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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Mar 02, 2019
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Captain’s Log

Cayman Aggressor V

March 2 – 9,  2019



Crew Randy, ONeil, Latoya, Rodel, Kerry, Kris, JC.             

Water temp 81F; Air temp 84 to 88F


Saturday A new group of eager divers began boarding the boat around 3PM and the last few rolled in around 8:30PM. After our welcome briefing and a large BBQ buffet they all hit the sack for a good nights sleep after a long day of traveling from as far away as Hawaii.


Sunday During our checkout dive on the Doc Poulson we explored the wreck a bit as well as the surrounding sandy areas and coral wall. An eagle ray, stingray and a turtle all turned up to welcome our new group of divers. During lunch we motored around to the North Sound where we splashed in for one of the best shallow in the world. There was around a dozen hungry, frisky stingray swarming us looking for some lunch as well. After we had all the fun we could take we loaded up and headed down to the east end of the island to check out the hanging gardens of Babylon. Arguably the best wall dive in Grand Cayman. Along with a turtle and some barracuda a monster green moray was out swimming down the coral covered wall. After the dive the guests showered off, grabbed a beer and we headed east toward Little Cayman.


Monday Lea Leas Lookout started our week in Little Cayman with a stunning early morning cruise down the reef. A few turtles popped up and a grouper followed us around on both dives we did there. While Mexican Monday was going down we moved over to The Great Wall. Another stunning wall dive. A sheer straight drop into the abyss. Once again two turtles and a grouper followed us around for most of the dive. A few puffer fish and moray were out and about as well. Next up was Bus Stop for the fourth dive and the night dive. We hit the water and took off to explore the swim thru’s and tunnels that riddle the reef here. After a bit of spelunking we headed to the shallows to see some sailfin blennies do a little dance and search for yellow headed jawfish with eggs. But alas, no eggs, just jawfish. The night dive turned up some squid, a huge channel clinging crab and a large barracuda feeding under the boat.  


Tuesday Tuesday began at Randys Gazebo. Probably the best dive site in Little Cayman. As well as the Cayman Islands. The topography is quite varied and the coral and sponge growth is amazing. Overhangs and tunnels and swim-thrus are some of the highlights. Our usual resident grouper was out and about looking for some grouper cuddles. She followed us down the reef and most of the way back to the boat and then again on our second dive here. The Meadows filled up the rest of our day as well as our night dive. The swim-thrus were thoroughly explored and the sandy areas had stingray and eagle rays and some more yellow-headed jawfish and heaps of blennies. A feeding octopus was the highlight of the night dive.


Wednesday We cruised over to Cayman Brac bright and early on Wednesday Morning to scratch the third island off our list and have a look at the Russian Destroyer. The cute little orange and red frogfish was still on the wreck and a half dozen stingrays were cruising around in the sand. A few eagle rays were cruising around looking for a snack as well. A baby turtle was swimming around the aft guns as we were taking some photos. After a few dives on the wreck we headed back over to check out the Black Hole on the south side of Little Cayman and then a late afternoon cruise back to Grand Cayman. 


Thursday Pedro’s Castle began day five with a cruise around the maze like structures. A juvenile spotted drum and an adult spotted drum were a few of the critters we found hiding out in the mazes. Bullwinkle was next up. A site similar to Pedro’s Castle but more swim-thrus and caves and hidden passages. And the added bonus of heaps of large tarpon swimming around the maze. During our cheeseburgers in paradise lunch buffet we motored around to the west side and did a few dives on the Kittiwake. After giving the wreck a thorough going over we headed to the Oro Verde for the final dive of the day. Most of the guests came up from the dive saying it was the best critter dive of the week.


Friday  Due to the guests enjoyment of the Oro Verde the previous day they all voted to spend the final two dives of the week on the wreck. We found our resident seahorse again and spent some time hanging out with the yellow headed jawfish as well. Most of the critters we have been seeing during the week showed up for a final appearance. Turtle, barracudas, jacks, stingrays, eagle rays, and on and on the parade went. A great way to end a great week.


Until Next Week


Your Cayman Aggressor Captain & Crew