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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Mar 16, 2019
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Captain’s Log

Cayman Aggressor V

16th- 23rd March 2019


Guests Diana, Ian, David, Leslie, Orville, Richard, Max, Adam, Kristina, Bob, Lisa, Jon, Denise, Lisa, Rich, Barki, Gary, Elaine and Joe.


Crew Randy, Kerry, Kris, JC, RJ, Oneil.


Water temp 81F; Air temp 84 to 88F



Everyone started to arrive to the boat at 3pm Saturday afternoon in Grand Cayman. After everyone was unpacked and settled in, it was time for introductions and the safety briefing. Once that was out the way it was then time to get their first taste of chef Kris’s amazing food, a BBQ style dinner.



6am we started the engines and pulled off dock and made our way to the first dive site of the week. We moored up to the Doc Poulson. This is a great check out dive, with a little wreck covered in soft coral and a large range of a marine life to be found. Visibility was around 70 feet and water temp 80F, on the two dives there we found eagle rays, turtles, stingrays, arrow crabs, pufferfish, queen angle fish and large schools of jacks. After lunch we made our way to the North side of Grand Cayman to Stingray City. For this five we are in around 10 foot of water and get the divers to kneel in the sand in a circle we then wait for the stingrays to come to us. Around 10 stingrays made an appearance this week. After all the handouts of squid were gone and had some great shots of the stingrays and the guests we headed to the next dive site, Babylon. We did two dives here at the north east point of Grand Cayman, where we saw more stunning coral, including some very special black coral that hangs off a pinnacle on this beautiful wall site. After everyone was up from the 4th dive of the day it was time to start the engines and head to Little Cayman!



We arrived in Little Cayman in the early hours of Monday morning after a 8 hour crossing from the Main Island. When we arrived, we moored up to our first dive site, Lea Leas Lookout. As the divers woke the sun was starting to rise and the sea was flat calm. The visibility in the water could have been easy 100ft. As soon as we jumped in for the first dive we have a turtle meet us and soon after large schools of different fish. However, one fish that stood out in particular on the two dives that we did on Lea Leas lookout was a very friendly Nassau grouper that followed the divers around the whole dive, that wanted nothing but to be stroked under his chin! It was then time for an Italian themed lunch as we moved to the next dive site along bloody bay wall in little Cayman to the next site, Bus stop. We did the two afternoon dives and the night dive here. On the afternoon dives the guests found an eagle ray, turtles, a moray eel, lobsters, barracuda and some jaw fish in the sand. On the night dive we found reef squid, more lobsters, crabs, stingrays, and one buddy team found a little octopus hiding under some coral. After the night dive it was time for hot towels and hot chocolate with baileys to wrap up a successful first day in little Cayman.



We Started the day by moving the boat to Marylin’s cut for the first two dives of the day. For these dives we got to see another beautiful wall dive with a range of marine life. This included schools of jacks, stingrays, lettuce leaf slugs and a sleeping nurse sharks that didn’t mind posing for a few pictures with the guests. After two dives here, we then moved along for one dive one Great wall. Another drops off on bloody bay, but with a very sheer drop that ha a shallow top of the wall with some vey pretty coral heads. On the dive turtles and groupers were found along with moray eels and large barracudas. After one dive here we moved along to Nancy’s cup of tea for the 4th dive of the day. On this dive the divers explored the reef and saw the beautiful layout of the wall and reef this dive site had to offer. They found more stingrays, an eagle ray, turtles, lobsters, arrow crabs and along with all sorts of other small Caribbean fish. Once everyone was up from the 4th dive it was then time for dinner. During diner service we made our way to our next Cayman Island, Cayman Brac. This Is a short hour drive from Little Cayman, so was there just in time for the night dive. Once we arrived we moored up to the Keith Tibbets, and soon jumped in for a dusk/night dive on the wreck.




Wednesday morning, we started the day with two dives on the Keith Tibbets Wreck. During the dives not only did we get to see the wreck but also the beautiful coral and marine life that have made home there. More southern stingrays were spotted, along with eagle rays, turtles, flounder fish, barracuda, queen angle, puffer fish, and a large green moray hiding under the bow. Once everyone was up from the second dive it was time to start the engines and we headed back to Little Cayman. Once we Arrived Back in little we moored up to our last dive site on Bloody bay wall, saving the best till last, Randy’s Gazebo. We did two dive’s on Randy’s Gazebo in the afternoon and then a night dive. While on the dives we got to see more amazing coral and marine life, including more friendly grouper, arrow crabs, nurse shark, eels, and on the night dive channel cleaning crabs slipper lobster and octopus.



Thursday the winds picked up a little more than we had expected so we moved around to the sound side of Little Cayman to Black hole where we were shelter by the island. The dive site still offered a beautiful wall with very healthy coral and lots to find. On the dive we found stingrays, lobsters, a spotted drum, lobster, and a small nurse shark was found. After 3 dives here it was time to pull the ladders start the engines and make our way back to Grand Cayman.



For Fridays diving we dove at the south side of Grand Cayman at a dive site called Bullwinkle for two dives. On this dive the divers explored a range of swim throughs and interesting coral heads where we found lots of tarpon as well as flounder fish, a spotted drum, stingray, and more turtles. Later that evening we gathered up on the sundeck for our cocktail party to end the week with some awards and a drink or two and to say goodbye to our new friends.


Until Next Week


Your Cayman Aggressor Captain & Crew