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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, May 11, 2019
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Captain’s Log

Cayman Aggressor V

11th -18th May 2019


Guests Mike Mesgleski and Mike Haber, Charles, Linda, Wade, Shelby, Troy, John, Susan, Fred, Lionel, Scott, Suzanne, Ashley, Ian, Steve, Mike, Cheri, John and Johnny.

Crew James, Kerry, Kris, Ben, Latoya, Oneil and Matt

Water temp 81F; Air temp 84 to 88F



Another beautiful day in the Cayman Islands as this week’s guests starting coming aboard. This week we were lucky enough to have Mike and Mike from Jim church photography on board with us hosting a photography specialist week. Along with them we had a few familiar faces all ready to try out some new photography skills.


We started our week of diving off with the beautiful wreck of the Doc Poulson. After making sure all of the guest’s gear were in good working order we enjoyed a couple of dives here and got to see a range of marine life living on the wreck. After everyone was up Mike and Mike started off their lectures of the week in the saloon, during which time we moved to the next dive location, around to the north east point of the island, Babylon. We jumped in for one dive here and were met by a loggerhead turtle! The divers were guided around the pinnacle just off the wall and saw all of the beautiful black coral that grows on this site. After we were finished with the dive it was time to lift the ladders and start making our way towards Little Cayman.


We arrived in Little Cayman in the early hours and moored up to Randys Gazebo for the first couple of dives on Bloddy bay wall. As the divers woke up they were excited to jump in and see what this marine park had to offer. The first dive did not disappoint. As soon as we jumped in we were greeted by groupers, large schools of jacks, turtles and a few stingrays. For the afternoon dives we moved to Meadows, this dive site has a mini all which leads to a sheer main wall, it also has some large coral heads within the sand that are home to all sorts of critters and schools of fish. The Photographers enjoyed finding a range of macro on this dive including lettuce sea slugs, arrow crabs and flatworms. We started here for the night dive as well as during the dive we found even more interesting marine life, octopus, channel cleaning crabs, huge lobsters were just to name a few. Once the day of diving was complete it was time for some hot chocolate and hot towels to end the first day in Little Cayman.


We moved to Marylin’s cut for Tuesday morning, this dive has some very interesting typography including a couple of swim throughs within the wall, it is also linked to 3 fathom wall, otherwise known as mixing bowl. This is a large area of sand on top of the wall that has hundreds of jawfish, some of which can be found with eggs in their mouths. The Macro loving photographers were in heaven. The headed over to the sand and waiting patiently for some amazing shots. After a couple of dives here we moved to the next dive site over lunch. Lea Leas lookout is another wall dive with the top of the wall very shallow and home to some very friendly grouper. We stayed at this site for the two afternoon dives and the night dive. During these dives we found turtles, stingrays, crabs, lobsters and even a nurse shark swam around the group. Overall another successful day in Little cayman.


We started the engines early on Wednesday morning as we headed over to Cayman Brac to check out the Keith Tibbett’s Russian destroyer. During these two dives we explored the wreckage and saw all the beautiful coral that had started to form on the wreck itself. While on the dives we also encountered more turtles, stingrays, lettuce sea slugs, channel cleaning crabs and a moray eel was hiding in one section of the wreck. After we finished the two dives here we headed back to Little Cayman while enjoying some yummy cheeseburgers for lunch. Once we arrived back we moored up to Great wall for 2 final dives on bloody bay. This dive site has a very shallow top at only 20 feet, it also is the sheerest part of bloody bay, but has some huge barrel sponges growing from it. During the dives we had a beautiful eagle ray swim by along with many critters hidden in the soft coral. Once we finished up the diving we then started our crossing back to Grand Cayman.


It was the early hours of Thursday morning as we arrived back to the dive site Babylon in Grand Cayman. We slept there overnight and as the sun rose we soon jumped in the water to see what was waiting for us. It did not disappoint, one loggerhead turtle, moray eel, and an eagle ray all showed up for the guests as they swam around the pinnacle and on top of the wall. After one dive here we then moved around to the north sound and anchored down for stingray city. It was a little cloudy in the water but that didn’t stop the stingrays from entertaining our divers this week. Around 10 stingrays came our way and played with the divers as they feed on some tasty squid. After lots of photos were taken and a couple stingray love bites received we climbed back on the boat and made our way back around to the west side of the island to the Kittiwake. We stayed on the wreck for two dives and explored it inside and out. We took the divers through every part of the wreck and also along the wall that it lays by. We got to find a few resident species of fish including some midnight parrot fish, barracuda, large school of jacks, and of course a couple more stingrays. After the divers had fully explored the wreck we moved onto a much smaller and broken up wreckage for our night dive, the oro verde. This is more of a wreck of a wreck as it lays in broken parts next to a shallow reef. It is the perfect place for a night dive as so much critters and school offish have made home there. During the night dive we found moray eels, spotted eels, lobsters, crabs, octopus, spotted drum and a slipper lobster was even found. We wrapped up the day with the last round of hot chocolate and hot towels for the week.


Before the sun had rose we were jumping in for our first dive of the day with a 5:30 dawn dive to wake up our guests. Still on the Oro Verde the guests got to see the wreckage as the light changed in the water and the fish starting their day. After breakfast we jumped in again and saw it in full light this time. Again finding large schools of fish, lots of turtles and even a nurse shark swam by. We then moved the boat to the last dive site of the trip, devil’s grotto. On this dive we had a long dive in the shallow water through all the swim throughs and coral heads, finding lots of tarpon that are resident on this site hiding within the reef system. As well as the tarpon, spotted drum, eels, stingrays and an eagle ray were spotted. A perfect last dive to finish off a very successful week in the Caymans. As the evening came around we were moored onto the dock and enjoyed a few drinks together at our cocktail party to talk about all the fun that was had throughout the week, and also got to enjoy a slideshow of all the photos that were taken during a famous mike and mike week!

Until next time.

Your Cayman Aggressor Captain & Crew