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Log Date: Saturday, Mar 09, 2019
Entry By: Red Sea Aggressor Crew


Log Date: Saturday, March 9-16, 2019

Entry By: Red Sea Aggressor Crew


Water Temp: 73F/22C; Exposure suit – 5-7 mm full Length

Highlights: Napoleon wrasse


Crew – Captain Sayed, Cruise Director Ekaterina, Dive Instructor Rashad, Videographer Roberto, Seamen Emad, Hossam, Amir & Mahmoud, Chefs Sherif & Hussein, Engineer Mostafa, Stewards Mahmoud & Ali.


Guests: Mark & Karen, Nicole & Timotheus, Linda, Samar, Andre


Southern Itinerary!


The Red Sea Aggressor crew welcomed our divers aboard for a week of diving our southern Itinerary. We departed the dock early on Sunday morning and stopped at our first site of the week, Marsa Shouna. This dive was to be our check dive. Here at Marsa Shouna we saw huge schools of Goat fish, Big Barracuda, two morayeels and a whole host of other reef critters. This dive was mainly to check out buoyancy or test out new pieces of equipment. After completing our check dive we motored south towards the next dive site of choice, Abu Dabbab. Here at Abu Dabbab there are many sites very close to each other.

We completed night dive on Abu Dabbab 3. Here at Abu Dabbab we saw leopard moray, a sea star, crabs, sole fish, worm cucumbers, sponge carrier and large scorpion fish.

Next morning was very windy, but diving condition still good as we spent the day at Abu Dabab 3 and 2. We enjoyed coral gardens, hidden lagoons and swimthroughs. Divers spotted a crocodile fish, an octopus, moray eels, napoleon wrasse and found unique red anemone. We encountered our beautiful juvenile eagle ray around the old wreckage of a yacht. At night the group saw lots of shirmps, a cuttle fish, feather stars, sea urchins. Squids were hunting close to the surface around the boat, using the light of the yacht which attracted different fish.

At night motored south to Daedalus Reef. Here we stayed whole day and we completed 3 dives at this enormous reef.

We encountered a barracudas, trevallies, Napoleon Wrasses and visited the Anemone City which is always gorgeous. Our guests are also impressed at the sheer volume of Orange Antheas present. These little critters ping from Coral head to coral head, busily going about their daily chores. Before sunset was the time to visit Lighthouse and then to continue our trip toward deep south of Red Sea.

St. John’s Paradise reef was our next dive site of choice. We completed one dive here at this beautiful wall diving site where we saw many colorful reef fish such as the Arabian Picasso Fish, Spadefish and huge grouper. We then traveled the relatively short distance to St.John’s Caves which was the next diving spot for us here on the Red Sea Aggressor 1.


This wonderful chain of swimthroughs allows us to admire a play of sun light, exploring it’s labyrinth. We completed one dive here where we saw the ever-popular Napoleon Wrasse, Scorpion fish and juvenile octopus. The group also Cornet fish, goatfish and a Sea star. On the way to next dive site majestic pod of spinner Dolphins came close to our yacht.

Elremela was our next destination. Where we drifted with the current with a couple  of grey reef sharks. Trunkfishes, slingjaw wrasse, Moray eels, Masked Pufferfish and Burrfish made these very enjoyable dives indeed.

We then moved the yacht to Sataya where we completed night dive. Here we had a fabulous Moray sighting and others night critters. Early morning dive was at the same dive site and we saw a Turtle, Napoleon Wrasse and a massive school of Goat Fish. Our group also sees Blue Spotted stingrays, Red Sea Bannerfish and the stunning Masked Butterfly Fish.

The next up was Gota Sataya with gorgeous coral garden. We saw a school of snapper, eggs of the Spanish Dancer, a few blue spotted stingrays and a Moray eel. Divers also got to see two white tip reef sharks.

Shaab Claudia was next up for us. Shaab Claudia affords us the pleasure of exploring her mountain corals. We got to see a turtle, schooling fusiliers fish, a scorpion fisn and uch more. Unfortunatly we could not explore the local swimthrough according the weather conditions such as big waves and surge.

At night we encountered two white reef sharks swimming in the light of our torches, we also found shrimps, crabs and basket stars.

After we had completed the night dive we completed the long trip north to Elphinstone.

Our experienced Captain Sayed took us safely to our anchorage here on the South side of this world famous dive site. Here on Elphinstone we saw the plethora of Orange Antheas, Pipe fishes, Scorpion fishes, a turtle and a free swimming Moray eel. After two wonderful dives at Elphinstone we trekked North to Port Ghalib

Alas it was time to wash off the trusted dive equipment and hang it up to dry. We cruised back into the port enjoying an Egyptian Lunch along the way. Thank you to you all for joining us this week aboard The Red Sea Aggressor 1. We hope to see you all back again soon to dive with us soon.


Iron Diver - Andre

Milestone #400 dives  - Andre

Videography Specialty course – Samar


Until then……Safe diving always. The Red Sea Aggressor Crew!


Your Red Sea Aggressor Crew.