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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, May 18, 2019
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Captain’s Log

Cayman Aggressor V

 18th - 25th May 2019


Guests: Rick, Andrea, Bobby, Jerry, Kate, Brittney, James, Lois, Cindy, Edward, Geoff, Eileen, Justin, Gary, Jana, Jason, Bob, Pat


Crew Randy, Kerry, Latoya, Kris, Oneil, JC, Rodel.


Water temp 81F; Air temp 84 to 88F



Saturday, we greeted the guests on the north terminal in George Town. As the guests boarded we started to sort out equipment and soon start to get to know everyone. After introductions and a safety briefing everyone was soon feeling very much at home on the Cayman aggressor v, excited for what this week had to offer.



We started out the week at our favorite site for a check out dive, the Doc Poulson. On this dive site we have a small wreck that is covered in soft coral where the divers got to explore for lots of small critters, such as flamingo tongues, Peterson cleaning shrimp, lettuce sea slugs and even a flatworm was spotted. We completed two dives at this site and on the second dive we checked out the wall the is very close to the wreck, on the wall turtles, moray and pufferfish were spotted. After two very successful first two dives we moved the boat to the next location. Still the west side of Grand Cayman, to a dive site called the Oro Verde. This is another wreck but more of a very broken up wreckage. Within the scattered metal pieces of the wreck you can find all sorts of marine life. We completed 3 more dives here and while diving the guests encountered more turtles, large barracuda, schools of jacks, stingrays, lemon rays, and even a nurse shark swam by a buddy pair. The third dive on this site was the night dive, Which was a huge success with slipper lobster and octopus spotted! After everyone was up from the night dive it was time for hot chocolate and hot towels to end a very good first day in Grand Cayman.


Monday  eagle

Monday morning, we moved south for our morning dives and moored up to Eagle ray rock. This is a slopping wall with some very interesting topography and coral heads. This is a little deeper than the wall sites on the west side of the island so the divers were keeping a close eye on their no deco time. But it was well worth it with some very interesting marine life to be found, this included 8 different types of hamlets, large barracuda, drum fish, firm worms, stingrays, sea slugs, arrow crabs, and snappers following us around. After a couple dives here on the south the wind was not in our favor so decided to head back to the west and moored up at governor’s reef for our afternoon and night dive. This is a shallow reef system that is home to a wide variation of fish, we had schools of jacks, blue tangs, queen angels, pufferfish, masked hamlets, drum fish as well as a few turtles and an eagle ray feeding in the sand. The night dive was also just as lively as we encounter more of the same but as well as a couple of octopus, lobsters, and channel cleaning crabs.  



We headed to the we north west point for our first couple of dives on Tuesday morning, to a dive site called big tunnels. This is a wall dive with a variation of swim throughs and arches cut out of the wall. It is also home to some very healthy fan coral and barrel sponges. On the dive we had 4 different turtles show up, along with a moray eel free swimming and plenty more Caribbean fish to keep us entertained. After we finished up with these dives we headed to Neptune’s wall for two afternoon dives, this is a slopping wall that is covered in very healthy soft coral. On the dive we had a very close encounter with a loggerhead turtle as he swam by the group and almost rubbed himself against a couple of the guests. We completed two dives on Neptune’s and then we headed back to the doc Poulson were we had started the week for our night dive. The doc Poulson makes for a very interesting night dive as it has some very large brittle stars and lots of critters can be found hiding in the coral that grows on the wreck. a couple of spotted morays were found along with a small octopus. Another successful day in Grand Cayman.







We started the engines a little early on Wednesday as we made our way to the north side of the island to sting ray city. The guests were all excited to jump in and play with the southern stingrays, as we jumped in the stingrays soon came over to see us and enjoy a few squid treats that the guests had ready to give them. After about an hour of playing with the stingrays we all came up and the crew had a little surprise for one guests, Kate had reached her 100th dive so we had a special cake ready for her on the swim platform. And of course, in our aggressor style we enjoyed making the cake of course. After hosing down the swim platform we started the engines and headed towards the east end of the island, to Babylon. Babylon is another beautiful wall dive, with a range of healthy coral, including some very interesting black coral located on an impressive pinnacle that sits just off the wall, we stayed at this site for 2 dives, during the two dives we found lots of marine life including scorpion fish, drum fish, moray eels and much more. Once we finished the dives here we headed back to the west side of the island as the winds started to pick up on the east. The guests enjoyed a glass of wine with dinner and watched the sunset over grand Cayman as we made our ay back around the island.




The sea was flat calm on the west side of the island on Thursday morning so we enjoyed our first two dives on a dive site on the north west point of the island on a dive site called round rock and trinity caves. As it states in the name of the site it is a dive site with a large round rock and a few caves to swim through. It is also covered in some amazing coral and home to more interesting marine life. Over the two dives we explored the caves and swim throughs on the site and found lobsters, coral shrimps, turtles, stingrays, lemon rays, and a nurse shark while on the dives.  After we had explored every inch of the cave system we pulled up the ladders and made our way to the famous kittiwake. We stayed at this site for 3 dives, the two in the afternoon and also the night dive. The divers explored the wreck inside and out, looking in the old engines rooms, the galley and the old rescue bell. They found every corridor and doorway to swim through to explore. The wreck also sits next to sandchutes wall which is also a beautiful site so some of the divers chose to take a look at this during the second dive and see what they could find on the reef just next to the wreck. The wreck is now so close to the reef that a lot of the marine lift has now moved over from the wall to live on the wreck, this includes some very beautiful midnight parrot fish, and huge barracuda.  For the night dive the diver explored the reef more than the wreck as they were looking for all the small critters hidden in the coral. One buddy team and a great encounter with an octopus, another saw slipper lobster and everyone saw channel cleaning crabs. Once everyone was up for the dive it was time for some more hot chocolate with baileys and a hot towel to end the day.



For the last day of the trip we started by heading back to the north west point for one dive on Bonnies arch. This is a mini wall with a stunning archway that is covered in coral.  As soon as we jumped in we saw a turtle munching on some sponge coral and a stingray in the sand. Lots of critters were found in the soft coral on top of the mini wall this included some lettuce sea slugs, flamingo tongues, arrow crabs and a couple of flatworms. After one dive here, we moved to our last dive site of the trip, Devils grotto. The divers enjoyed a long last dive in the shallow waters of this site. As they swam through the caves and swim throughs the were greeted by lots of tarpon. As well as all the tarpon divers saw turtles, stingrays, peacock flounders, more drum fish and schools of blue tangs. Once everyone was up it was time to head back to the dock in George Town and start packing away equipment. In the evening we gathered on the sundeck for our traditional cocktail party and enjoyed a couple of drinks together to finish off a very successful week on the Cayman aggressor V.


Until Next Week


Your Cayman Aggressor Captain & Crew