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Red Sea Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Oct 06, 2018
Entry By: Red Sea Aggressor Crew


Air Temp: 30C / 82F

Water Temp: 28C/79F

Visibility: 50 m / 150 feet

Weather: Warm, clear skies, windy

Itinerary: Daedalus, St. John’s, Elphinstone


Highlights: Spinner dolphins, Thresher shark, White tip reef shark, grey reef shark, Manta ray, Hammerhead shark





Captain: Sayed

Cruise Director: Ekaterina

Instructors/Guides: Ahmed, Rashad

Chef(s): Sherif & Hussein

Steward(s): Ali & Hegazy

Seamen: Emad & Abdou & Hossam & Amir



Dave and Fran, Wolfgang, Martin, Clint, Richard, Ken, Louise, Tibor, Willem, Katarina and Robert, Holly and Blair, Nunzio and Julie, John and Eve



Sunday – Marsa Shoona, Abu dabab 3

Monday – Daedalus reef

Tuesday – St. John’s Paradise reef, St. John’s caves

Wednesday – Sataya, Dolphin House, Gota Sataya, Shaab Claudia

Thursday – Elphinstone, Abu Dabab 2

Friday – Abu Dabab 1, 3



Arrival Day – Saturday 6th October

The boat was ready and sun was shining as the guests arrived on board Saturday afternoon. Everyone unpacked and set their dive equipment up ready for a week of amazing diving. After sunset everyone was invited in the main salon for the general briefing and then we served dinner from chef Sherif.

Sunday Engines came to life early as we pushed off the dock ready for an adventure at sea. We started our diving at Marsa Shouna, our favorite dive site for check dive. When we arrived to the dive site we were greeted by pod of spinner dolphins on the surface! They next to the yacht for a while and then gone. Good sign! We done two dives here and we saw lots of marine life. We saw an octopus, plenty of pipe fish, scorpion fish, puffer fish, schooling trumpet fish and much more. We then moved to Abu Dabab 3 for the night dive. Night dive was just great as we saw crawling partridge tun, sea stars, boxer shrimps, hermit crabs, yellowmargin moray, two juvenile pajama chromodorids, squids, sleeping parrot fish and Spanish Dancer! Back on board we prepared for the crossing, next stop Daedalus reef.


Monday It was beautiful day in Daedalus reef and everyone was excited to jump in and see what Daedalus reef had to offer. First dive was eastern wall. The divers got to meet a manta ray, thresher shark, white tip reef shark and hammerhead sharks. Second dive was up north, where we saw thresher shark on some distance, giant trevallies and second group of divers saw grey reef shark. The sun has moved in the sky so it was time to dive Anemone city on the west wall. We then continued the dive enjoyed the dive along the west wall where we saw clams, scorpion fish, trevallies, juvenile napoleon wrasse, popcorn shrimps and grey reef shark. Between third and the last dives we went to Lighthouse and then we jumped off tenders at the south plateau. Plateau offered us lots of fish, barracudas, schooling surgeon fish and unicorn fish, huge Napoleon wrasse and a silky shark in the blue. Once everyone was back onboard it was time for dinner before heading to bed after an exciting day on Daedalus reef.


Tuesday early in the morning we arrived to St. John’s area and first dive site was Paradise reef. Everyone had a wonderful dive on this site, napoleon wrasse, morays, blue spotted stingrays, anemones and wart slugs. After this we moved to the most popular dive site at that area. Second dive was exciting one! We jumped into dive St. John’s caves, one of our dive masters most loved spot, as we explored out local chain of swim through and we were joined by resident napoleon wrasse. After two dives here we made our way back to Paradise reef, we moored at west side where we completed the day. We saw juvenile pajama chromodorid, popcorn shrims, giant moray eel, napoleon wrasse and much more. Night dive also was excellent as we found Spanish dancer, shrimps, cuttle fish and more. After night dive it was time for hot chocolate and towels before dinner and then hitting the hay.

Wednesday Our first dive of the day was an excited one. We jumped into dive at Sataya south and everyone was very impressed with the topography and marine life here and enjoyed swimming and watching spinner dolphins, as we went snorkeling with them after hot breakfast. After a tasty lunch from Sherif we moved the boat to Gota Sataya. One dive at this location where divers enjoyed the coral garden, lots of reef fish, napoleon wrasse and moray. Last two dives were dedicated to famous Shaab Claudia with its swimthroughs, healthy mountain corals and marine life. At night divers got to see huge free swimming moray eel, boxer shrimps, porcelain and spider crabs, an octopus, four sea stars, tiny nudibranchs, basket and feather stars. Time to eat and sleep.

Thursday We sailed all night long and arrived at Elphinstone reef in the morning. Two drift dives at its sheer walls and pristine corals. Divers also got a close encounter with two hawksbill turtles, having their breakfast on the walls. We also spotted a few pipe fish, nudibranchs, large school of black and yellow snappers and giant trevallies. After two dives we moved to Abu Dabab 2, where we checked out our lovely little eagle ray and unique red anemone. We also explored local lagoon and a wreck. At night we founded two cuttle fish, squids, sleeping fish and hermit crabs.

Friday This morning we moved first to Abu Dabab 1 to complete one dive. The divers got to go inside beautiful shallow swimthrough as well as see all the marine life that have made home on the reef and inside the cave. After this we moved to our last dive site, Abu Dabab 3. Once everyone was up from the dive it was time to wash equipment and get ready for our Friday cocktail party.

Iron Divers this week: John, Martin, Wolfgang, Tibor, Willem, Rich, Clint, Katarine, Robert

Milestone #100 dives: Louise, Katarina and Robert

Advanced Open Water Diver Blair

Until next week.

Your Red Sea Aggressor 1 Capitan & Crew