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Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, Jan 05, 2019
Entry By: Belize Aggressor III Crew


Belize Aggressor III Captain’s Log

January 05- 12, 2019


Sea State: choppy

Avg. Air Temp: 85oF

Avg. Water Temp: 82oF

Avg. Visibility: 60ft+



Captain – Jerome

Chef – Ana

Stewardess- Vanessa

Dive Master- Monique

Dive Master Jadiel

Dive Instructor Rocke


Saturday January 05, 2019

3:00PM – Guests Board

5:30 PM – Safety briefing & Introductions

6:30 PM – Food time!


Sunday January 06, 2019    

Dive Sites: Sandy Slope and Black Beauty

As the sun rises on the horizon we fired the engines and motored into what we always hope for, a fun a safe week of diving. We arrived at Turneffe Atoll just in time for our couple check out dives at Sandy Slope. The divers took advantage of the nice sand bed this site offers to become familiar once more with dive gears and buoyancy control. We then cruised along a slope occupied by massive gorgonians, black corals and healthy hard coral reef structure. In the water column was busy with schooling creole wrasse feeding on planktons. Accompanying them was yellow tail snappers and bar jacks. On the sea floor we came across yellow sting ray, southern ray, yellow spotted eel, lobster and yellow head jaw fish.

With wind direction changing to the North we the head to the South Eastern side of the atoll where we could get maximum protection. The afternoon was spent diving at Black Beauty. We all followed a sand channel to a nice sheer wall that eventually slope after one hundred plus feet. Along the wall we were mesmerized by the fully expanded black corals and sea fans that swayed a little as they filter feed. On the dives we had free swimming moray eels, lobsters, crabs, jacks and barracudas. On the first night dive for the week we were lucky to find white spotted toad fish completely out of their holes. This specie is endemic to Turneffe atoll. We also had octopus and small ray and couple eels. First day completed. Happy divers.


Monday January 07, 2019

Dive Sites:   Angelfish Wall and Quebrada

Today the sky glowed magically at Lighthouse Reef Atoll. We made our way over last night. The day started at Angelfish Wall. Normally, we leave octopus hunting for night dives but to our surprise we found a couple tucked in their little homes bordered by shells of recently eaten conch. This site is a part of the marine park and is loaded with Queen Conch. Off the wall we had very friendly grouper that followed us on the entire dive. These groupers were too cute and can be compared to little dogs that wants to be pet. The reef top was crammed with tons of reef fish going about their busy life. There were a few cleaning stations with little striped gobies. We were even lucky to find a very tiny spotted drum. These are so gorgeous. All divers were happy and wished they could spend the entire time at this site but there are so many others with their own uniqueness to explore. It was still just the beginning.

We motored to the west side of Long Caye at a site called Quebrada. The wall drops about a hundred plus feet then slopes further. Going along this fully covered soft coral wall we had a chance to play with a little hawksbill turtle, in the cracks of the reef we had spotted drums, lobsters and tiny banded coral shrimps. On the reef top we met the same little hawksbill that stayed with us for a while enjoying being photographed. Tarpons were starting to come in for their nightly hunt. On the night dive we had couple octopus, southern stingray, too many squids, eels, a big reef shark then a baby shark eating a fish in front of our very eyes. We also spotted a barracuda, the biggest we’ve seen for a while. The night dive was full of activities.


Tuesday January 08, 2018

Dives Sites: Blue Hole and Long Caye Wall 

The morning skies looked dark and unpromising. Seemed like rain was heading our way. We took our chances still and went to the blue hole. Thankfully the skies cleared up and we went on our dive. We enjoyed the aged stalactite formations that hung under the mysterious ceiling at 130feet. We saw two sharks, a spotted eel and some lobsters. Really huge lobsters. After the deep dive we did our surface interval on halfmoon caye, walking the trails and viewing the red footed booby birds.

Later we head to long Caye wall. This site has a shallow reef top and a wall that drops into the deep blue. Along the wall we had barracudas swimming by. On the coral crammed reef top there were several active cleaning stations, spotted file fish, schools of snappers and a few big black groupers. Some huge tarpons were spotted cruising along. On the night dive we were excited to see lobsters walking out, spotted eels and squids.


Wednesday January 09, 2018

Dive Sites: Chain Wall and Julies Jungle

We had two amazing and exciting dives at chain wall. We were accompanied by two reefs sharks that circle among us every so often. A green turtle cruised slowly along the wall and closely infront of the divers. We also saw lettuce leaf slug, lobsters, coral shrimps and so many reef fish.

The remainder of the day was spent at Julies jungle. Both dives were quiet with mostly macro critters. We saw lettuce leaf slugs, wire coral shrimps, gobies, blennies and lobsters. The night dive was too much excitement. As we descended we had huge squids, couple octopus, green moray eel, spotted eel, a big scorpion fish, long spine urchins white spotted nudibranch, a nurse shark and a very huge reef shark. This was a very fantastic dive. We all enjoyed it. There was so much to see.


Thursday January 10, 2018

Dive Sites: Lighthouse Wall and Johnny’s Wrench

We motored to light house wall where we are sheltered from the north winds by half moon caye. Taking full advantage, we plunge in and did two dives at this site. We had extremely happy divers. On the dive we saw about four baby sharks, eagle ray and friendly groupers. This was also our last site at light house atoll.

We fired up the engines during lunch and made our way over to Turneffe atoll. Some parts of the journey were very rough. We were too ready to get in the water by the time we reach Johnnys wrench.  This site offers a huge sand channel and thick strips of coral reefs. We had couple free swimming eels that entertain us most of the dive. On the night dive we had three white spotted toad fish, couple squids, huge porcupine fish and big channel crabs. In the sand we had a yellow sting ray digging aggressively into the sand in hunt for a meal.


Friday January 11, 2018

Dive Sites: Grand Bogue and Front Porch

Our first dive before breakfast was done at grand bogue. This site has a very deep reef top, some huge sandy areas and beautiful corals. We enjoyed the moment of seeing the day fish waking up and night critters crawling back in their hole.

For our last dive of the week we did a drift dive a little bit north of front porch. Beautiful coral structures and tons of reef fish. We also saw turtle, eel and a nurse shark. The dive was so fun and cool. The divers were very satisfied and their spirits was still up even after the dive. This was truly amazing.


Congratulations to our undefeated iron divers Anna, Bobbie, and Mark.

Special thank you to all our other divers who made this week possible and so much fun.

Captain and Crew