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Red Sea Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Dec 15, 2018
Entry By: Red Sea Aggressor Crew


Red Sea Aggressor 1
December 15th to 22nd 2018

Guests Sarah, Anna, Sheila, Richard, James, Edie, Connie, Phil, Paul, Lynda, Krista, Christopher, David, Thibaut, Kim, Neville, Kari.

Captain Said
Cruise Director Mahmoud
Dive guide Ekaterina
Video/Photo pro Roberto
Chef Sherif & Mohammed
 Engineer Said
 Deckhands Emad, Amir, Abdou, Hossam

Water temp 25C - 80F; Air temp 25C - 77F
Exposure protection: 5mm wetsuit

Saturday After loading up our newest guests from as far as USA and Canada, and getting the gear and such sorted for another amazing week of diving we had steak dinner from chef Sherif. After a few adult beverages to help wash down the steak we all tucked into a long night sleep.
Sunday Sunday morning greeted us with a stunnig sunrise over Port GHalib. After a hearty breakfast we got clearance from the coastguard and in an hour we splashed into the water to check out Marsa Shouna and we had lots of nice encounters. Divers got to see several pipe fish, a few scorpion fish, blue spotted stingrays and bat fish. After the second dive we moved along the coastline to our next dive site, Abu Dabab 3. At night we found sleeping parrotfishes, shrimps, spider crab, scorpion fish, feather stars and two Spanish dancers. After dinner we had long cruise to Daedalus reef.

Monday After a relatively calm, flat crossing we slashed into the water at the south side of Daedalus reef to begin a day. Oceanic white tip shark was under the yacht ready for some close-up shots. Was the subject of hundreds of photos on the first and the last dives as well.  Next up was to the north. It was drift dive from north to the south along spectacular coral covered wall. We saw free swimming moray eels, couple of nudies, schooling barracudas and napoleon wrasses. Last dive was off the boat with two oceanic sharks. Before sunset we visited lighthouse and enjoyed the view from the top. When dinner was over our Capitan and the crew prepared the boat for long way to to a beautiful island called Rocky.
Tuesday We arrived to Rocky Island reef early Tuesday morning and moored to the eastern wall. During the dive we found giant moray eel, a few scorpion fish and we were blessed by big pod of dolphins underwater! It was amazing! After breakfast we headed to Zabargad Island for the rest of the day. Coral heads, spectacular walls, swim-thrus, wealth of marine life, pretty much epic dives at the one of the best places in Red sea.

Wednesday Wednesday started with one dive at Sataya reef.  Delightful part was the coral garden and many, many fish. We saw bird wrasse, slingjaw wrasse, rays and moray eels, schools of snappers and fusiliers, huge napoleon wrasse and much more. We then moved along the reef to the shallow lagoon, where dolphins live. Divers swam about an hour and with happy faces came back to the yacht. Next up was Gota Sataya, where did our second dive. Next up was a short hop over to Shaab Claudia. Mountain corals, swim-thrus so is always breathtaking experience. The night dive was at the same dive site and we spotted shrimps, feather stars, sea stars and crabs

Thursday Sunrise on Thursday found us on Elphinstone reef with two dives at the south side. Divers got to see trevallies, barracudas, yellow and black snappers, pipe fish and nudibranchs. And the highlight was an Oceanic white tip shark. Abu Dabab 2 was up next with swim thru and gorgeous mountain corals. We spent there the remainder of the day. At night divers founded a cuttle fish, sea urchins, crabs and much more.

Friday was our last day in the sea, so we started the day bright and early was a dive at 7.00 am before breakfast. We did our last two dives on Abu Dabab 3 and 1. This dive sites had a very beautiful montain coral, uniqe red anemone, coral garden, swimthroughs, wreckage of a yacht and juvenile eagle ray. What great dives were with lots of marine life, including moray eels, bluespotted stingrays, nudibranchs and a crocodile fish. Once everyone was settled we started to make our way back to Port Ghalib and enjoy a few cocktails together on the last night in Port Ghalib.

Iron Divers: Connie, Edie, Phil, Jim, David, Thibaut and Kim
Until Next Week
Your Red Sea Aggressor 1 Captain & Crew