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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, May 25, 2019
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Cayman Aggressor V

25th May – 1st June 2019

Crew Randy, Kerry, Latoya, Kris, Oneil, JC, Rodel.                       

Water temp 81F; Air temp 84 to 88F


Saturday – Saturday afternoon saw the boat being overrun by another group of divers from various points around the states as well as one couple from near Oxford England. After gear sorting and introductions and such we gathered in the dining area for a BBQ Buffet washed down with some local White Tip and Caybrew beers.


Sunday – Our usual checkout dive at the Doc Poulson introduced our divers to one of our resident turtles and the wide variety of coral and sponges we have here in Cayman. During lunch we popped over to the USS Kittiwake. Probably the most popular dive in the Cayman Islands. Our group of avid photographers and videographers spent several dives documenting the vessel from various angles inside and out. The resident school of jacks was swarming around to add a distraction or two from the wreck.


Monday – Monday found us posted up at Big Tunnels. During our two dives around the tunnels and swim-thrus we ran into a few turtles and the ridiculously camouflaged scorpionfish. Coral and sponges abound on this site but the highlight is definitely the large collection of orange elephant ear sponges that are scattered all down the wall. Oro Verde was our afternoon and night dives. A friendly nurse shark made its rounds on one of the dives as well as several other hawksbills feeding and just generally being lazy on and around the wreck. A few stingrays were out patrolling the sand, cruising around the 1000 or so garden eels that sway in the breeze all day. An octopus was out feeding on the night dive and a few lobsters were out doing whatever lobsters do at night.  


Tuesday –  We started bright and early with a cruise around to the south side to Pedros Castle. A maze-like dive with some of the best elkhorn coral formations in the Caymans. After a rambling exploration of the site we cruised back around to the west side to Eagle Ray Rock. Which actually had an eagle ray on the dive. The second dive here had a monster loggerhead turtle for the second week in a row. It was extremely curious of the divers. Swam right up and checked out quite a few of them. Our fourth and fifth dives of the day were at Governors Reef. A dive site with fingers running from the shallows out to the wall where we found two more hawksbill feeding intently on some sponges. A little yellow stingray and two small spotted drums were found as well.



 Neptunes Wall began a rainy Wednesday with a few trips up and down the wall. The second dive had two eagle rays that cruised around the guests for a good five minutes which is pretty rare. Eagle rays are normally super shy so it was a unique experience to have them spend so much time with divers. Our after lunch entertainment was even more rays. Stingray City was swarming with some very aggressive southern stingrays. Must not have been fed in a few days. Quite a few guests came up with some serious hickeys. After we ran out of squid we loaded up and headed toward the east end of the island. Babylon finished off our day of diving with a cruise down the best wall dive on Grand Cayman. On the dive we encountered some rays, along with some drum fish and a couple of turtles.



Thursday morning, we stayed at Babylon for a couple more dives in the morning the divers explored the pinnacle just off the wall that is covered in black coral. As the guests sat down to enjoy lunch we then travelled back around to the west side of the island and moored up at round rock and trinity caves. This dive site has some interesting swim throughs and similar to big tunnels as it also has some incredible elephant ear sponge growth on the wall. We just stayed here for one dive and then moved on to a shallow site called Lost treasure & Spanish anchor. We finished up the day with a couple of dives here and explored the shallow reef system, more turtles were spotted along with some squid, a free-swimming moray eel, and a couple more rays in the sand.



The last day of diving we headed to Bonnies arch for our first dive, and as soon as we jumped in were greeted by a large stingray in the sand, as the divers explored the arch on the reef and followed the mini wall we found lots of critters hiding in the soft coral. We then followed this dive by making our way to Devils grotto for the last dive of the week. The guests explored the shallow swim throughs and found all the tarpon along with more morays and schools of jacks and blue tangs. We then made our way back to dock in George Town and that evening we gathered on the sundeck to enjoyed our traditional cocktail party with a few of our favorite local beers and some good rum punch. Another successful week on the Cayman aggressor V.


Until Next Week


Your Cayman Aggressor Captain & Crew