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Bahamas Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Apr 27, 2019
Entry By: Bahamas Aggressor crew


Bahamas Aggressor Captain Log

April 27th- May 7th 2019

Bimini/Tiger Beach


Visibility: 80-100 feet

Temperature- 75-78 F

Suggested wetsuit thickness: 3-5 mm


Captain: Christy

Engineer: Rodney

Photo Pro: Rachael

Video Pro: Brynne  

Chef: Dorian

Instructor: Ellen


Dive Sites:

Lemon Ledge, The Sapona, Hammerhead Alley, Bottoms Up, Shark Paradise, Mini Wall, El Capitan, Sugar Wreck, Fern Gully, The Strip, Moray Alley, Tuna Alley, Bull Run, Grouper Grotto, Sherwood Forest


Our Guests: Juergen, Bernhard, Stephan, Gunter, Oliver, Niki, Heinz, Karl-Heinz, Horst, Waltraud, Wolfgang, Margaraet, Hannelore



Our guests arrived promptly at 4 pm; all the way from Germany to Grand Bahama. Shortly after introductions, we set off from the West End Marina for Bimini. Whilst underway, Captain Christy gave an informative briefing about the 10 days of diving ahead. Our Chef Dorian served up some delicious barbeque ribs and jerk chicken while we made the somewhat bumpy crossing to Bimini. As this is our first charter in the Bimini/Tiger Beach area for 2019, the crew is just as excited as the guests!



The sun was rising as we pulled anchor and headed for our first dive site in Bimini.  After filling up on eggs benedict for breakfast, we jumped in for our checkout dive at Moray Alley. This shallow reef is swarmed with yellowtail snapper, chubs, grunts, and goatfish. In the sand, divers spotted head shield slugs,



We went to Hammerhead Alley to try to find the 14-foot hammerhead again. Although she didn’t make an appearance today, our photo pro Racheal found a pipe horse, two tiny nudibranchs, and 6 nurse sharks sucked on our bait triangle.   On the second dive, we saw a sneaky bull shark swimming across the white sand, and a few guests even saw a dolphin on the safety stop! After a delicious Mexican-inspired lunch, we jumped in at Bottoms Up, an upside-down shipwreck, where our engineer/dive guide, Rodney, found two notorious scorpionfish. Shortly after the third dive we set off for our long crossing to Tiger Beach for more shark action!



Our first day at Tiger Beach was unfortunately spent on the boat hiding behind the sand banks due to the unsafe wind and swell conditions.  However, we didn’t let the weather get us down; the guests spent the day sunning on the sundeck, relaxing in the hot tub, playing cards, and obviously taking advantage of the bottomless wine and beer we have on board. Our Captain Christy even hoped in and speared a few lobsters under the boat that our Chef cooked up for dinner for our lucky guests!



The weather improved just enough for us to go diving, so we started the day at a dive site called Lemon Ledge along Tiger Beach. Captain Christy found a juvenille spotted drum


We were in the water by 8 am at one of our favorite dive sites in Tiger Beach: El Capitan. The current made for some incredible visibility in which we saw spotted eagle rays flying past the underwater mountains and a turtle munching on the reef below.  We moved to Shark Paradise for our next two shark dives.  We had three female Tiger Sharks circling divers amidst the 50+ Caribbean reef sharks and 8 lemon sharks. The sun was bright and visibility infinite which made for some incredible photos.  After visiting with the beautiful tigers, we made our way to Fern Gully for the afternoon and night dive. Lemon and nurse sharks swam over this mini wall, filled with fern and fan corals.  We also spotted some banded sea crabs, lobsters, and loads of coral fish. 



The divers loved El Capitan so much that they wanted to do it again, therefore our first dive was at the beloved El Capitan with its mountainous coral structures. Again, we had the spotted eagle rays fly by. We also spotted a red-spotted hawk fish, and a few amberjacks hanging out under the boat. We returned to Shark Paradise for our next to dives. With near perfect weather and visibility we had an incredible first dive with the famous Great Hammerhead, “Patches,” as well as three other enormous tiger sharks.  We saw five species of sharks in just two dives: nurse, tiger, hammerhead, reef, and lots of lemons! Sugar Wreck, our afternoon and night dive, and one of the best ‘non-shark’ dives in Tiger Beach, did not disappoint.  We saw 8 smooth pufferfish, a peacock flounder, Cabara snapper, 6 spotted file fish, adult and juvenile file fish. At night, the Loggerheads stole the show as we watched them on the bottom sleeping within the wreck and swimming to the surface for a gulp of air.  We also saw fighting slipper lobsters, mating pufferfish, and a southern sting ray without a tail.