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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Feb 02, 2019
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Cayman Aggressor V

2nd – 9th February 2019


Guests John, MJ, Maurizio, Ellen, Mark, Kyemin, Allie, Mel, Randy, Liz, Steve, Jim, Steve, Linda, Ezzie, Corrin, Eric, Phil and David.

Crew Randy, Latoya, Rodel, Kerry, Aubri, Oneil, JC.

Water temp 81F; Air temp 84 to 88F



Everyone arrived in George Town Saturday afternoon and began making their way on board. As people started to arrive, we started setting up dive gear and making everyone feel at home on the Cayman Aggressor V. After our introduction and safety briefing it was time for Latoya’s famous jerk chicken and BBQ style dinner. As the guests had dinner we started the engines and began our crossing to Little Cayman!



The weather was beautiful Sunday morning in Little Cayman and perfect conditions for our check out dive on the dive site ‘Lea Leas Lookout’ As the guests jumped in the water everyone did a weight check and make sure they were all happy with weight and equipment. Once we got down to the reef the guests soon understood why Little Cayman is talked about so much. The reef was alive with a range of different marine life, including large groupers, Moray eels, queen Angel fish, Barracuda and much more. After two dives here, we then moved the boat to the next dive Marylin’s cut. We did 3 dives on this spot where we encounter a even more amazing marine life, on the afternoon dives the guests saw drum fish, more friendly grouper, lemon ray, and even a nurse shark swam by. On the night dive we jumped in to find stingrays, lobsters, crabs and a tiny octopus was spotted by one buddy team. Once everyone was up it was time for hot chocolate and hot towels to end a successful first day in Little Cayman.



For Monday morning we moved to the captains most loved dive site in Little Cayman ‘Randy’s Gazebo.’ As soon as the divers jumped in they saw why it was loved so much. Groupers started following the divers straight away and rubbing up against them. The groupers are so used to interacting with people they enjoy the divers company. As well as the mass number of groupers we also saw huge schools of fish, some reef squid and another nurse shark. After an amazing Mexican Monday themed lunch papered by Latoya we then moved to the next dive site, ‘Great wall.’ We decided to do one dive here on the most sheer part of bloody bay wall. The guests saw the very steep drop off with the top of the wall only being 20 feet and the wall dropping to over 3000 feet, its an amazing site. It is also covered its huge coral heads on top of the wall so home to a wide range of marine life living inside them. After one dive here we then moved along to Jackson bite, on a dive site called ‘Bus Stop’ This is a perfect site for a night dive. So, we did our 4th and 5th dive of the day here. On the dives we saw more stingrays, lobsters, octopus, rays, and a large green moray hunting on the night dive.



As we woke up on Tuesday so did the winds. The winds had picked up over night and unfortunately the conditions started to deteriorate. We decided to dive Nancy’s cup of tea for the first dive. Normally this is a beautiful dive however the visibility started to become limited and a small current started to come by midway through the dive. Divers still saw turtles, groupers stingrays and much more but decided to come up a little early. After the one dive here, we moved around to the sound side of Little Cayman to be protected from the wind. We moored up to ‘Black Hole’ This dive site is a little deeper than the wall dives on Bloody bay wall but it is just as beautiful. It is home to a range of soft coral and Large barrel sponges. We did 2 dives here, and while on the dives we had a beautiful encounter with two eagle rays who swam by and around the group. Once we came up from the second dive, the captain decided it was now the safest time to cross back to grand Cayman as the winds were forecast to get even stronger over the next few days. So we pulled up the lines and began our journey back to Grand Cayman.



We arrived on the sound side of Grand Cayman in the early hours of Wednesday morning after a slow crossing back over. Positioned where we were protected from the wind we were on another on of the crew’s most loved sites, ‘st Pedro’s Castle’ The site is well known for its large amounts of elk coral, and beautiful shallow swim throughs. It also has a stunning drop off if you swim towards the wall you will see 3 large pinnacles that guide you to the deep wall. We did 2 dives here before heading back to the west side of Grand Cayman. After lunch we moored at the famous Kittiwake shipwreck for the afternoon and night dive. The divers got to explore the wreck inside and out and see all the beautiful marine life that have now made home there, this included midnight parrot fish, a large moray eel, barracuda, grouper, and a huge school of horse eyed jacks. The wreck lay just against a wall site so some divers decided to explore the wall and the reef system as well as the wreck. On the night dive most, the divers stayed by the reef searching for all the different critters to be found here.



We started the day on the ‘Doc Poulson’ this is a small barge wreck that is covered in soft coral. It also is very close to a wall site so the divers were able to do a wall and a wreck on these dives. On the dives we found more turtles, stingrays, an eagle ray, pufferfish and a huge school of horse eyed jacks swimming under the boat. We did two dives here and then moved over lunch to the Oro Verde. On the Oro Verde we found a seahorse!  As well as the seahorse we saw a nurse shark, moray eel, stingrays and an eagle ray throughout the afternoon dives. We then decided to do a dusk dive on the site and while on the while saw two turtles swimming around each other, two moray eels fighting over food, Large lobsters, channel cleaning crabs and a small drum fish hidden in the reef. After our 5th dive we sat down to enjoy our Thursday night thanksgiving dinner with a glass of wine or two. Then it was time to see the movie and pictures of the week, as everyone got to relive the dives and see all the memories made so far on the trip.



Friday was the Last day of diving for our guests this week. We started the morning by taking them to Eagle ray rock on the sound side of the island. This is a slopping wall site with a very interesting swim through as well. In the large sandy areas a few stingrays were spotted as well and large schools of different fish. For the second and Last dive, we moved the boat to Devils Grotto. This is a shallow dive site with many tunnels and swim throughs. It is also home a to large number of tarpons that like to live inside the tunnels, as well as a few turtles, eels, and lobsters. Once everyone was up and out the water we headed back to dock. The Guests spend the afternoon cleaning and packing away their dive gear before heading upstairs in the evening for our cocktail party was held. During the party we gave out a few awards for the guests which included a milestone award for ezzie and Linda for 900 dives achieved on the trip, and an educational award for Maurizio and Ellen, where Maurizio completed 7 different courses in the week! 19 happy divers and 7 smiling crew. Another successful week in the Cayman Islands!


Until Next Week


Your Cayman Aggressor Captain & Crew