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Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, Feb 09, 2019
Entry By: Belize Aggressor III Crew


Belize Aggressor III Captain’s Log

Feb 9-16, 2019



Sea State: light chop to choppy

Avg. Air Temp: 88F

Avg. Water Temp: 80F

Avg. Visibility: 70-80F

Avg Wind Speed: 10-15knots



Capt. Chris

Chef Vanessa

Steward – Monique

Instructors – Daniel & Rocke

Divemaster – Jadiel


Sun Feb 10, 2019

Dive Sites: Sandy Slope & Julie’s Jungle

The week kicked off with to a great start, with great weather, great visibility, a fun group of people, and some awesome dives. We started off at Sandy Slope on the West side of Turneffe Atoll, then motored over to Julie’s Jungle on Lighthouse Reef Atoll for the afternoon and night dives. We had some amazing dives, starting off with Eagle Ray sightings right off the bat. We also saw some yellow stingrays, tons of lobsters, groupers, barracudas, free-swimming green morays, octopus, squid, and pipehorses.


Monday Feb 11, 2019

Dives Sites: Site X & Hat Caye Wall

Day 2 of diving brought us some other cool sightings at Site X & Hat Caye Wall. We saw eagle rays, southern stingrays, peacock flounder, free-swimming green morays, spotted morays, a large eye toadfish, Caribbean reef shark, nurse shark, and just a glimpse of a hammerhead before it took off down the wall. On the night dive there were squid, octopi, nudibranchs, crabs, eels, and a hawksbill turtle.


Tues Feb 12, 2019

Dive Sites: Blue Hole & Long Caye Wall

Today we visited 2 World Heritage Sites…The Great Blue Hole & Half Moon Caye Natural Monument. For our dive into the blue hole, we dropped down to the depths below to check out massive stalactites. After the dive we did an island tour on Half Moon Caye, where we checked out the nesting grounds for the Red-footed booby bird and the magnificent frigate bird.

After lunch, headed over to Long Caye and had dolphins swimming along the sides of the vessel. Then we hopped in at Long Caye Wall for the afternoon and night dives. Today we saw nurse sharks, reef sharks, a very friendly hawksbill turtle, green morays, eagle rays, octopus, and squid.


Wed Feb 13, 2019

Dive Sites: Half Moon Caye Wall & Lighthouse Wall

We had another pod of dolphins swimming along as we made our way to the Southern part of Half Moon Caye for our morning dives at Half Moon Caye Wall and afternoon dives at Lighthouse Wall. Everyone seemed to love the friendly Nassau groupers that are on these sites. We also saw several Southern stingrays, a couple Caribbean reef sharks, and lots of barracuda. We found one octopus hiding in a hole, and another gliding across the sand in the open. There were lots of schooling fish…midnight parrotfish, blue parrotfish, Creole wrasse, goatfish, bar jacks, horse-eye jacks, and a huge school of sardines.


Thurs Feb 14, 2019

Dive Sites: Angelfish Wall, Grand Bogue, & Johnny’s Wrench

Today we managed to squeeze in 3 different dive sites. We started at Angelfish wall on Lighthouse Reef, then motored to Turneffe Atoll to dive Grand Bogue & Johnny’s Wrench. We had some more cool sightings, with lots of friendly groupers, barracudas, Caribbean reef sharks, and a hawksbill turtle. Later, we saw a beautiful Eagle ray gliding down below, an octopus moving across the sand, and a white spotted toadfish hiding under a rock…then we saw 3 more white spotted toadfish as the day went on.


Fri Feb 15, 2019

Dive Site: Amberhead

The final dives made us hungry with all the lobsters around. Green morays were out free-swimming, yellow and Southern stingrays were feeding in the sand, barracudas stared at us, Creole wrasse swarmed around, and a hawksbill was feeding on sponges. Great way to end the week before heading back to port.


Congrats to Jim, Kerry, and Javier on getting their milestone 100th dive, and to Deb on hitting 200 dives…I hope you liked the cake.

Congrats to our Iron Divers – Eric H, Rick, Deb, Josh, Mike, Arline, and Rich.


Hope to see you all again soon!


Thank you all for a GREAT week!