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Log Date: Saturday, Jun 01, 2019
Entry By: Bahamas Aggressor crew


Bahamas Aggressor Captain Log

June 1 – 8th, 2019

Tiger Beach, White Sand Ridge, Bimini


Visibility: 80-100 feet

Temperature- 80-85 F

Suggested wetsuit thickness: 0-3mm


Captain: Christy

Dolphin Guide: Rob

Dolphin Guide: Rachael

Dolphin Guide: Caleb

Chef: Dorian


Dive Sites:

Sugar Wreck, Shark Paradise, Bimini Road, Honeymoon Harbor


Our Guests: Jansen, Monique, Bill, Maggie, Ernest, Andrea, Andrea, Simon, Orion, Jeff


Saturday June 1, 2019 

Ten eager dolphin watchers board the Bahamas Aggressor this week.  We get everyone settled in and unpacked and we a fantastic meal from Chef Dorian.  After dinner we get a special treat of watching the Junkanoo preform at the dock.  Everyone retires early as thoughts of dolphins dance through their heads.


Sunday June 2, 2019

The engines come to life early in the morning as we start making our way to the dolphin grounds.  The early morning cruise is soothing and rocks our guests back to sleep before breakfast.  Chef Dorian whips up a fantastic meal for us to fuel our bodies for the day ahead of us.  We hit a huge pod of spotted dolphins on and it is just our luck they are interested in swimming with us.  We have multiple amazing encounters with these dolphins as they play around us.  They like to mimic us as we dive down and do spins to get us to the surface.  Everyone gets the pleasure of the dolphins cruising past them and making eye contact with them and let me tell you there is no feeling like this in the world. 


We leave our dolphin friends to have some lunch and a cruise to the Sugar Wreck.  The Sugar Wreck is a fantastic dive site which boats tons of porcupine puffers, sailfin blennies, grunts and several logger turtles hang around.  Everyone gears up for a snorkel or a dive and the Sugar Wreck never disappoints and it certainly did not today.  We saw all the usually suspects and a few sharks even cruised past. 


After the Sugar Wreck we are back at it, looking for dolphins.  We head back up to the White Sand Ridge and to our delight the dolphins are right where we left them.  We have some more amazing encounters as dolphin swim circles around us playing in the wake and loving the interaction they are having with us.


We head to our anchorage for a restful night sleep and dream about what tomorrow has to hold.


Monday June 3, 2019

We enjoy a delicious breakfast and then get underway to look for dolphins.  We head back up to White Sand Ridge but the dolphins seemed to have had too much fun with us yesterday and we have trouble locating them.  On the drive back from White Sand Ridge we spot four bottlenose dolphins.  These dolphins really enjoy riding our bow and we watch as they playfully look up at us leaning over the front of boat. 


We decide to give the dolphins a rest and head to Shark Paradise to look for some of those men in grey suits.  As soon as we pull up the sharks come to greet us.  Lemon sharks and reef sharks cruise all around the boat.  We get ready for a dive or a snorkel and jump in the water.  The sharks surround us and we get great up close and personal experiences with these guys.  We cruise the reef and there is so much life to see!  We spot all of our usual favorites, blennies, yellow headed jawfish with eggs, midnight and blue parrotfish and so much more. 


We are determined to find dolphins today!  We head back up to White Sand Ridge to look for our mammal friends and we see a couple of dolphins but they do not seem interested in swimming with us so we leave them be and start making our way to Bimini!


June 4, 2019

We wake up in Bimini and enjoy our new beautiful surroundings.  At eight o’clock we start our dolphin look out as we cruise up North Bimini.  Within an hour we’ve hit the jackpot, a pod of at least 26 dolphins.   The dolphins seem sleepy after a long night of hunting in the Gulf Stream and are not quite ready to play with us.  We quietly follow them and wait for them to wake up and be a little more lively.  It happens!  We get in the water several times with dolphins and the youngster are especially keen to spend some time with us.  We break for lunch and continue to follow the same pod.  When we come back they are still there and we have a couple more opportunities to swim with them.  In the afternoon we leave our large pod to do a dive on Bimini Road also known as the Lost Road to Atlantis.  This dive site is shallow but holds many wonders including the potential to be the missing city of Atlantis.  It is also claimed that it is a portal to a different time period and that aliens visit the area quite frequently.  We did not observe any of these phenomenons but we did have quite a wonderful dive. 


We go back to look for our large pod of dolphin and we find them right where we left them.  We get the chance to get in the water a couple more times to see are marine mammal friends and when it starts to get dark we make our way to the anchorage.  I fantastic end to a fantastic day. 


June 5, 2019

We are up and ready to cruise Bimini in search of wild dolphins!  We start heading up North Bimini but some storms keep us from getting too far from where we started.  We decide to head further south and look for dolphins as we make our way to Honeymoon Harbor.  Unfortunately, we did not see any dolphins but when we get to Honeymoon the stingrays are ready to play.  We take the dinghy to the beach with some fresh squid and we kneel in the sand and wait.  Almost immediately huge stingrays surround us, we feed them some squid and more come in, even a couple of nurse sharks come to check us out.  After our squid runs out we enjoy a little time on the beach and then we make our way back to boat.  We decide a drift dive is in order and it is on one of the best sights in Bimini, Tuna Alley.  We hope that the dive sights name holds true and we get to see some of those huge 1200lb tuna that cruises Bimini Gulf Stream.  Unfortunately, the tuna does not show up but lots of other wildlife does.  We head into Cat Cay Marina for a nice night on land.  We enjoy a couple of drink at the bar and then return to the boat in order to get a good nights sleep so we can swim with the dolphins tomorrow. 


June 6, 2019

We start dolphin searching at eight and we find a single spotted dolphin hanging out on his own.  We follow him for awhile hoping that he will lead us to his friends and family.  He does not so we decide to do a dive at the Hesperus.  The Hesperus is an incredible wreck dive which boast tornados of barracuda, turtles sleeping on the wreck, and tons and tons of grunts and snappers.  Everyone loves the time we spend diving here but we it is time to get back onboard and find the dolphins. 


We search everywhere for the dolphins and towards the end of the day we find them and they are ready to really play.  We drop everyone in the water and they are all in awe of the sheer beauty and power these fantastic animals have.  The encounters are too good to count.  We play with the dolphins until it is dark and then head to the anchorage to get a good night sleep. 


June 7, 2019

It is Friday and that means it is our last chance to look for dolphins.  We start heading back to West End Grand Bahama but we are lucky that the path we take back takes us right through dolphin territory.  We look for dolphins the entire way back and we spot a few but none seem to want to play.  We make it back to West End just in time for our wine and cheese party.  It is a great way to end a great week!