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Log Date: Saturday, Sep 08, 2018
Entry By: Red Sea Aggressor Crew


Air Temp: 32C / 86F

Water Temp: 30C/84F

Visibility: 75 m / 250 feet

Weather: Warm, clear skies, windy

Itinerary: Elphinstone, St.Johns, Daedalus







Captain: Sayed

Cruise Director: Saher

Instructors/Guides: Rashad

Chef(s):  Sherif & Hussein

Steward(s): Ali & Hegazy

Seamen: Emad & Abdou & Mostafa & Amir



Meredith – James – Mary – Rick – Trudy – Lesley – Paul – Lois – Helen – Margaret – Seth – Ken – Mary – Mona – Stan – Barret – Linda – Diana – Doug



Sunday – Marsa Shoona, Abu Dabab 3

Monday – Daedlaus reef

Tuesday – Shoab Sataia,Dolphin House,Arog Sataia,Gota Sataia

Wednesday – El Malahy,Claudia,Abo Galawa,Seayal

Thursday – Elphinstone,Abo Dabab2

Friday – Abo Dabab3



Saturday 8st September

The boat was ready and the guests arrived on board Saturday afternoon. and were welcomed with a drink and delicious pizza from chef Sherif.  Everyone unpacked and set their dive equipment up ready for a week of amazing diving.

and then had the briefing before their dinner. After dinner most guests went sleep ready for the week of diving.





Sunday 9nd September

Engines came to life early as we got clearance from the coastguard, so we pushed off the dock ready for an adventure at sea. We started our diving at Marsa Shouna, our favorite place for check dive. We saw here many scorpion fish, bluespotted stingrays, several pipe fish, we came across a large school of fusilier fish, Big green Turtle and sergeant fish.


And then we start move to  Abu Dabab 3 to make the night dive  After sunset we jumped of the platform  We found, feather stars,Basket Star,Sea Urchins  and shrimps.

And then we had the dinner after dinner we moved to daedalus reef


Monday 10d September

We arrived in Daedalus reef early morning and went diving via tender to the north of the reef. We left the wall and swam into the blue, where we spotted huge school of barracudas. We continued the dive along the east side and we found a scorpion fish, sea star, a flatworm, parrot fish, Hemmer head and much more.

Afternoon was time to dive at Anemone city as the sun has moved. There are so many anemones, so everyone was happy to take pictures. We continued the dive along the sheer wall, drifting in the mild current.

The last dive was a drift at the south of the reef where the divers saw a few friendly Napoleon Wrasses that decided they would follow the group for a while. We spotted several scorpion fish, barracudas, butterfly fish.

Later we went to Lighthouse, enjoyed the sunset from the top.

And then we had a dinner after dinner we moved to Shoab Sataia








Tuesday 11th September

We waked up. 6 am all the divers were happy looking forward for the new day

We start in Shoab Sataia and then we sent the Zodiac to check the Dolphin

We find the Dolphin and all the Divers very happy we spend 2 hours with the dolphin and back to the boat for lunch

We went to Gota Sataia and we had dive number 4 and night dive


Wednesday 12th September


Wacked up at 6 am and we moved to the beatutiful dive site El Malahy for the first dive all i

We found a turtle outside of the it’s maze and explored the passages, which are so beautiful and full of marine life. Next we cruised over to Shaab Claudia for a relaxing afternoon dive with the swim-throughs. We saw several wart slugs, anemonies, prickly sea cucumber , an octopus, a crown-of-thorn and his enemy Triton horn shell.

We moved to Abo Galawa for dive number 3 and then moved again to Seayal for the night dive we saw Spanish dancer, scorpion fish and a lot of star fish

After dinner we mover to Elphinstone reef


Thursday 13th September


We wacked up 6 am Elphinstone reef. Divers got to meet some groupers as well as baby hawksbill turtle that seemed to enjoy having his photo taken. Later we encountered big hawksbill turtle that was swimming next to us for a while. We found wart slug, golden dotted flatworm, longnose hawk fish and pipe fish for macro lovers.

After two dives here, we moved to Abo Dabab 2 for dive number 3 and night dive







Friday 14th September


We spent the the night at Abo Dabab 2 and wacked up at 7 am all divers happy we jumping in the water for first dive,

We finished first dive and had the breakfast, After this we moved to our last dive site, Abu Dabab 1. We saw scorpion fish, anemones, picasso fish, Arabian angel fish. Once everyone was up from the diveit was time to wash and dry equipment and get ready for our Friday night cocktail party.


The Iron Divers this week


Lesley – Trudy – Mary – Doug – Mona – Ken – Seth



Until next week

Your Red Sea Aggressor 1