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Bahamas Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, May 18, 2019
Entry By: Bahamas Aggressor crew


Bahamas Aggressor Captain Log

May 18th- May 25th 2019

Tiger Beach


Visibility: 80-100 feet

Temperature- 75-78 F

Suggested wetsuit thickness: 3-5 mm


Captain: Rodney

Photo Pro: Caleb

Video Pro: Rob

Chef: Dorian

Instructor: Ellen

Instructor: Rachael


Dive Sites:

Sherwood Forest, Shark Paradise, Hogfish, Fern Gully, Shark Paradise, Sugar Wreck, Diagon Alley, Metropolis, Mini Wall, El Capitan and Silver Fox ledges.


Our Guests: Heather, Luci, Lynda, Heidi, Linda, Jeanne, Cathy, Ross, Cathy, Don, Weldon, Debra, Kate




We greeted our new 13 guests for the week at 4pm who are all travelling with Dive and Travel Adventures. Their group leader Heather who is very friendly and super enthusiastic for the week coming introduced us all. Once settled in cabins and unpacked we went through the safety briefing before going to the sundeck to watch the spectacular sunset over Old Bahama Bay. We then were treated by our master chef Dorian to the first delicious dinner on the boat.



We started early and left the dock just before 6am and headed out to our first dive site. We kicked off the start of the week with a check out dive in the Grand Bahama area called Sherwood Forest. A perfect easy dive to get everyone comfortable and to check equipment. A giant channel crab impressed everyone with his size shortly followed by a big green moray eel. With shrimp and plenty of blennys there where things to see for everyone. We then headed up to the Tiger beach area and did our first dive on Shark Paradise. This is our shark filled dive! Everyone saw over 20 Caribbean reef sharks and our big Lemon sharks which can reach over 8 feet! We also did our third dive here so everyone can see the sharks. We then moved to a reef site nearby called Hogfish. Most of the sharks followed the boat over so we were treated by our sharks again. We saw some big Hogfish male and female which were the fish of the dive, armed with more information about them they were truly appreciated. Our night dive was cancelled due to conditions and we move to anchor in a calm spot to sleep.



Our Monday morning started with very calm flat water and our first dive at Fern Gully.  A pretty wall site with lots of sea plumes and fans. Hidden in one a tiny slender filefish was a great spot by our dive guide. We then headed back to Tiger beach to do two dives. Our big Tiger Shark which we have named Wendy was seen cruising around. On the second dive while waiting for the tiger shark to make her rounds the guests looked in the sand an found a couple of shark teeth. After we headed over to do two wreck dives on the famous Sugar Wreck. A dive that never fails to please as it has giant schools of fish. This dive we spotted four Sail fin blennys which were very close to each other and were popping out and displaying against each other.

A beautiful green turtle happily swam past the group even coming up for air and coming down near the group. The nite dive was very popular with guests as nearly everyone went. One of our resident giant Loggerhead turtles was seen swimming around before tucking under a ledge to sleep. A brand new Octopus which we have never seen before called a Caribbean two spot who was the size of your finger tip was a truly unique find.



Again we woke up to a brilliant sunrise over flat calm water. Our morning dive started off at a site called Diagon Alley. Going down we knew the current was strong but talked about going down straight to bottom and using the coral for protection. We went on this dive a we often see some huge Eagle Rays. This site did not disappoint with one coming round quite close to divers a few times and two dancing and spining around in the blue in front of us. We headed back to the shelter of Shark Paradise and did two dives there. Here we saw the all of the reef sharks and the big Lemons and went to explore the reef on this site. Everyone saw the Golden tailed eel out swimming and hunting. It had a grouper following him trying to get any scraps left over. After we headed to Metropolis which is a beautiful shallow site. Cathy on of our guests found a Pearson cleaner shrimp and put her hand out and got her nails cleaned by the shrimp an underwater manicure! We also saw some friendly puffer fish. On the night dive we saw some Caribbean spiny lobsters and a spotted moray eel.



For our morning dive we headed out to do two dives on Mini wall. Here we saw some adult and younger African Pompanos. A massive channel crab that impressed everyone with his size and nearby a small arrow crab. The second dive here we saw a juvenile spotted drum, a boat favourite and a scorpion fish. We then headed back over to Shark Paradise where we again saw Wendy the big Tiger Shark. Also on this dive everyone spent time looking at the Jawfish and looking for the male with the eggs in his mouth. After by popular demand we headed back to the Sugar Wreck. Here we saw super friendly puffer fish male and female that were dancing around each other. Also everyone was on the hunt to find the juvenile damsel fish and jewel fish which are in all sizes and ages here. The night dive was spectacular again with several Loggerhead turtles spotted and lots of slipper lobster around too.



On our last full day of diving we headed to a great morning site called El Capitan. Just under the boat there was some big Amber Jacks. A shy mackerel and a couple of batfish. Some guests also so a big green moray eel free swimming before hiding away. After we headed back to the site Diagon Alley as everyone wanted to see the Eagle Rays again. This site also has the biggest school of barracuda with more then 50 together. For our afternoon dives we headed back to Shark Paradise to do two last dives with the sharks. The big Lemon sharks were out in force and the reef were excited the the scent box. After these four dives the wind picked up considerably and the night dive was cancelled due to conditions.



The engines started early Friday morning as we left the Tiger Beach area.  We started our way back to Old Bahama Bay and stopped on the way to do our final dive at Silver Fox Ledges. Here the guests saw a very big and old Loggerhead turtle who wasn’t afraid of the divers. He came right up to the Don who had a big camera and took several photos and then went over to his buddy to have a close look at the guests GoPro. Making everyone feel very privileged to have this special moment with such an old sea turtle.  After this we headed back to dock to have lunch and the cheese and wine party on the sundeck over looking the marina.