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Red Sea Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Sep 29, 2018
Entry By: Red Sea Aggressor Crew


Air Temp: 30C / 82F

Water Temp: 27C/79F

Visibility: 50 m / 150 feet

Weather: Warm, clear skies, windy

Itinerary: Brothers Islands, Daedalus, Elphinstone


Highlights: Thresher sharks, Hammerhead sharks, Grey reef shark, Oceanic White tip sharks and Manta Ray





Captain: Sayed

Cruise Director: Mahmoud

Instructors/Guides: Ekaterina, Rashad

Chef(s):  Sherif & Hussein

Steward(s): Ali & Ahmed

Seamen: Emad & Abdou & Hossam & Amir



Dave and Fran, Jose, Sylvia, Ed and Barbara, David, Brock, Marina and Carl, Simon and Mario, Paul and Janet, Khush and Apara, Crimson, Il and Jeena.



Sunday – Marsa Mobarak, Marsa Shoona

Monday – Big Brother

Tuesday – Little Brother

Wednesday – Daedalus reef

Thursday – Elphinstone, Abu Dabab

Friday – Abu Dabab3



Arrival Day – Saturday 29th September

The Red Sea Aggressor is ready again for an exciting week of eating, sleeping, and diving. Guests arrived and enjoyed snacks after they checked in and relaxed before the dinner.

Day 1 – Sunday 30th September

Guests enjoyed a hot breakfast before we got clearance from the coastguard and set sail. The guests were briefed for the week of diving, then checked their equipment and relaxed before the check dive at Marsa Mobarak. Dive one guests checked all their equipment and did weight checks before descending. Guests saw pipe fish, eel, crocodile fish, blue spotted sting rays, solider fish, masked puffer fish and much more. Guests then enjoyed lunch before dive 2.  Dive 2 was Marsa Shouna, where we spotted an octopus, scorpion fish, bat fish, pipe fish. Before we jumped off for the night dive we glimpsed a turtle swimming near the boat. We descended to the sandy plateau and during the dive we found two scorpion fish, about 10 different spider crabs, red crab, sponge carrier, crab decorator, shrimps, torpedo ray, sea cucumber, cusk eels, tiny octopus and Carl found the turtle, sleeping in a shelter. What a dive! We then unmoored and guests enjoyed dinner on the wat to Brothers Islands.

Day 2 – Monday 1st October

Guests woke up at 6 a.m., 6:30 was first briefing about Big Brother Island and 7:00 we were in the water. Dive 1 was from the boat at the south-west. The reef greeted us with a large school of snappers and batfish with the most beautiful color reef thriving with soft coral. We also had great encounters of Oceanic white tip shark, Thresher sharks and a Hammerhead shark. Dive 2 we saw Oceanic sharks and Thresher shark again. We also met Napoleon Wrasses, spotted giant moray eel and scorpion fish on the wall and much more. The group then enjoyed lunch and relaxed. Dive 3 was the wreck of Numidia. Guests explored the outside of the wreck and entered the wreck and swam through the engine room over the steam engine. We then drifted around the reef to the direction of the boat. Guests saw large napoleon wrasse, giant moray, dogtooth tuna, trevallies, beautiful hard and soft corrals. The last dive of the day was off the boat with two oceanic white tip sharks. Then guests had a glass of wine, enjoying the view of sunset in the middle of the sea. It was time for dinner and enjoy the night.

Day 3 – Tuesday 2nd October

Guests were woken with the beverage of their choice before enjoying a light breakfast. Dive 1 was the south plateau of Big Brother. Guests went around the beautiful reef with large Napoleon Wrasse. Lots of puffer fish, anthias fish, lion fish and much more. And again we saw oceanic white tip sharks. Guests then enjoyed breakfast before dive 2. Dive 2 was the wreck of Aida. We enjoyed the view of the wreck from the top and continued the dive along the gorgeous wall followed by group of trumpet fish. After lunch we moved 1 mile to Little Brother Island and we dived two dives at the north plateau, where is cleaning station. We saw thresher shark, grey reef shark, oceanic white tip sharks and manta ray! After the dive we watched a film ate popcorn and relaxed.

Day 4 – Wednesday 3th October

Early in the morning our team moored the yacht at Daedalus reef where we did four dives. First was at the east via tenders and we saw two hammerhead sharks. Second dive was up to the north where we found large school of barracudas and huge Napoleon Wrasse. After lunch it was time to visit Anemone city. There are so many anemones, everyone can choose one just for himself. We then continued the dive, drifting with a current, admiring colorful corals, reef fish, trevallies, barracudas, napoleon wrasses and much more. Before the last dive we visited Lighthouse, it was fun to climb up to the top. Dive 4 we jumped off the platform, descended to the south plateau. We saw napoleon wrasse again, giant morals, large puffer fish, clown fish, lemon goubies, crocodile fish, peppered eel and more after dinner we unmoored and left  Daedalus reef, heading west toward Elphinstone reef.



Day 5 – Thursday 4th October

Beautiful morning, we woke up, drunk coffee and before first briefing we saw big pod of dolphins right next to dive platform. Great start of the day. We then jumped at the north of Elphinstone reef. We cruised along the east wall enjoying colors of soft corals in the morning light, we spotted many pipe fish, longnose hawkfish, giant moray eels and scorpion fish. We also met hawksbill turtle, eating her breakfast. Then we had hot breakfast and 10 a.m. we jumped off the boat and swam along the wall heading north. We saw a wart slug, plenty of bluespotted stingrays, anemones and transparent cleaner shrimps on the top of tentacles. We also encountered trevallies, a school of Fusilier fish and Titan trigger fish posed for our cameras. Capitan then moved the boat to Abu Dabab 3 for the rest of the day. With day light we found a few scorpion fish, crocodile fish, anemones and enjoyed the cascading mountain corals. At night we spotted cuttle fish, sleeping parrot fish, feather stars and hermit crabs. Once everyone came back to the boat we then enjoyed the famous turkey dinner while we played the pictures of the week followed by the video of the week.

Day 6 – Friday 5th October

Guests were woken a little later today as only two dives left at Abu Dabab 2 and 1. The crew washed all the guests kit while they enjoyed lunch. After some relaxing time the night was time to celebrate with our cocktail party congratulating the iron divers, divers who had milestone this week.


Iron Divers: Apara, Khush and Carl

Milestone: Fran 2400 dives, Jeena and Il 200 dives, Crimson 100 dives