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Bahamas Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, May 25, 2019
Entry By: Bahamas Aggressor crew


Bahamas Aggressor Captain Log

May 25th- June 1st 2019

Tiger Beach


Visibility: 80-100 feet

Temperature- 75-78 F

Suggested wetsuit thickness: 3-5 mm


Captain: Rodney

Cruise Director: Ellen

Photo Pro: Caleb

Video Pro: Rob

Chef: Dorian

Instructor: Racheal


Dive Sites:

 Shark Paradise, Mini Wall, El Capitan, Sugar Wreck, Sherwood Forest, El Dorado, Diagon Alley, Metropolis


Our Guests: Franziska, Matthias K, Frank, Matthias M, Wai Kin Daniel, Siu Ping Lui, Wai Sum Tang, Silke, Hans, Chung Ying, Kim Hung Cheng



After a long day of travelling from Hong-Kong and Germany, the guests had a relaxing day at Old Bahama Bay enjoying the many amenities of the resort including the pool, tiki bar, and beachfront. 



We departed the Old Bahama Bay Marina just before sunrise, headed for our first dive site of the day out of West End, Grand Bahama. As we moored up to our first dive site of the day, Sherwood Forest, a pod of wild Atlantic spotted dolphins swam around our bow. At least 7 dolphins, including a baby played around the boat. Before jumping in for our checkout dive, we also saw a loggerhead turtle bobbing on the surface.  During the dive, we spotted several lettuce leaf sea slugs, a banded coral crab, and a few Peterson shrimp amongst the endless sea fans.  Next, we had our first shark dive at Shark Paradise, the quintessential Tiger Beach dive site. Schools of snapper and horse eye jacks greeted us just under the boat, while reef sharks and lemon sharks swarmed the bait triangle.  We also saw a spotted moray eel, jawfish, and a couple of groupers. After filling up on some mozzarella, chicken bites we hoped in for our afternoon and night dive at the Sugar Wreck.  This fish nursery spoiled us with sailfin blennies, peacock flounder, loggerheads, hawksbill turtle, mating pufferfish, juvenile tawny nurse shark, and soap fish.  The guests warmed up with a cup of hot chocolate with baileys after the night dive before settling in for the night after a great day of diving in the Bahamas. 



We jumped in bright and early at El Capitan for our first deep dive of the day.  As soon as we dropped down into the mountainous pinnacles two spotted eagle rays came cruising over the reef past the divers. We stayed on top of the pinnacles watching the eagle rays feed in the sand below for over half an hour. I guess the feeding was good, because by the end of the dive there were five eagle rays circling the pinnacle. Incredible encounter! After all the excitement, we headed to shark paradise to try and top our morning dive. Two dives at shark paradise in glass-off conditions was not a bad way to spend a cloudless day in the Bahamas.  Although there were no Tiger Sharks today, we saw many reef sharks, lemon sharks, and nurse sharks here with over fifty feet of visibility.   We topped off our afternoon with Chef Dorian’s famous Caribbean Nachos, before heading to Mini Wall for our afternoon and night dives. Among the many sunset sharks, we saw loads of huge channel crabs, a juvenile slender file fish, banded sea crabs, and hunting barracudas. 



Diagon Alley, our first dive site of the day, was a huge hit. With relatively flat surface conditions, and hardly any current we saw two huge eagle rays cruising around the mountainous coral heads. We also spotted a green turtle, queen angelfish, and schools of deep purple colored wrasse.  We headed to Shark Paradise to find the coveted Tiger Shark, and the big girls were back! Although the visibility was less than ideal, the Tiger Sharks came in for some close encounters with the divers in the sand. We even had a few nurse sharks join the crowd making the dive with 4 different species of sharks! We celebrated with some fresh local conch chowder and homemade yuca bread for lunch.  By the fourth dive, the water was back to the crystal clear turquoise waters we love here at Tiger Beach. We jumped in at Metropolis, a relatively new site, but stunning all the same. The afternoon sunlight shone rays through the schools of snapper, chubs, and horse eyed jacks with rainbow runners dispersed in the backdrop.  



After a homemade French toast breakfast, we hopped in for our first dive of the day at El Dorado. Our dive guide, Racheal, found an octopus hiding in the crevices, as well as a lobster, a golden eel, and a couple of spotted eels.  Shark Paradise made for an exciting morning and afternoon dive. During the first dive, the visibility was not outstanding but a female tiger shark made her way to our boat. She cruised above and around the divers in the sand before swimming off into the murk.  During the second dive, the visibility cleared up dramatically, and the reef sharks and the lemon sharks really put on a show. Swarming the bait triangle, they somehow managed to open the box and snag a few piece of bait; sneaky little buggers! The guests voted to head back to Sugar Wreck for our last afternoon and night dive.  The visibility was spectacular and the current was mild. Perfect conditions at this aquarium like dive site. Many of the divers sat in the sand and waited while the rare and elusive sail fin blennies came out of their holes. Although it takes a lot of patience, the dance that they perform is worth the wait. High-fives all around. After the legendary chocolate waterfall after dinner dessert and movie to recap the week gone by, we jumped in for a night dive.  Our photo pro, Caleb, found a baby octopus and the divers marveled as it slid across the wreck changing colors before their eyes. A fabulous last night dive.



We started the morning nice and early back at El Capitan for our final dive before heading back to port. Our video pro, Rob, led the divers to a pinnacle with eagle rays circling in the sand. A grand total of four spotted eagle rays were seen on this early morning dive, as well as a huge wahoo, and schools of barracuda.  Guests enjoyed drinks on the sundeck and some delicious slow-cooked Caribbean chicken as we made our way back to Old Bahama Bay.  Guests relaxed at the marina resort in Grand Bahama day, while the crew prepared for the traditional cocktail party to reminisce the week. We allocated a well-deserved medal to our one and only Iron Diver this week; congratulations Frank! It was a wonderful week here at Tiger Beach on the Bahamas Aggressor, and we couldn’t have asked for better weather! Thank you for travelling across the world to make this week possible. Stay tuned for our dolphin charter next week in Bimini!