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Log Date: Saturday, Dec 01, 2018
Entry By: Red Sea Aggressor Crew


Captains Log

Red Sea Aggressor 1

1 December – 8 December 2018


Jorge , Maria , Isabel , Chouna , Victoria , Darren , Liz , Christopher , Chris M , Chris R , Simon , Thomas , Christina , Fiona , Alexandra , Linda & Donald , Katia , Stephanie , Richard .

Captain Said

Cruise Director – Mahmoud

Dive Instructor  - Ahmed Safka

Videographer - Roberto

Chef-   Sherif & Ibrahim

Engineer-    Ibrahim

Seamen-   Emad, Hussam, Abdou & Amir

Steward-    Hegazy & Ali

Water temp 27 C - 80F; Air temp 27C - 80F

Exposure protection: 5mm – 7 mm Wetsuit

Saturday  Once again the Red Sea Aggressor 1 was all shined up and ready to meet her 20 new guests for the week. With introductions and briefings done, the guests settled in, and had a delicious dinner on board prepared by chef Sherif.

Sunday We started out our week of diving with a check-out dive at Marsa Shouna. Everyone was eager to get into the water, and it was the perfect dive to start the week with a variation of marine life to be seen, including sting rays, octopuses, scorpion fishes, hawksbill turtle and plenty more. After the second dive we moved along the coastline to our next dive site, Abu Dahab 3 for the third dive of the day , a night dive .
We found the Spanish Dancer , sleeping parrotfishes, shrimps, hermit crabs and basket stars. Once all the divers were up from the dive, it was time to serve dinner and start making our way to Daedalus reef.

Monday We arrived in Daedalus reef early Monday morning and moored to the south plateau. Our guests were very happy as on the first dive at the east they saw a large range of marine life and very healthy corals. Next up was off the North Plateau , the guests were greeted by a curios Napoleon Wrasse . We jumped off the zodiacs one more time, at Anemone city, before moving to the fury Shoals area.


We started the day at Elremela Dive Site . We dove its overhangs and drop off walls.
We then headed to the next location of the day.
Sataya Reef also know as the dolphin House.
We spent a dive in the south east side of the reef and then we had the chance to visit the spinner dolphins in the lagoon area of the reef.
We spent the late afternoon dive and night Dive in Gota Soraya.

 Wednesday The sun was shining in Shaab Maksur .We visit the South Plateau and his impressive pinnacle of corals just under the boat . We were delighted also to photograph the White Tip Oceanic shark . The 2nd and 3rd dive of the day were dedicated to the “ Play of Light “ . In fact Malahi and Shaab Caludia offers impressive swim through with the beams of light passing through the cracks of the reef. We scored 4 dives today including a night dive in Shaab Claudia

Thursday Finally we are in Elphinstone Reef . We spent 3 dives at the dive site diving the North and South Plateau and the East and West Wall.
Fantastic and colorful dives with a rich marine life and stunning corals formations.

We spent the 4th Dive in Shaab abu Dabab

Friday This the last day of the trip . The first dive was dedicated to explore the caves and swimthrough of Shaab abu Dabab 1 while the 2nd one was dedicated to explore the reef of Marsa Torfa . after lunch we sail back to the marina and celebrate the end of the Trip and Iron Divers at the Cocktail Party.

Iron Divers:  Donald & Linda , Christopher , Chris,  Isabel , Darren , Fiona
Advanced Open Water & Nitrox Course : Isabel
Peak Performance Buoyancy : Victoria

Until Next Week

Your Red Sea Aggressor 1
Captain & Crew