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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Feb 16, 2019
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Captain’s Log

Cayman Aggressor V

16th - 23th February 2019


Guests Chris, Karen, Mark, Alisa, Randy, Paula, Perry, Axel, Torgier, Jackie, faustyn, Joelle, Keith, Steve, Jeanne, Mike, Karen, Dan and Lisa. 

Crew Randy, Oneil, Latoya, Rodel, Kerry, Kris, Matt.                       

Water temp 78-80F; Air temp 84 to 88F


Saturday  Saturdays new divers began trickling in from around the states and Canada around 3PM and finished up the following day around noon. After getting the gear sorted and luggage unpacked we met in the salon for a welcome briefing. After introductions and orientation we swarmed the BBQ Buffet and raided the wine cellar.


Sunday After a few checkout dives on the Doc Poulson where we checked out the wreck and the wall we headed around to the north side during lunch. After a nap we splashed back in the water at Babylon. One of the best dives in Grand Cayman. My personal favorite anyway. The very steep wall drop-off and coral covered pinnacle is a phenomenal sight. After a few dives over the deep blue we battened down the hatches and headed off to Little Cayman.


Monday  Sunrise found us on Bloody Bay Wall. Without a doubt the best wall diving in the Caribbean. Cruising over a shallow wall and over the edge of sheer drop is quite breathtaking. Free-falling into the abyss. First up this week was Lea Leas Lookout. Steep walls and some perpendicular cuts straight into them make for some fun topography. Barrel sponges and color whip coral line the wall as well. Marilyns Cut is a very similar wall dive with equally stunning drops. We posted up there after lunch and spent the day and evening exploring the site from one end to the other.


Tuesday Tuesday began with two dives at Randys Gazebo. Arguably the best dive in Little Cayman. Arches and swim-thrus and caves and monster barrel sponges populate the wall that has the most varied topography in Little Cayman. A friendly resident grouper followed us around on both dives like a little puppy dog. Subject of many photos and videos. A few turtles slowly made their way down the wall while munching away on bits of sponges. Bus Stop is in the Jacksons Bight area of Little Cayman. Adjoining Bloody Bay Wall but with completely different topography. From the shore there is a mini wall followed by a sandy area as you make your way out to the deep and then another wall riddled with swim-thrus that start on the sandy areas and dump you out into the blue. We did our best to hit them all but an eagle ray and reef shark kept distracting our explorations.


Wednesday  Sarah’s Set was the first of four different dive sites today. After checking out the mini-wall we headed across the sandy area to the deep drop into the blue to check out all the massive barrel sponges. Next up was two dives at the Great Wall. Both directions. 20 foot deep at the top and then straight down to way too deep. Both directions have pretty much every type of sponge and coral you can see in Cayman and in large quantities and sizes. A few turtles were cruising down the wall nibbling on a few of them. Next up we moved to Meadows to check out all swim-thrus, caves and such. And, of course, another turtle. Seems every dive this week had a least one turtle. Including a three legged one. And for our night dive we moved back over to Bus Stop to hang with an octopus and some Caribbean Reef Squid.                        


Thursday Our final day of diving began at Nancys Cup of Tea. After a cup of coffee and breakfast we jumped into see what we could find. On the dive the guests saw even more amazing marine life including turtles, eels, stingrays and large school of jacks. After one dive here, we then moved to Donnas delight for the next dive, more of the same where spotted on this dive but as well as the turtles, eels and jacks, we saw a beautiful eagle ray and more grouper. As everyone enjoyed another great lunch prepared by Latoya, we moved the boat to the last dive site in Little Cayman that week, Joys Joyce. On this Dive the divers saw more turtles, stingrays, lobsters, channel cleaning crabs, and even a little nurse shark was spotted by one buddy team. After everyone was showed off and comfortable, we started the engines and began our journey back to Grand Cayman.


Friday  We arrived back in Grand Cayman in the early hours of Friday morning. We moored up at the famous kittiwake wreck. As the sun rose the divers could see the shipwreck from the surface the water was so clear. When they jumped in the got to explore the wreck inside and out. As well as the wreck they got to see a range of marine life including more stingrays and turtles. After one dive here we then moved to the last dive site of the trip, Devils grotto. At this dive the divers saw all the tarpon that live in the swim throughs, and even an eagles ray was spotted by one buddy team. This dive is very shallow so the divers enjoyed a nice long dive for their last dive of the week. Once everyone surfaced it was time to start washing scuba gear and slowly packing up. As the evening approached we all came together for our Friday night cocktail party and shared stories and gave out a few awards including our iron diver awards.


Until Next Week


Your Cayman Aggressor Captain & Crew