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Red Sea Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Nov 10, 2018
Entry By: Red Sea Aggressor Crew


Air Temp: 32C / 86F

Water Temp: 26C/76F

Visibility: 75 m / 250 feet

Weather: Warm, clear skies, calm sea

Itinerary: Elphinstone, Brother Islands, Daedalus


Highlights: Oceanic White tip sharks, Grey reef shark, Hammerhead shark, White tip reef shark





Captain: Sayed

Cruise Director: Ekaterina

Instructors/Guides: Rashad & Mostafa

Chef(s): Sherif & Mohammed

Steward(s): Ali & Hegazy

Seamen: Emad & Abdou & Mostafa & Amir


GUESTS: Roger, Martini, Tobias, Daniel, Sebastian, Juan, Jim, Steve, Joe, Stanislav, Sibylle, Corinne, Birgit, Patrick, Joao and Sofia, Regine & Benny, Garth



Sunday – Marsa Shoona, Marsa Mobarak

Monday – Little Brother

Tuesday – Big Brother

Wednesday – Daedalus reef

Thursday – Elphinstone, Abu Dabab III

Friday – Abu Dabab III, Abu Dabab I



Saturday 10th November

The boat was ready and sun was shining as the guests arrived on board Saturday afternoon. Everyone unpacked and set their dive equipment up ready for a week of amazing diving. We then made the safety briefing and had steak dinner.



Sunday 11th November

Engines came to life early as we got clearance from the coastguard, so we pushed off the dock ready for an adventure at sea. We started our diving at Marsa Shouna, our favorite place for check dive. We saw here many scorpion fish, bluespotted stingrays, several pipe fish, we came across a large school of fusilier fish and sergeant fish. We also encountered green turtle with three remoras.

For the night dive we made our way over to Marsa Mobarak. After sunset we jumped of the platform. We found a turtle going to find a shelter for the night, a cuttle fish, squids, feather stars and shrimps. Back on board we prepared for crossing, next stop Little Brother Island!


Monday 12th November

Our first dive of the day was an exciting one! We jumped into dive at the eastern wall of Little Brother and we came back onboard. On the way to the boat we encountered grey reef shark, three Oceanic white tip sharks.

Second dive we descended to Gorgonian garden where we saw grey reef shark and oceanic white tip shark swam with us for a while. We then continued the dive and at the shallow we encountered more oceanic sharks.

Next up was the cleaning station in the north of the island. We got to see a thresher shark, Trevallies, little white tip reef shark, a few morays on the wall and lots of reef fish and gorgeous soft corals.

Before sunrise we left Little Brother heading north for one mile to Little Brother.



Tuesday 13th November

It was a beautiful day in Big Brother and everyone was excited to jumped and see what Big Brother had to offer. Fist dive was the south plateau. Divers encountered Grey reef shark, Napoleon wrasse and Oceanic white tip sharks on the way back to the boat. Great start!

After breakfast we spotted Oceanic White tip shark swimming around the yacht, so we jumped in the water and the shark was there. We took pictures and filmed this beautiful creature then we proceeded to the reef where we found giant moray eel. At the end of the dive we met two oceanic white sharks again. The sharks circled the group, leaving and returning for 20-25 minuets.

Afternoon, when the sun has moved, we headed north to the shipwreck Numidia. We completed one dive on the famous wreck. The divers got to go inside and explore the engine room as well as see all the marine life that have made home on the ship and the reef. We also saw grey reef shark in the blue.

The group have seen the wreck of Aida and its engine on the top of the reef. That shipwreck lays in the deep, the top of the wreck about 100 ft and it isn’t far from the wreck of Numidia.

Once we were finished with dives we started the engines and started to make our long way to Daedalus reef.


Wednesday 14th November

We arrived in Daedalus reef early Wednesday morning and went diving via tender to the east of the reef. We spotted a hammerhead shark and grey reef shark. We continued the dive along the east side and we found a scorpion fish, sea star, large Napoleon Wrasse, parrot fish and much more.

Later it was time to dive at Anemone city as the sun has moved. There are so many anemones, so everyone was happy to take pictures. We continued the dive along the sheer wall, drifting in the mild current.

The last dive was at the south of the reef where the divers saw a few friendly Napoleon Wrasses that decided they would follow the group for a while. We spotted several scorpion fish, barracudas, butterfly fish and three Oceanic white tip sharks.

Later we went to Lighthouse, enjoyed the sunset from the top. Back on board and we prepared for the crossing, back to the coastline.


Thursday 15th November

We woke up 6:30 am at Elphinstone reef, 7:00 we rang the bell and 7:30 am everyone was in the water.

Divers got to meet some groupers as well as baby hawksbill turtle that seemed to enjoy having his photo taken. Later we encountered big hawksbill turtle that was swimming next to us for a while. We found wart slug, golden dotted flatworm, longnose hawk fish and pipe fish for macro lovers.

After two dives here, we moved to Abu Dabab 3 for the last day dive and the night dive. We admired pristine mountain corals, surrounded by clouds of reef fish. We found four scorpion fish, a torpedo ray and lots of reef fish.

At night four or five scorpion fish were spotted as well as a few spider crabs, porcupine fish, Spanish dancer and lots of shrimps stars and feather stars.


Friday 16th November

We woke up at Abu Dabab III to complete one dive and explore eastern part of the reef. Everyone was very impressed with the topography and marine life here and enjoyed watching blue sting ray excavating the sand.

After this we moved to our last dive site, Abu Dabab I. We saw scorpion fish, anemones, picasso fish, Arabian angel fish. We explored local swimthrough. Once everyone was up from the dive it was time to wash and dry equipment and get ready for our Friday night cocktail party.


Until next week

Your Red Sea Aggressor 1 Captain&Crew