Triggerfish. During lunch we head in to Cayos Cochinos mooring up at Toon Town. The water in the shallows is crystal clear & we find Dark Mantis, Trumpetfish, Spotted Filefish, Squat Lobster & Snapping Shrimp. Splashing after dinner we encounter a Many-toothed Conger Eel, a large Yellow Ray, a huge Spotted Scorpionfish along with the usual Spotted Lobster & Cryptic Teardrop Crabs.


Tuesday August 28th 

Heading back to the seamounts we splash in on another of those wonderful underwater mountains. Little Cocos is the epitome of a fresh & healthy reef, vibrant & abuzz with activity. As we follow the wall along the north-side we come across an over hang where we discover a rather large Eagle Ray foraging for food, this majestic creature is breathtakingly beautiful & we have the pleasure to watch him as he takes off, soaring out into the deep. At the eastern most tip we find a giant Nassau Grouper having his morning spa at a cleaning station. During lunch we cross over to Roatan’s West Bay mooring up at Mandy’s Eel Garden, splashing into the deep wall we head towards the shallows, gradually climbing the steep slopes we pass over the blanket of Garden Eels swaying in the sand around the mooring. There are all the usual critters along with the Creole Wrasse on their perpetual marathon, a Midnight Blue Parrotfish, several Smooth Trunkfish at different stages of their growth & hiding in amongst small similarly coloured & sized fish are the Arrow Blenny’s. In the sandy shallows we see Peacock Flounder’s amongst the multitude of Arrow Crabs, Banded Coral & Pedersen Cleaning Shrimp, looking up we see a large school of Red Snappers patrolling the top of the wall. Another splendid night dive after dinner.


Wednesday August 29th

Traveling along the north-side of Roatan & into the sun we arrive at a wonderful site known as Dolphin Caves. Splashing into the clear water we head through the network of swim thru’s watching as the sunlight dances through the skylights. In a large sandy area we find so many Giant Anemones housing the wonderful Spotted Cleaner Shrimp, Squat Anemone & shy Anemone Crab. There is a free swimming Green Moray, 2 schools of Glassy Sweepers, Bermuda Chubs, gigantic Arrow Crabs & a fabulous Large Eyed, Bearded Toadfish. During lunch we head over to Lighthouse Reef, a slopping wall with umpteen coral heads sitting onto of one another, a real treasure chest of critters can be found. Dive Masters point out a large free swimming Green Moray & Spotted Scorpionfish whilst Jamie finds a whole troop of Reef Squid in addition to all the usual suspects. After dinner we splash for the night dive surrounded with Big Eye Squid & 4 friendly Reef Octopus!


Thursday August 30th

Heading to the south side of the island for a pre breakfast dive at Cara A Cara we enjoy the company of the wide variety & sizes of Tiger, Black and Nassau Grouper along with the shy but so pretty Honeycomb Cowfish. During breakfast we head to Mary’s Place, the sun is shinning & we are all ready to splash into the beautiful waters of this exquisite dive site to experience the sheer walls & swim thru’s where we find an amazing super small, unusual black Pipefish, Arrow Blenny’s, Neck Crab’s, Fire-worm’s, & teeny tiny juvenile Spotted Drum’s. A fabulous display of many different sized Slender Filefish who hide between the fingers of the fans up in the sandy shallow reef. The visibility is crystal clear, awesome & so breathtaking. Our last dives of the day are at Mr Bud with the addition of a dusk dive, where we have an amazing encounter with ‘Psycho’ our resident Green Moray. It’s our wonderful Surf & Turf with Lobster for dinner followed by our fabulous White Chocolate Creme Brûlée and the movie of the week presented by Gerardo, our ‘G’ Master, eat your heart out Spielberg, what an awesome week we have had for critter sightings, please refer to our pictures from this week and our critters board.



Friday August 31st

Our last 2 dives of the charter are at a wonderful sight know as 40ft Point, where the top of the wall is 40ft & all the usual critters are gathered in abundance to complete this weeks charter. During breakfast our weekly slideshow is viewed. As our guests exit the water, we assist them with rinsing the salty water off their gear & hang it out to dry as we head back to our home dock we serve lunch, succulent baked chicken & a variety of sides.  Docking at Romeo’s our guests take time to pack and relax, some of them take a short stroll down to the beautiful Buccaneers for a cocktail or three before joining the crew at 6pm for our ‘Pirate’ themed “Rum Punch Cocktail Party”, always a lively event with awards to give out. Congratulations to our student this week, Jamie on completing his Enriched Air Diver course, a double celebration as he also reached his personal milestone of 100 dives! A triple celebration as he also receives along with Bill his Iron Diver award and medal. Congratulations to all our winners! The party moves forwards as they head over to Romeos at our home dock in French Harbour for a superb 5 star dinning experience.


Saturday September 1st

All our lovely guests are finishing off their continental breakfast & saying theirs goodbye as they board their airport or Pineapple Villa transportation to chill on the day rate we have arranged for them enabling them to use the facilities & get a later transfer to the airport. We wish all of are guests this week a safe & speedy onwards journey & hope that they return to see us very soon or maybe have a chance to catch up with them somewhere else in the world. Until the next time, the crew of the Roatan Aggressor………..