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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Apr 27, 2019
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Captain’s Log

Cayman Aggressor V

27th April – 4th May 2019


Guests Wayne, Frank, Soloman, Chuck, sean, john, vlad, sue, Kingsley, Chuck, Diane, Sandy, Tom, Ed, Lisa, Lois, Les and Caroline. 

Crew James, Kerry, Kris, Rodel, Ben, JC and RJ.

Water temp 81F; Air temp 84 to 88F



3pm on Saturday we welcomed all of our new guests on board, however many were not so new customers but in fact a lot of repeat customers. Everyone had made a special trip here to the Cayman Islands this week for a special Wine appreciation week held by our very own CEO Wayne Brown. As well as the wine, Wayne brought to the boat a special guest, known as survivor man for his famous TV shows, Les Stroud joined us for a week on board to share some stories and songs throughout the week.



We started our first couple of dives at the wreck of the doc Poulson, a perfect place for a check out dive and to see some amazing marine life at the same time. On the dives we explored the small wreck as well as the shallow reefs and slopping wall. Turtles, stingrays, masked hamlets, spotted drum, moray eel, and banned coral shrimp were some of the marine life that was spotted on the dives. During lunch we headed to our next dive site, Stingray city. This is around the North side of Grand Cayman in the north sound, only 15ft deep but home to many southern stingrays, and a lot of which decided to come see us that day. After an hour of feeding and playing with the stingrays it was time to head back to the boat. We then moved on to our next site and made our way to the north east point of the island to a dive site called Babylon. This dive is famous for its black coral and beautiful pinnacle, as well as some incredible marine life. One main highlight of the dive was a huge loggerhead turtle that swam close to the group and were able to take a few pictures and the Jurassic looking turtle. After one dive here, we then pulled the ladders and started our journey to Little Cayman.



We arrived In Little Cayman in the early hours of Monday morning and moored up to the dive site, Lea Leas lookout.  After a few delicious eggs for breakfast it was time to jump in the water and see what Little Cayman had to offer. Everyone was impressed with the beautiful coral and friendly groupers that followed the divers along like little puppy dogs just wanting to play. After a couple dived here it was time to move on to the next site, Randy’s Gazebo. We stayed at Randy’s for the next 3 dives. Throughout the dives we encounter a range of marine life, including more friendly groupers, turtles, stingrays, lemon rays, squid, and a beautiful spotted drum. After the dives were done it was time for some wine and a little prestation from Wayne to tell us some information about what the guests were drinking tonight.



The winds picked up a little on Tuesday morning, so we moved along bloody bay wall to Jacksons bite in Little Cayman, on a dive site called Meadows. The site has a mixture of shallow coral heads to explore as well as an interesting wall. We completed two dives here in the morning and while on the dives we found some more turtles, stingrays and a nurse shark. But along with this we found some beautiful macro creatures such as, a pipe horse, flatworms, lettuce sea slugs and a range of small shrimps.  During our taco Tuesday Lunch, the winds dropped down which allowed us to head back to bloody bay wall and moor at our next dive site, Marylin’s cut. This dive site is very close to another which is know as mixing bowl or 3 fathom wall, this allowed us to dive both sites in one dive. We completed 3 dives on this site exploring every inch of the top of the wall for more interesting macro life. This dive also has some interesting swim throughs so the guests got to follow the divemaster through and see what was hiding inside. During the dives we found squid, large rainbow parrot fish, a sleeping nurse shark, hawksbill turtle, lots of lettuce sea slugs, channel cleaning crabs, and one buddy team found a small seahorse. After the dives were done it was time for some more wine appreciation and also Les (survivor man) gave us a great night of entertainment with some amazing songs and stories.   



We started the engines early Wednesday morning and headed to Cayman Brac for a couple of dives on the Keith Tibbetts Russian destroyer. As soon as the divers jumped in they were greeted by a few southern stingrays hanging under the boat. As well as the stingray’s divers got to see some interesting hamlets, large barracuda and a little spotted eel hanging out on the wreck. After a couple of dives here we then headed back to Little Cayman for one last dive on bloody bay wall. We moored up at Great wall, this dive is the sheerest part of the wall which drops down over 3000 feet, and the top of the wall only 20 feet. On the top it has some beautiful coral heads with a range of life living on them. We got to see more stunning soft coral and explore the site looking for macro as well as finding a few more turtles. Once the divers where up from the dive we started the engines and began our journey back to Grand Cayman. On the way the guests enjoyed some dinner and more wine presented by Wayne.



For Thursday’s dives we started with the famous Kittiwake shipwreck. Exploring inside and out and looking in every inch of the boat. As well as the wreck on the second dives we also got to see sand chute wall which is just next to the wreck, this has some interesting twists and turns and is home to lots of different marine life. On the Two dives we encountered midnight parrot fish, Moray eels, drum fish, queen angle fish as well as some very large barracuda hanging out on the wreck. After the first dive we gathered everyone around the swim platform to celebrate Chuck reacting his 800th dive, so we did this the only way we know how, which is to make a him a cake!  After a couple dives here, we then move along the west side of Grand Cayman to Lost Treasure Spanish anchor. This is a shallow                                                                                                   dive with finger shaped coral that has some large sandy patches, perfect to find feeding stingrays. We completed two dives here and then moved to Oro Verde for the 5th dive of the day. This dive we have 4 turtles and a sleeping nurse shark that seemed to not mind having his photo taken. As well as that we also saw blennies, lobsters, Channel cleaning crabs and more rays. Once the day of diving was finished we then sat down for our famous thanksgiving dinner and enjoyed even more wine, and then got to see the video Wayne had made of the trip, which was a great success!



We started the day early on Friday with a 5:30 Dawn dive on the Oro Verde, as we jumped in we saw a couple of stingrays in the sand and then we swam over to the wreck as it was still dark and found lots of lobsters, channel cleaning crabs and one buddy team even found an octopus hiding in the wreck. The sun soon rose and after breakfast we jumped in again on the Oro Verde and got to hide even more interesting creatures within the wreckage. After everyone had explored every part of the wreck we got everyone out the water and moved to the last dive site of the trip, Devils grotto. On this dive the guests explored the shallow tunnels within the reef and saw lots of tarpon that are resident there. It was the perfect way to end a successful week of diving. In the evening we finished off the week with a wine and cheese night to enjoy all the remaining wine from the wine appreciation week and shared our favorite moments and stories from the week as well as talk about future trips everyone had planned.


Until Next Week


Your Cayman Aggressor Captain & Crew