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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Apr 13, 2019
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Captain’s Log

Cayman Aggressor V

April 13 – 20, 2019


Guests John L, Daniel, Matt, Brian, Christina, Rafael, Citali, John A, Richard, Lori, Jerry, Nora, Karie, Ivan, Paola, Charlie, ML, Ron, Jennifer

Crew Captain James, RJ, Latoya, Rodel, JC, Ben, Matt.                 

Water temp 80F; Air temp 84 to 88F


Saturday  Saturday afternoon began another lovely week of diving here in Caymans. The guests started to arrive around 3PM with a couple rolling up around 7pm. After a huge BBQ buffet we had the welcome briefing and introductions followed by some adult beverages on the top deck. Another nice night under the stars.


Sunday We started the week with a few checkout dives on the wreck of the Doc Poulson. After exploring the wreck we headed out the wall where we found a some amazing fish life and even an eagle ray that came right up under the boat. After a few dives on the Doc we made our way over to the Oro Verde, an old wreck that has been broken apart by several storms. We did two afternoon dives, and a night dive on this site. On the afternoon dives, we saw a couple of hawksbill turtles, a few Southern stingrays, several yellow-headed jawfish and a few large schools of grey snapper. On the night dive, we saw a few lobsters, several Southern stingrays, a few channel crabs and a school of squid.


Monday  We kicked off the day with a morning dive at the famous Kittiwake Wreck, where the guests spent the dive enjoying the 250ft beauty. We then made our way over to Stingray city to get some up close and personal facetime with the extremely friendly stingrays. We finished off the day with two afternoon dives at Babylon, where we were lucky enough to see a hammerhead Shark on the first dive! On the second dive we saw two green turtles and a variety of gorgeous black corals. After that we made the night crossing to Little Cayman to continue the amazing week we’ve already had.


Tuesday We started our day in Little Cayman with two morning dives at Lily’s Lookout, a beautiful wall site. On the dives we saw some amazing sponge and hard corals, lots of species of snapper, a hawksbill turtle, several Nassau groupers and even a seahorse! After that we made our way over to nearby Randy’s Gazebo for two afternoon dives and our night dive. On the first two dives we saw two hawksbill turtles, a green turtle, Cosmo the incredibly friendly and large Nassau grouper, a couple juvenile drums and two nurse sharks. On the night dive we saw a nurse shark, several huge lobsters, a large channel crab, a school of juvenile squid and a lettuce leaf sea slug.


Wednesday   We began the day with two morning dives at Bus Stop, a nice site with a mix of mini walls and a deep wall. On the dives we saw a green turtle, a reef shark and several of the rare sailfin blennies. After that we made our way over to Great Wall for two dives, where we saw a drumfish, a nurse shark and a green turtle. During dinner we made the short crossing over to Cayman Brac for a night dive on the Keith Tibbetts wreck aka Russian Destroyer #356. On the night dive we saw an octopus, a slipper lobster and a great variety of fish life.


Thursday We began the day with a morning dive on the Tibbetts wreck, where the guests were able to explore the 330ft Russian destroyer wreck, and to top it off we had an eagle ray come right up to the boat. After that we made the crossing back over to Little Cayman for one dive at Dorra’s Delight, where we saw a green turtle, a couple hawksbill turtles, a scrawled trunkfish and some amazing coral life on the wall. After that we made our way over to nearby Marilyn’s Cut for one dive, where we saw a few hawksbill turtles, a green turtle and some amazing coral life on the wall. We then made the night crossing back to Grand Cayman, arriving around midnight.


Friday  We finished off our last day of the week with two morning dives at Lost Treasure, where we saw a hawksbill turtle, a green turtle, a nurse shark and a nice variety of fish life. We arrived back at the dock around lunchtime, allowing the guests to explore the West End, or relax on the boat. We kicked off the night with a wine and cheese party on the sundeck, sharing stories from the week and talking about future diving plans.


Until Next Week


Your Cayman Aggressor Captain & Crew