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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Sunday, Mar 31, 2019
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Cayman Aggressor V

March 31 to April 7 2019


Guests Kurt, Eileen, Brian, Gail, Vera, Andrew, Kristina, Maureen, Karen, Wayne, Theresa, Barry, Susan, George, John, Glenn, Martin, Jane, Claudia, Nancy

Crew Randy, JC, Latoya, Rodel, Kerry, RJ, Matt.


Water temp 78-80F; Air temp 84 to 88F


Saturday  Our newest group of eager divers began rolling in around 3PM and finished filling the boat around 7:30 or so. Half the group were fleeing the cold weather in Canada and the rest were from around the states. After a huge BBQ buffet some of the carried on up to the sundeck for drinks and a night under the stars and the rest wandered off downstairs for a good nights’ sleep.


Sunday Bright and early we rolled out of bed and into the water for our first dive of the week on the Doc Poulson. After getting our weights all dialed in on the check-out dive we headed around to the north sound for a dive with the stingrays. Stingray City is always a lot of fun and today was no exception. Close to a dozen or so feisty males and graceful females put on quite a show for us. During lunch we headed further east to Babylon. Our most easterly dive site and probably the best dive on Grand Cayman. After a few dives up and down the wall and around the pinnacle we headed off to Little Cayman.


Monday  Sunrise found us on Bloody Bay wall at a dive site called Leas Leas Lookout. The resident grouper was out and about and followed us around on both dives. We had a brief interruption by a turtle and a green moray out swimming around. During lunch we popped over to Marylins Cut to check out that section of Bloody Bay and had a few more equally enjoyable dives. An eagle was cruising around and a baby nurse shark was up cruising the shallows. During dinner we cruised over the last island in the Cayman group, Cayman Brac, where we did a night dive on the Russian Destroyer. A couple of octopus were out hunting on the wreck and some stingrays were poking around in the sand next to the wreck looking for a late night snack as well.


Tuesday Tuesday morning we hopped back in for a few day dives on the wreck as well. On the swim across the sand we found three pipehorses. One of which was pregnant. Super small and super rare. Once again some stingrays were circling the wreck in the sand and an eagle ray swooped by as well to delight the divers. After a thorough going over of the wreck we cruised back over to Little Cayman during lunch to finish another flat calm sunshiny day. The Great Wall turned up three monster lobsters were out roaming around the wall. And the next stop at Bus Stop had not one but two reef sharks cruising around the sand flats with the stingrays. Another crowd favorite, the yellowed-headed jawfish, was out with eggs in their mouths and their neighbors, the sailfin blennies, were our dancing as well.


Wednesday  Randys Gazebo gave us two amazing dives to start the day. After a swim down the chimney we headed down the wall to meet Lucy, the resident grouper that follows us around like a little puppy dog the whole dive. A nurse shark made and appearance and toward the end of the dive we found a juvenile spotted drum. For the two afternoon dives we headed around to the south side of Little Cayman to check out the black holes at the Black Holes dive site. An eagle ray and a few stingrays popped by for a few photo ops as well. After our last dive of the day we motored back to Grand Cayman.


Thursday The sun found us on the south side of Grand Cayman at Pedros Castle. After a dive exploring the caves and swim-thrus we headed further west to Eagle Ray Rock. And for the first time in a long time we actually had an eagle ray show up. The afternoon and night dives were on the USS Kittiwake. Probably the most popular site in the Cayman Islands. We spent several dives exploring the rooms and hallways of the wreck and after we had our fill of the wreck we checked out the wall. A dive site called Sand Chutes. Due to the ski slope type sand channels that start in the shallows and drop off into the blue.


Friday We finished up our week of diving at the Oro Verde. A few turtles showed up as well as the ever-present stingrays in the sandy areas surrounding the wreck.  


Until Next Week


Your Cayman Aggressor Captain & Crew