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Bahamas Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Jun 08, 2019
Entry By: Bahamas Aggressor crew


Bahamas Aggressor Captain Log

June 8 – June 15th, 2019

Tiger Beach, White Sand Ridge, Bimini


Visibility: 80-100 feet

Temperature- 80-85 F

Suggested wetsuit thickness: 0-3mm


Captain: Christy

Dolphin Guide: Rob

Dolphin Guide: Brynne

Dolphin Guide: Caleb

Chef: Dorian


Dive Sites:

 Sugar Wreck, Shark Paradise


Our Guests: Jake, Kim, Kip, Maggie, Bill, Jeff, Kim, Samantha, Candace, Teresa, Oliver



After a good night’s sleep after their travels and arrival on Saturday, the guests were up bright and early to begin the lookout for Dolphins! On the way to White Sand Ridge, we spotted 4 Spotted Dolphins that hung with the boat were awhile and gave the guests a show, unfortunately they were not in the mood to play! After staying on our bow for quite a while, the dolphins broke off to deeper water, and the boat headed for our first dive site of the week, Sugar Wreck. Among underwater friends were Sailfin Blennies, White and Orange Spotted Filefish, a mantis shrimp, and a surprise surface from a very large Loggerhead Turtle! After a wonderful dinner from Chef Dorian on the sun deck, the guests socialized and slowly retired to rest up for the next day.



Guests awoke this morning to the sizzling smell of bacon. We are off again chasing dolphins! We have a quick encounter with about 6 bottlenose dolphins who enjoy riding the bow for a while before veering off. Soon after we are met by two mom and baby spotted dolphins. The babies are ready to play but both moms do not feel quite the same way so off we go again looking for more playful ones. Unfortunately, we don’t have an in water encounter today but we do end our day with a beautiful dive at shark paradise where all of our guests are in awe of the sharks they get to encounter; including lemon sharks, reef sharks, nurse sharks, and two tiger sharks!



Last night we made the 12-hour journey from Tiger Bach to Bimini. Guests awake to completely calm water that looks like glass. An epic sunrise is followed by a pod of dolphins who swim right up to the boat, and our morning begins with them! We follow them for a while before eventually having our first in water encounter with spotted dolphins. The dolphins enjoy playing with the guests as they dive down and twirl around. We spend a good majority of the day with different pods of dolphins in the water playing capture the flag and just enjoying their incredible company. After a very nice dive at Wreck of the Hesperus our guests retire for the night; tired after a full day of incredible dolphin encounters.



Yet another beautiful morning to have coffee on the sundeck and start looking for dolphins! The guests are all expert spotters at this point, so after a hearty breakfast from Chef Dorian, they are at it again! It doesn’t take long before our dolphin friends are found (or did they find us?) and they are soon riding the bow putting on a show. These dolphins however, did not want to stick around us for too long because they were chasing fish! A sight to behold, dolphins were swimming fast and jumping out of the water as the guests looked on and cheered.



Unbeknownst to the guests, another busy day was about to begin. As they sipped their coffee and tea, they talked about the days gone by and what they hope to see as the week comes to an end. It doesn’t take long for a pod of bottlenose dolphins to show up, but they are notoriously very skeptical of humans and don’t care to play with us. Two more spotted dolphin encounters ensued before lunch, and guests were able to swim with them both times. Our last full day in Bimini brings us to Rainbow Reef, a shallow dive site close to shore. The guests enjoyed searching for the smaller things, to include blennies and mantis shrimp! As they returned to the boat, they were greeted by a hammerhead shark that came around to see what they were doing. Another day in the books, the guests sat down for our traditional Thanksgiving dinner and reminisced about the day.



The last day of charter opens with a beautiful Bimini sunrise as we start our trek back to Freeport. Before we do, we have one last chance to spot a pod of dolphins as we head up to the northern point of Bimini. Although we had no luck finding any, the day was not lost as we had some beautiful weather for the trip back to Grand Bahama!