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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Feb 09, 2019
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Cayman Aggressor V

9th- 16th February 2019


Guests Liz, Nina, Jack, Dave, George, Phil, Leota, David, Mark, Lorraine, Chris, Eric, Andy, David, Joe and Jodie.

Crew Randy, Aubri, Kerry, Rodel, Oneil, Matt                   

Water temp 81F; Air temp 84 to 88F


Saturday A fresh group of eager divers began storming the vessel at 3pm and the assault continued until around 5:30pm at which time we had our welcome briefing followed by a monster BBQ upstairs. Parts of three animals were on offer as well as all the fixin’s. Drinks and music finished the day up on sundeck. Or more appropriately the moondeck in the evenings.


Sunday An extremely windy morning greeted us on the Doc Poulson where did a few checkout dives around the wreck and over the edge of the wall. The wreck, as always, was covered with years of coral growth and all the critters that like to hang around them. Probably the largest puffer fish in the world was hiding inside. During lunch we cruised over to another wreck dive. The Oro Verde. Or Green Gold. Having been down a bit longer than the Doc it is a bit more of a wreck. Pretty much scattered all over the place. But the massive pile of rubble is filled with lobsters, crabs, a resident moray eel came out for a roam around as well. A cute little yellow headed jawfish with eggs in its mouth was found in the colony living next to the wreck. And always a crowd pleaser, the sea horse, was once again found next to a medium sized barrel sponge near the wreck as well. On the way back from both dives we found some stingrays poking around in the sand looking for an afternoon snack. And an eagle ray was cruising around


Monday  Lost Treasure and Spanish Anchor began another sunny day in the Caymans. The divers were once again able to track down the Spanish Anchor but fell a bit short of the treasure. Although some treasured moments were spent swimming around with an eel and a hawksbill turtle. During our Mexican Monday buffet we moved over to Angelfish Reef. Another curious turtle popped around to hang out with the divers for a bit. A large school of Caribbean reef squid were hovering around in the shallows near the front of the boat and pride of around 12 lionfish were the subject of quite a few photos as well.


Tuesday Morning found us bright and early on the USS Kittiwake. After photo ops on the stern and on the bow and other areas in between we toured the hallways, engine rooms and various other chambers throughout the ship. On the way back to the boat we had a fly by with an eagle ray and a large eagle ray in the sand. The next few dives were around the reef area and a few more looks around the wreck. A massive school of jacks were schooling in a ball on all the dives and were a lot of fun to be swarmed by them. Jax Dax was our afternoon and night dive. As soon as we dropped in an eagle ray was cruising spotted cruising around under the boat and a couple of barracudas circling under the boat. 


Wednesday  Big Tunnels began day four of our diving week. Flat seas and a lack of current made the trip down the wall and thru the tunnels an easy cruise interrupted by three turtles ambling down the reef as well with us. A barracuda and a few permits were hanging around the drop-off as well. A move over to Neptunes Wall during lunch turned up a few more turtles and a stingray. For our night dive we moved over to Doc Poulson again to finish the day. Heaps of large basket stars were open and feeding on the wreck and a hungry octopus was out hunting on the reef near the wreck.


Thursday A rainy Thursday morning found us at Bonnies Arch. The little crocodile was still hanging out under the arch. Collecting algae and coral growth. A nurse shark was spotted sleeping and a hawksbill was out and about for a stroll down the wall. After a hearty Indian curry lunch we hopped in at Round Rock/Trinity Caves for the final three dives of the day. A cruise around the rock and thru the three caves turned up a half dozen lobsters and an adult as well as a super small spotted drum. A large school of barracuda was schooling under the boat for all the dives. A few more turtles and a few stingrays were cruising around the sandy areas behind the reef.


Friday  Eagle Ray rock began our last day of diving. The divers saw some stingrays but no eagle rays unfortunately. However on the next dive at devils grotto one was spotted, eating in the sand and then circling the group. As well as the eagle ray the divers explored the swim throughs and saw all the tarpon that live there. After the 2 morning dives it was time to start washing down equipment and wrap up a beautiful week of diving. As the evening approached the crew sat with the guests at our cocktail party and enjoyed an evening together on the boat one last time.


Until Next Week


Your Cayman Aggressor Captain & Crew