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Red Sea Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Oct 20, 2018
Entry By: Red Sea Aggressor Crew



Air Temp: 28C/ 80F    

Water Temp: 27c / 79f  

Visibility: 30 m / 100 feet 

Weather: Warm, Clear and occasionally cloudy skies, windy period  

Itinerary: Daedalus Reef, Zabargad IslSataya Reef 


HighlightsOceanic White tip sharks, Napoleon Wrasse 



Captain: Sayed 

Cruise Director: Mahmoud 

Instructors/Guides: Roberto & Ahmed 

Chef(s):  Mohamed & Hussein 

Steward(s): Hegazy & Ali  

Seamen: Mostafa & Abdu & Hossam & Amir 


GUESTS: Gunter& Alexander& Christina& Sandra& Christoph&  Andreas& Charles& Elizabeth& Mario & Saumil& Rhonda&  Shondene&  Teo& Mirko& Ion& Claude 




Sunday – Marsa Shoona, Abu Dabab 3 

Monday – Daedalus Reef 

Tuesday – Rocky Island, Zabargad Island 

Wednesday – Sataya Reef, Malahi, Shaab Claudia 

Thursday –Elphinstone reef, Abu Dabab III  

Friday – Abu Dabab II and I 

Welcome Aboard! 


After the gang arrived, set up their dive gear and sorted their cabins we invited everyone to salon for the welcome briefing. We then had a wonderful meal from chef Mohamed and went sleep afterwards. 



Day 1 started in Port Ghalib and continued in Marsa Shoona, and Abu Dabab 3. We got permission from the coast guard and headed out around the corner and anchored in Marsa Shoona.   

First up was a refreshing dive inside the lagoon giving all a weight check and a cool shallow dive.  The scattered and busy Coral heads festooned with schools of snapper and a bunch of reef fish were so friendly.  We moved on to the pretty corals of Torfa Shoona and followed through with a pipefish, blue spotted stingrays, a few scorpion fish, batfish and porcupine fish. We did night dive on Abu Dabab 3, which is located 1,5 hours to the south from Shoona. We spotted basket stars, feather stars, dancing crab and hundreds shrimps. 



Our first dives were east wall of Daedalus reef. The spectacular drop off showed us two Napoleon wrasses, barracudas, giant moray eels and trevallies. 

Next up was the exciting North side of the reef . This dive was such fun as the current washes up along the north providing a wonderful ride. 

The last dive was spent exploring the plateau at the south and we saw Oceanic White tip shark at the safety stop in very close approaching. 


Moving south to the Rocky and Zabargad islands and our fist was drop off of north-west wall of Rocky Island. In this  dive we spotted Giant Moray eels, Leopard blennies, scorpion fish, Barracudas and schooling black snappers and fusilier fish and thousands of anthias fish were everywhere. 

The afternoon we spent exploring coral garden and overhangs of Zabargad Island. It were two spectacular dives with two Napoleon Wrasses, many turtles, Moray eels, anemones, sleeping groupers, trunk fish and huge table corals. 



Our first dive was on the coral garden of Sataya reef, as we started moving back to the north. We spotted a few spotted stingrays and lots of reef fish, such as big napoleon wrasse, Moving on to Shab Maksour to the beautiful and gorgeous colorful coral garden. 

The third dive we explored south of shaab maksour reef. We found a few bluespotted stingrays, Brown-edged glossodorid and a school of fusiliers fish filled all the space of the second swimfrough. The night dive was at the same dive site. Guests found an octopus, crabs, shrimps, sea stars and feather stars. 



Waking up we found ourselves at Elphinstone reef. We did two dives at Elphinstone reef. Being near to a coastline this site has healthy corals and plentiful fish action. Walls offered us sea funs, colorful soft corals and hard corals. We saw many pipe fish, nudibranchs and flatworms, a few hawksbill turtle and octopus and we found a couple of longnose hawkfish. We also encountered Oceanic white tip shark, accompanied  giant trevallies and pilot fish. 

Our Capitan then moved our boat to Abu Dabab 3 there we did our night dive. We saw a cuttle fish, sleeping giant barracuda, a crown-of-thorn, hermit crabs and sleeping fish. 



In the morning we jumped off the platform at Abu Dabab 2 again. Rich mountain corals and their colorful decoration of Sponges and schools of fish let us enjoyed every moment of dives. We visited a local lagoon and swimthough and we showed our guests our lovely juvenile eagle ray. 

Heading back to Port Ghalib we dropped on the pretty Abu Dabab III. A Sunset cocktail party in port was so much fun! Thanks to everyone. 


Iron Divers 

Christoph& & Charles& Elizabeth& &  Saumil& Rhonda&  Shondene& Gunter  



Thanks and kind regards 

Red Sea Aggressor 1 crew