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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Mar 09, 2019
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Captain’s Log

Cayman Aggressor V

March 9 - 16 2019


Guests James, Bob, Ben, Greg, Paula, Rob, John, Beth, Rita, Jan, Rob, Emily, Tom, Jen, Jose, Terry, Denise, Pepper and Mike.


Crew Randy, Oneil, Latoya, Matt, Kerry, Kris, Matt.


Water temp 78-80F; Air temp 84 to 88F


Saturday  Our guests began swarming the boat around 3PM and slowly filled the rooms by 8:30PM from points all over the USA. Most of the guests having been here before. After a filling BBQ buffet most of the guests finished off the day with a few adult beverages and it was off to bed for a relaxing nights sleep.


Sunday Our normal Sunday morning check out dive began at the Doc Poulson and once we got all the guests weights sorted we were off and swimming. After a look around the coral covered wreck we check out the sandy areas surrounding the wreck. A few stingrays were out and about looking for breakfast and a turtle swam by much to the delight of the divers. Dive two on the DP was similar to the first but we also headed out to see the wall and the drop off. The afternoon and night dives found us at the double dive site of Spanish Anchor/Lost Treasure. Along with the old crusty Spanish anchor we found some small treasure in the form of yellow headed Jawfish with mouthfuls of eggs. A new generation on the making. An eagle ray zipped by and the night dive turned up an octopus and a squid.


Monday  Day two found us bright and early at another double dive site. Big Tunnels and Orange Canyon. The first dive had around a 107 turtles….give or take a 100. Schools of jacks and snappers were swarming around and the guests loved the ridiculous amount of elephant ear sponge that gives Orange Canyon its name. The afternoon and night dives had us exploring maybe the most popular dive in the Cayman Islands. The USS Kittiwake. With a wide-open wreck and rooms galore we spent several hours exploring all the hallways and spaces we could find and then on the night dive we explored the Sand Chutes running thru the coral wall.


Tuesday Bonnies Arch had the usual caiman hanging out under the arch and a spotted eel with a few flamingo tongues were spotted as well. After a nice cruise around to the North Sound we hopped in at Stingray City for our second dive. Close to a dozen hungry stingrays were swirling around waiting for handouts. It was quite a show this week. Stingrays put on quite a show. During lunch we headed further east to Babylon for a few dives at the best site on Grand Cayman. After a few trips up and down the wall and around the pinnacle we headed even further east and after a windy, rolly, bumpy ride we made it all the way to Little Cayman.


Wednesday Our Little Cayman dive experience began at Bus Stop where we found some sailfin blennies under the boat and several yellowheaded jawfish with eggs. A half dozen stingrays were cruising around the sandy area as well. Next up was Marilyn’s Cut. A steep wall with a nice deep cut right into the side of it. Heaps of large barrel sponges make this a popular photo site. Our resident grouper Lucy was out to harass the guests as well cruised down the wall. Next up was Lea Leas Lookout. More cuts and coral covered walls. Our fourth dive and fourth dive site of the day was at Meadows. Similar to Bus Stop with more coral heads in the sandy areas and swim-thrus to explore. A shark delighted the divers with an appearance as well. The night dive at Meadows turned up a few cephalopods and some monster crabs.  


Thursday Our second day in Little Cayman began at the best site in Cayman. Randys Gazebo. And as usual the guests loved it. The resident grouper Cosmo showed up for a photo shoot. We were meant to do just one dive here but the guests loved it so much we hopped in for another dive. Our final dive site in Little Cayman was at the Great Wall. Basically just a great wall. Straight drop into the abyss. Covered with practically every species of coral you can see in the Cayman Islands. After cruise up and down the wall it was time for a cruise back west to Grand Cayman to finish up our week of diving on the west side.


Friday  We ended to week with two more dives in grand Cayman, one at oro verde and then the last one at devils grotto. After two great dives where the divers found seahorses stingrays, lobsters and much more we pulled up to the dock in George Town. Later on, that evening we ended the day with our cocktail party and said goodbye to our new friends.


Until Next Week


Your Cayman Aggressor Captain & Crew