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Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, Nov 03, 2018
Entry By: Belize Aggressor III Crew


Belize Aggressor III Captain’s Log

November 3-10, 2018


Sea State: light chop

Avg. Air Temp: 85oF

Avg. Water Temp: 83oF

Avg. Visibility: 80+



Captain - Jerome

Chef – Anna

Stewardess – Vanessa

Dive Instructor- Daniel

Dive Instructor- Rocke

Dive Master- Jadiel


Saturday November 3, 2018

3:00PM – Guests Board

4:30 PM – Safety briefing & Introductions

6:00 PM – Food time!




Sunday November 4 , 2018

Dive Sites: Sandy Slope, Zip Line

Our day started beautifully with a celestial sunrise and perfectly calm weather to set sail toward Turneffe Reef Atoll. On our first stop at Sandy Slope, we were thoroughly briefed and quickly got in the water to start our Belize exploration. Just off the wall, we were delighted with the sceneries of the gorgonians and the myriads of fish and creatures that make this slope their home. Amongst those were the yellow-lined arrow crab, banded coral shrimps, huge southern stingrays busily feeding on the sand, and thick green moray eel. Then we moved on to our afternoon dive site.

At Zipline we found many small arrow crabs, banded coral shrimps, Peterson cleaner shrimp, and just off the edge of the wall we spotted our first turtle of the week.

On the night dive we were happy to find an octopus, however, we were frustrated not finding the most elusive toad fish, although this is usually its playground.


Monday November 5, 2018

Dive Sites: Aquarium, Eagle Ray Pass

After making the transit across to Lighthouse Reef Atoll, we woke up to a marvelous sight of the west side of Long Caye. We were welcomed into the site called Aquarium, which most certainly is just that. It is one of the most beautiful underwater sceneries with huge gorgonians and barrel sponges in the background. While the many species of fish and creatures busily fed and went about their daily chores, we became spying intruders in their awesome home. It was interesting to find a lone octopus walking and swimming over the sand bed during the day. Maybe the party lasted until the early morning and it was finding its way home. Some of our guests were thrilled to have had their longest swimming experience with a turtle. Our videographer Daniel did try his best to get those shots to add them in our weekly video.

Later through the day and night at Amber Head Pass, we saw more turtles and a reef shark. We were happy to see a green moray eel swimming and going about its day. There was a large channel clinging crab hanging out in the reef, a porcupine puffer, a small octopus, a slipper lobster, and tarpons feeding. The Pass got a pass with all that it showed us.


Tuesday November 6, 2018

Dive Sites: Blue Hole, Cathedral, Painted Wall

On Bluehole day, we get to zigzag through the beautifully colored waters dotted with patch reefs leading us to the magnificent wonder of nature. Everyone was eager and excited to experience this dive since it is a completely different topography from the rest of the reef. The lighting and formations of the sunken cave can give some of us an “out-of-this-world” thrill.

After the cool waters of the deep, we headed back to the reef to explore Cathedral. We found several tarpons chilling around and a couple reef sharks. Some divers loved the turtles, so they just cruised with one for a good while. A couple of spotted eagle rays, scorpion fish, and neck crabs were amongst the other sightings.

Later through the day at Painted Wall there were several sergeant majors, and yellow-tail snappers, and a big school of Bermuda chubs just below the boat.


Wednesday November 7, 2018

Dive Sites: Angel Fish Wall, Halfmoon Caye Wall, Long Caye Wall

On this day, we explored 3 different sites and were happy to find Reef sharks, turtles, spotted eagle rays, octopuses, flapping dingbats, queen conchs, “escorting” Nassau groupers, and more crabs. Overall a great day with lots to see and enjoy.


Thursday November 8, 2018

Dive Sites: Chain Wall, Quebrada

Chain Wall is usually a site that brings lots of excitement, and just as we had anticipated, several reef sharks swimming up and down the wall welcomed us into their home. A couple eagle rays were also quick to say hello. We got to explore the site on both sides of the mooring and there wasn’t any shortage of flora or fauna, and certainly the most beautiful colors in the reef, with the sponges, the fish, and everything in between.

For the last dives of the week at Lighthouse Reef, we visited Quebrada. Immediately, there was a nurse shark cruising over the top of the reef. Off the wall, Bermuda chubs buzzed up and down the reef. Most divers were very interested in finding the big shots and were very happy to see more turtles. Horse-eyed Jacks seemed to be seeking protection behind the nurse shark. On another scene, we were amused by a hostile damsel fish fiercely attacking a turtle as it passed over its territory. It was quite a sight. The night dive delivered the squids and we were all happy divers bidding farewell to this breathtaking reef.


Friday November 9, 2018

Dive Sites: Amber Head South

After a night of transit toward Turneffe Atoll, we woke up bright and early ready and eager to enjoy the last dives of our week. We visited Amber Head South to wind down in its beautiful sloping sandy bottoms. We enjoyed the colors, the scenery, and the eels and stingrays saying goodbye to us.

Overall, the diving this week was great, and the larger fauna got the biggest points, but we cannot forget the little ones that compose the larger picture of what the reef in Belize has to offer. We are very thankful for the experiences shared and look forward to hosting our awesome guests soon.


Huge shoutout to our Iron Divers . Amy, Doug, Dominik, Dave and Greg.


From the captain and crew of the Belize Aggressor III, thank you.