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Red Sea Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Mar 30, 2019
Entry By: Red Sea Aggressor Crew


Red Sea Aggressor 1

Captain Log March 30th – April 6th, 2019

Air Temp: 73F/23C

Water Temp: 73F/23C; Exposure suit –5-7MM full Length

Highlights: Grey Reef Shark, Hammerhead sharks, Napoleon Wrasse, Dolphins

Crew – Captain Cayed, Cruise Director Mahmoud, Dive Instructors Katia and Rashad, Seamen Emad, Hossam, Soltan & Abdou, Chefs Sherif & Hussein, Engineer Hussein, Stewards Hegazy & Ali.


Guests: Kevin, Willem, Johannes, Jeff, Kevin, Julia, Lars, Silke, Khalid and Haneen


Northern Itinerary

We are happy to welcome 10 guests from USA, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands. After everyone set up their gear and got aqcquainted, we had delicious steak meal and everyone went to their cabins for some well-needed rest.




We started the day with a cruise to the south. Our first dive was Marsa Shouna. This site hosts plethora of sea life. There were lots to see here. Giant green turtle, moray eels, scorpion fish, pipe fish, bluspotted stingrays, wrasses, groupers, cuttle fish and puffers were seen.

Our evening site was Marsa Torombi. The night  dive gave way to the usual suspects: scorpion fish, shrimps, crabs, feather  and basket stars.




 The wind has died down to single digits, so our way to Little Brother Island was smooth and easy. Our first dive, a prebreakfast splash was at the south of the island. We descended and were greeted by resident napoleon wrasse and trumpet fish, get close to the divers. We watched barracudas and unicorn fish at cleaning stations at gorgonian garden. It was time to head back to the yacht where chef Sherif had a stellar breakfast prepared. Second splash of the day again at the south as we wanted to spot thresher sharks, but not this time. Dive was easy and beautiful, was plenty to see here. There were lots of black snappers, school of fusilier fish, more unicorn fish and friendly trumpet fish, anemones, clouds of antheas fish and more reef critters.

Our final dive was at the north of the island. Barracudas, tunas, moray eel, pipe fish were seen.



We arrived to Daedalus reef early in the morning. Our first dive of the day was on the north side of the reef. The weather was great, so we did drift dive. We moved along the abundant wall, we saw sling jaw wrasse, bird wrasse, blennies, school of jack fish and in the end of the dive we encountered hawksbill turtle. The turtle was very friendly and let us get very close. We then came back to the boat and after hot breakfast was time to explore south plateau. The divers got to see schooling trevally, a few large napoleon wrasses, moray eels, barracudas and anemones. We finished the dive next to huge elephant ear coral and were picked up by tenders. The last dive of the day was our favorite Anemone city and sheer west wall. Arabian angel fish, Picasso fish, trevallies were seen. Before sunset we went to lighthouse, where we were able to see whole reef from the top. Deckhands then prepared the yacht for sailing and we spotted two silky sharks in the water. Tomorrow it’s onward to Shaab Sharm.



The first dive was on the north side of Shaab Sharm. This wonderful reef allows us to explore a little deeper which appealed to the deep freaks in our mix. We completed two dives here where we saw the ever-popular Napoleon Wrasse, Turtle, Scorpion fish and two baby white tip reef sharks under the biggest table coral. The health of the reefs has our guests grinning from ear to ear.

Our afternoon dive was Shaab Marsa Alam. This site known for its large mountain coral garden. The corals cascade down from 1m to 20m depth. We saw many reef critters here of all shapes and sizes and varying different colours. After we had completed the night dive. Spanish dancer, crabs, shrimps were seen.



Early in the morning we completed the trip north to Elphinstone.

Our experienced Captain Sayed took us safely to our anchorage here on the north side of this world famous dive site. We spent here three dives as reef is so wealth and teeming of sea life.  We saw the plethora of Orange Antheas, Pipe fishes, Scorpion fishes, turtles and a free swimming giant moray eel. The walls and plateaus have great formations of black corals, soft corals, sponges and sea funs.

We then we trekked to our final dive site of the day, for the night dive– Abu Dabab 2. Divers reported seeing a lobster, pencil and toxic sea urchin, crabs. Beautiful.



Sadly Friday as come on too soon 2 dives left at Abu Dabab 2 and 1 this morning before we have to head back to our dock in Port Ghalib, its time to wash down our gear, pack our bags and enjoy a drink or two at the captains farewell party and dinner in one of the restaurant in the harbor.

Special congrats to our iron divers: John and Willem. Also, the new members of the Nitrox gas club - Haneen. Milestone awards to Kevin #200 dives and Jeff #800 dives.


Until then……Safe diving always. The Red Sea Aggressor 1  Crew!