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Log Date: Saturday, Nov 17, 2018
Entry By: Red Sea Aggressor Crew


Captains Log

Red Sea Aggressor 1

November 17th to 24th 2018

Guests Sohail, Salim, Kamran, Alex, Phillip, Juan, Lisa, Claudia, Miroslav, Timo, Sachit, Nick, David, Jerry, Liam & Robyn, Nao & Christine, Rebecca & Bart


Captain Said

Cruise Director Mahmoud

Dive guides Ekaterina & Rashad

Chef Sherif & Mohammed

Engineer Ibrahim

Deckhands Emad, Amir, Mohammed , Hossam

Water temp 27C - 80F; Air temp 28C - 82F

Exposure protection: 5mm wetsuit

Saturday Once again the Red Sea Aggressor 1 was all shined up and ready to meet her 20 new guests for the week. With introductions and briefings done, the guests settled in, and had for the delicious dinner from chef Sherif. After one or two glasses of wine everyone went to the cabin to gain forces for the week of diving.

Sunday We started out our week of diving with a check-out dive at Marsa Shouna. Everyone was eager to get into the water, and it was the perfect dive to start the week with a variation of marine life to be seen, including sting rays, scorpion fishes, green turtle and plenty more. After the second dive we moved along the coastline to our next dive site, Abu Dabab 3. At night we found sleeping parrotfishes, shrimps, spider crab, crocodile fish, scorpion fish and feather stars.

Monday engines woke up early as we planned to dive at Elphinstone reef. We arrived and moored on Elphinstone in 1,5 hours. By 7am everyone had jumped into the water for the first dive of the day on north plateau of the reef. We descended right on the hawksbill turtle, which was having her breakfast and did not care about divers around. The beautiful wall has a large range of marine life living. Large barracuda, schools of tuna and fusilier fish, yellow snappers, pipe fish, napoleon wrasses, scorpion fish are just to name some. After this we jumped off the boat in the south, descending to another plateau. We encountered two turtles, different nudibranchs and free swimming moray eels.

We then set sail to El Naba for the remainder of the day. With the day light we found large school of squids, a moray eel, carpet anemone with two popcorn shrimps, a few scorpion fish were spotted on the sand and much more. At night free! Spanish dancers were founded as well as a couple of squids and scorpion fish. Once all the divers were up from the dive, it was time to serve dinner and start making our way to Daedalus reef.

Tuesday We arrived in Daedalus reef early Monday morning and moored to the south plateau. Our guests were very happy as on the first dive at the east they saw a large range of marine life and very healthy corals, we encountered white tip reef shark and Napoleon wrasse. We jumped off the zodiacs one more time, at Anemone city. We also saw trevallies, large school of barracudas and lots of different reef fish. Next up was off the boat at the south plateau, when diving the guests were greeted by a barracudas and when on the wall three Napoleon Wrasses cruised by. When we came back to the mooring position we encountered three oceanic white tip sharks and a silky shark swimming around the yacht. We spent another half an hour with these amazing creatures and everyone got very close encounter. That increased our adrenaline, so all divers were very excited and came back to the boat with lots of impressions. We claimed up to the top of Lighthouse before moving to a beautiful island called Rocky.

Wednesday We started the day at Rocky Island. We swam along gorgeous wall, enjoyed local swim through and pristine corals. We then headed to the next dive site Zabargad Island. This was a very popular dive with lots of reef fish and corals. After the dive Jerry said that in his 40 years of diving it was the most beautiful dive site. On the next dive we saw a few nudibranchs and slugs, schooling black snappers over beautiful dome corals, free swimming moray eel and even found transparent cleaner shrimps hidden on the anemone. Once dinner was served, we started to make our way to Fury Shoal, where we moored up Sataya reef and slept for the night.

Thursday The sun was shining in Sataya reef as we woke up for our first dive of the day. On the dive the customers saw schooling snappers, napoleon wrasse, moray eels and a dolphin. After breakfast we made our way along the reef to Malahi, looking for spinner dolphins. We did not find dolphins this time, so we jumped off the boat at Shaab Malahi. This dive site has very interesting landscape, where is huge pinnacles form a maze. We enjoyed the labyrinth and then we moved to Gota Sataya. Divers enjoyed the beautiful reef and the coral garden. We got to see morays, Picasso fish, Arabian angel fish, masked puffer fish and more. The night dive was also done on this dive site, was sighting of scorpion fish, shrimps, squids, a few spider crabs, hermit crabs, rainbow swimming crabs and splendid spooner. At the safety stop an oceanic white tip shark was encountered under the boat and that added lots of impressions to the dive. Then it was time for the thanks giving dinner!

Friday was our last day in the sea, so we started the day bright and early was a dive at 7.30am before breakfast. We did our last two dives on Abu Dabab 2. This dive site has a very beautiful montain coral, uniqe red anemone, coral garden, swimthroughs, wreckage of a yacht and juvenile eagle ray. What great dives it were with lots of marine life, including moray eels, bluespotted stingrays, nudibranchs and a crocodile fish. Once everyone was settled we started to make our way back to Port Ghalib and enjoy a few cocktails together on the last night in Port Ghalib.

Iron Divers: Juan, Rebecca, Phillipp, Alex, Christine and Nao, Liam, Sachit and Nick.

Until Next Week

Your Red Sea Aggressor 1 Captain & Crew