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Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, Nov 10, 2018
Entry By: Belize Aggressor III Crew


Belize Aggressor III Captain’s Log

November 10-17, 2018


Avg. Air Temp: 78oF

Avg. Water Temp: 83oF

Avg. Visibility: 70+



Captain – Jerome

Captain- James

Chef – Vanessa

Steward– Randy

Dive Instructor- Daniel

Engineer- Jadiel

Dive Master- Monique


Saturday November 10, 2018

3:00PM – Guests Board

4:30 PM – Safety briefing & Introductions

6:00 PM – Food time!




Sunday November 11, 2018

Dive Sites: Long Caye Wall, Quebrada

We departed early Sunday morning towards a beautiful sunrise and headed straight toward the west side of Long Caye at Lighthouse Reef Atoll.  For our checkout dive, we were super excited to start with Long Caye Wall.  The topography of the site is perfect for the novice and most experience divers.  The little staghorn corals and damsel fish looked great, almost as if it were set there perfectly for us to admire.  There were a few neck crabs amongst other beautiful creatures, but the one that stole the show was a little hawksbill turtle. 

Later in the day at Quebrada, the reef sharks, turtles, a school of horse-eyed jacks, and a nurse shark were getting our attention, and at night, the Caribbean reef squids were the stars. 

It was a great first day of diving that surely everyone enjoyed. 


Monday November 12, 2018

Dive Sites: Half Moon Caye Wall, Angel Fish Wall, Long Caye Wall

This was the day that we raised the bar high.  At Half Moon Caye Wall in the morning dives, we had a few reef sharks swimming up and down the reef.  The huge corals formations also took away our breaths, especially one that had tons of silver sides busily moving inside.  The very friendly groupers were there to help give us a tour of the amazing reef.  The sand bed was nice to observe the flapping ding bats. 

Later, we moved over to Angel Fish Wall.  Once again, we were met by more reef sharks and a green turtle feeding from the sand bed, completely oblivious of our presence.    The angel fish swam around the grassy sand in pairs and the hog fish fed from their surroundings.  The southern stingrays were laying on the grass, while the tons of garden eels played their usual game of hide and go seek.  And then we met the sharks again.  It was a busy afternoon in this part of the reef. 

For the night dive, we went to Long Caye Wall again, and we were happy to find more squids!


Tuesday November 13, 2018

Dive Sites: Blue Hole, Chain Wall, Painted Wall

Dodging through the coral patches, we headed toward the Majestic Bluehole of Belize.  The morning was clearly set to make the navigation easy and pleasurable, great to set a mood before that deep dive.  Once there, we were eager to dive in and explore the dark.  We observed the stalactite formations in awe.  A few angel fish greeted us and we were happy to find a head shield slug in the grass below the boat.

On our next stop, we went to Chain Wall where we continued with the shark sightings, and a couple spotted eagle rays.  We caught a glimpse of flounders on the sand, as well as some southern stingrays.  At the drop off, the visibility was amazing and the tropical fish that surrounded us was stupendous. 

To close off the day, we went to Painted Wall.  This is normally a very colorful and beautifully formed piece of the reef, and today, it was no different.  The scenery with the huge gorgonians and the fish is just to die for.  There were tarpons, green eel moving around, a couple of large channel clinging crabs, and at night there were octopuses, squids.  It was the best night dive so far into our trip.


Wednesday November 14, 2018

Dive Sites:  Lighthouse Wall, The Notch

We explored more of the Half Moon Caye area diving the Lighthouse Wall.  We were pleased to be able to spend some time watching the queen conchs as they moved, probably in search of more food.  There were a couple of unusually large garden eels.  A couple of Nassau groupers followed us off the edge of the wall.  We also saw barracudas, reef sharks again and a couple of hawksbill turtles. 

The afternoon took us to a site called The Notch.  It was a great experience to see a nurse shark laying still while a remora cleaned inside its gills.  We were also thrilled to finally find a toad fish since we had been hearing them, but the visual was lacking.  After that we found several, even at night, as well as a few lettuce sea slugs.


Thursday November 15, 2018

Dive Sites: Grand Bogue, Johnny’s Wrench

Winding down from a great week of diving, we were met by a couple of green moray eels swimming up and down the reef, coming closer to us then backing off.  It was a fun play time.  We also got to find a couple of large channel clinging crabs. 

For the rest of the day we went to dive at Johnny’s Wrench and it proved to be another great site.  It looked like the smaller creatures were dominating our attention.  There were several lettuce sea slugs, banded coral shrimp, yellow-lined arrow crabs, channel clinging crabs, and a beautiful and curious octopus that followed us for about 20 minutes.  And we were treated to a viewing of a couple toad fish again. 


Friday November 16, 2018

Dive Sites: Black Beauty,

Early morning at Turneffe Atoll, we started our last 2 dives at Black Beauty.  After hearing the toadfish all week, we were happy to start seeing them on Wednesday and for them to be there on our last day.  Ultimately though, it was a school of 7 spotted eagle rays that bid us a great farewell from the beautiful waters of Belize. 


It is in the most appreciative manner that the captain and crew of the Belize Aggressor III thank you for giving us the chance to host you in your Belize adventure.  We hope you visit again soon. 

Congratulations to the Iron Diver Rocky.  Your dedication to diving gave us renewed energies to keep doing what we love. 

From the captain and crew.

Belize Aggressor III