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Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, Mar 23, 2019
Entry By: Belize Aggressor III Crew


Belize Aggressor III Captain’s Log

March 23-30, 2019



Sea State: Choppy

Avg. Air Temp: 85F

Avg. Water Temp: 80F

Avg. Visibility: 60-80ft

Avg Wind Speed: 10-15knots



Captain -Jerome

Chef -Vanessa

Steward- Randy

Engineer- Jadiel

Dive Instructor -Daniel

Dive Master- Monique



Sunday March 24, 2019

Dive Sites: Sandy Slope, Amber Head South

We decided to spend the first day on the western side of Turneffe Atoll.  The first morning dive at Sandy Slope which is a great site for the first dives.  The expectations instantly got high as we split into 2 groups.  The first group encountered 3 spotted eagle rays putting on a show going up and around the divers.  As the second group came along, the rays kept their show going, this time a nice leisurely graceful swim toward us and then swimming away into the blue.  Then a single ray rapidly just passing by.  A couple lobsters were walking around, green morays, yellow stingrays, creole wrasse, pipe horse, southern stingrays were some of the highlights of those dives.


The afternoon and night dive took us to Amber Head South where we saw more spotted eagle rays, a hawksbill turtle, green morays, octopus, small squids.  Overall, it was a great first day of diving.


Monday March 25, 2019,

Dive sites: Cathedral, Painted Wall

The northeasterly wind took us over to Cathedral at Lighthouse Reef Atoll.  We had a nice chance to peep around.  It was awesome to find a nice nurse shark enjoying a nap just before it found us to be too annoying and eventually swam away slowly.  There was a massive cubera snapper that had this very territorial behavior, actively patrolling the reef.  There were some more turtles and more spotted eagle rays. 


At Painted Wall, was the home of many species of fish.  There were some tarpons, Bermuda chubs, surgeon majors, another spotted eagle ray swimming parallel to the wall toward us and then over the grooves displaying its entire body and head gracefully.  There were a few barracudas, some painted tunicate, and an octopus with its hunted prey wrapped around with its tentacles.  It was quite an interesting sight to see how it captured and wrapped its prey.  Another great day to the books. 



Tuesday March 26, 2019

Dive Sites: Angel Fish Wall, Lighthouse Wall

With super light winds expected, we opted to head over to the eastern side of Halfmoon and stop firstly at Angel Fish Wall.  We dropped down on a nice grassy bottom where we saw some hogfish feeding, and then headed through a nice big crack toward the edge of the drop off.  The visibility was awesome and allowed us to see clearly the rock formations of this side of the reef.  A couple of groupers tagged along through the dive, while the local sharks payed a visit and allowed us to get some great shots and videos.  And then we got a quick visit from a huge loggerhead which excited people even more. 


Later through the day, we moved to Lighthouse Wall to continue with the beautiful sandy bottoms and fantastic coral formations.  We got to see tons of fish and several cleaning stations of gobies and Peterson cleaner shrimps cleaning some groupers.  The eagle rays, barracudas, and the sights were just an amazing addition to a great day of diving.



Wednesday March 27, 2019

Dive Sites: Blue Hole, Halfmoon Caye Wall

On the perfect day, we decided to head to the Blue Hole and after a great navigation, our repeat guests got to enjoy diving this natural wonder in a different way from the first time they did it.  They took their time diving down and enjoying the formations even more than they did previously when they would have rushed a little more.  The first timers were also keen on the stories and were more enthused to enjoy this deep dive as their predecessors taking their time to explore a little more. 


Right after the Blue Hole, we were off to Halfmoon Caye to enjoy some fun in the sand and enjoy the littoral forest that homes a unique colony of red-footed boobie birds.  And then we explored Halfmoon Caye Wall where we were extremely excited to find a huge loggerhead that made a couple of loops around us before going off.  Then a hawksbill creeped up from behind and cruised over and along with us before heading away.  A huge black grouper was relaxing over a large coral head with some silver sides keeping it company.  A few midnight parrotfish were grazing peacefully as we dove pass them.  On the night dive there was an octopus tucked in a hole in a way that allowed us to observe it and check out its breathing pattern.  We also saw some lobsters, spotted drums, and hogfish before calling it a night.


Thursday March 28, 2019

Dives Sites: Quebrada, Grand Bogue, Black Beauty

This site has some of the most beautiful sponge and gorgonians formations in the reef.  It is truly a delight to dive here and enjoy the sceneries along with the fauna that get to enjoy this paradise.  We found eagles rays, turtles, reef sharks, queen angels, and a lot more.


We decided to try another site for the day since the surge made it a little difficult to board back.  Hence, we headed to Grand Bogue, which is a spot with beautiful sandy bottoms and large individual corals heads.  We enjoyed exploring and were happy to find golden tail and green moray, southern stingray, garden eels, big mutton snapper that decided to tail us through the dive.


To close off the day and start our dives on better seas, we decided to head to Turneffe Atoll to a site called Black Beauty.  With calmer seas, we enjoyed and were welcomed by a spotted eagle ray coming toward us in a sort of dance movements.  There were lobsters, channel clinging crab, turtle and a mom toadfish with a bunch of her babies hanging out around her!



Friday March 29, 2019

Dive Site: Zipline

To finish the week, we went to Zipline that boasted of great visibility and a bunch of schoolmasters, creole wrasse, pairs of French and gray angel fish, yellow stingray and spotted eagle ray.  It was an amazing dive to close off our dive adventure in Belize. 


We thank our Iron Divers Shireen, Rogelio and Brett for roughing and toughing it out through the week.  And a sincere thank you to everyone that made this week an unforgettable one.  We hope that you enjoyed your time aboard the Belize Aggressor III as much as we did. 


The Captain and Crew