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Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, Jan 19, 2019
Entry By: Belize Aggressor III Crew


Belize Aggressor III Captain’s Log

January 19-26, 2019



Sea State: Light chop to choppy

  1. Air Temp: 84F
  2. Water Temp: 81F
  3. Visibility: 80-100ft
  4. Wind Speed: 15-20knots



Chef Anna

Steward Randy

Engineer Fermín

Dive Master Jadiel

Dive Master Monique


Sunday January 20, 2019

Dive Sites: Black Beauty and Johnny’s Wrench

Our first day of what we hope is going to be a fantastic week of diving started pretty easy. The frequent puffs of wind were a bit chilly from the cold front, this made us very eager to enter the water. We started at Black Beauty for the morning dives and finished off at Johnny’s Wrench for the afternoon and night dive.  All divers completed their buoyancy check at Black Beauty. The visibility was phenomenal. We had three eagle rays, barracudas, school masters, golden tail eel, moray eel, a single dolphin and schooling yellowtail under the boat. At Johnny’s Wrench we still had great visibility. In the water column was crowded with schooling creole wrasse. We also got ran over by a school of jacks. The reef top at this site is occupied with an abundance of healthy hard corals. Among these are huge barrel sponges that are home to tiny crustaceans and juvenile fishes. We had a chance to see a nurse shark, moral eel and a few lettuce slugs. On the night dive was the endemic white spotted toad fish, a couple huge octopus, and large lobsters. We signed off for the day sharing great stories of our first dive in the Caribbean Sea.


Monday January 21, 2019

Dive Sites: Docs Place and Half-moon Caye Wall

Today we had a very interesting day of diving at both Docs Place and Half-moon Caye Wall. On our dives at Doc place the current along the wall was a bit stronger than normally making the visibility incredible. Along the wall we had cruising mackerels and reef fish going about their busy life. We also saw a lovely couple of juvenile spotted drums, fire worm, golden tail eel, an eagle ray that almost swam beside us unseen and two huge whip tail rays covered with sand near the mooring pin. Over at Half-moon Caye Wall we played a little in the shallows and came across some cool macro critters such as pipefish, flapping dingbat, the tiniest jacknife and a seahorse! This was bizarre! We also had southern rays, flounder, groupers and so many colourful reef fish. On the night dive we had really massive tarpons hunting in the enormous school of silversides that gathered under the boat. A huge Octopus entertained us for a while as it swum around the reef and settle in the grassy area unbothered by our cameras. More southern rays were on the hunt for small critters to munch on, and the smallest squid darted around in front of our lights. This dive was so much fun.


Tuesday January 22, 2019

Dive Sites: Lighthouse Wall and Eagle Ray Pass

Today we had an awesome time with a really fat Caribbean Reef shark cruising along with us on our dives at Lighthouse wall. We also had a couple huge friendly Nassau groupers, creole wrasse, flounder, lobsters and southern rays.  After lunch we explored the brightly coloured reef of eagle ray pass. The sun was shining brighter at this moment and all reef fish and critters seemed busy. We had barracudas, spotted filefish, courting angel fish, moray eel, a friendly hawksbill and a bunch of squids mating top it off. The night dive was highlighted by huge spider crabs feeding and walking on the sea floor, a few octopus, more squids, lobsters and nudibranchs. Today was indeed remarkable!


Wednesday 23, 2019

Dive Sites: Blue Hole and QueBrada

The weather was in our favour today so we visited the worlds famous Great Blue Hole. The stalactites formation in this World Heritage Site is proof that this was once a cave above sea level formed tens of thousands of years ago. We were all excited about a magical and unique dive.

We spent the afternoon at Quebrada. West of Long Caye. The visibility was exceptional with a slight current. The soft corals and sponges were brightly coloured abounding from the shallows and down the wall. Cruising along with us was a Hawksbill turtle, showing off for our cameras. Tarpons were hunting on the night dive. We may have fed them a fish our two from the brightness of our lights. We also had octopus, baby squid, huge channel crabs feeding and lobsters walking out in the open.


Thursday 24, 2019

Dive Sites: Chain Wall and Grand Bogue

We did our first morning dive at Chain Wall playing around with two huge Caribbean Reef sharks. They were very friendly and made a with strong current worth it. There were plenty to see like; spotted drum, trumpet fish, black durgons, lobsters, spotted moray, sailfin blenny, southern ray and huge hog fishes feeding in the grassy area.

Due to weather conditions we set sail to Turneffe to spend the rest of the day at Grand Bogue. The dives here were very relaxing. The sun shined nice and bright making the dives very easy and colourful. There was a huge green moray eel swimming amongst us. Some divers even had the creeps, while others enjoyed taking its photo. There were interesting little crabs and shrimps on the coral heads and a spotting of a lone dolphin cruising along the wall. We also had a turtle and a spotted eagle ray. The last night dive of the week was so much fun. We had the endemic white spotted toad fish, octopus, squids, so many different types of shrimps, eels, crabs, puffers and sleeping reef fish.


Friday 25, 2019

Dive Sites: Sandy Slope

We completed the week at Sandy Slope located on the West Side of Turneffe. At the crack of dawn, we entered the water, this gave us a chance to see day critters starting their day and night crawlers starting to tucked in the cracks of the reef.  We had a splendid breakfast and submerge into crystal clear waters for our final dive.  On both dives we saw pipe fish, pipe horse, a huge reef squid laying eggs on the reef, eels, sting ray, lobster, creole wrasse, spotted drum and tons of reef fishes. This was a really cool way to end a fantastic dive week. Super! Super!


Congratulations to our undefeated Iron Divers – Trent, Gill, Mike, Sarah

Also, a great and special thank you to all our amazing divers on board this week!


Thank you all for a GREAT week!