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Bahamas Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Jun 15, 2019
Entry By: Bahamas Aggressor crew


Bahamas Aggressor Captain Log

June 15 – June 22nd, 2019

Tiger Beach


Visibility: 80-100 feet

Temperature- 80-85 F

Suggested wetsuit thickness: 0-3mm


Captain: Christy

Photo Pro: Rob

Video Pro: Brynne

Dive Master: Caleb

Chef: Dorian


Dive Sites:

Sherwood Forest, Shark Paradise, Hogfish, Mount Olympus, El Capitan, Sugar Wrek, El Dorado, Mini Wall, Metropolis, Silver Fox Ledges


Our Guests: Martin, Gordo, Jesse, Bruce, Dennis, Mark, Mark, Craig, Betsy, Janet, Kathy, Mark, Carl



After arriving Saturday afternoon, and enjoying a nice dinner prepared by chef Dorian, all of the guests enjoyed a nice evening at the dock in Old Bahama Bay. The engine roared to life Sunday morning right as the sun was rising over the clouds creating a beautiful juxtaposition of pastel colors over the flat Caribbean waters. We make our way towards Tiger Beach but stop for our first dive at Sherwood forest. This is a great place of our check out dive where guests enjoy the beautiful warm water, and encounters with a Caribbean reef shark, a nurse hark, and even a giant Sea Anemone. Next, we head to shark paradise for our second and third dive at Tiger Beach. Guests enjoy being surrounded by reef sharks and curious Lemon Sharks. And for those who became bored with the sharks, the reefs at shark paradise are bursting with beautiful coral and fish life. After a wonderful lunch and a third dive at Shark paradise, we head over to Hogfish for our last dive of the day. Here our guests enjoy great visibility, as well as schools of grunts and jacks, and many different types of blennies hiding around every corner.



After a restful sleep, our guests awake to the smell of Bacon. After a wonderful filling breakfast, we are off to Mount Olympus. A deeper dive site than most of our sites, here divers find schools of Ocean trigger fish, as well as a spotted eel, scrawled file fish, and large amounts of four eyed butterfly fish. Next, we head back to Shark Paradise for our next two dives. We saw so many great species of fish including the rare and elusive slippery dick and even a pudding wife. Queen, French, and Grey Angel fish are ubiquitous in this area and incredibly friendly making for great photos for all of our photo experts on board this week. Next, we move to Sugar wreck for our fourth dive where they find puffer fish, stingrays, arrow crabs, and even a sailfin blenny. After a wonderful dinner prepared by Chef Dorian all the guests retire for this night.






This morning guests are up bright and early enjoying the sunrise. Before you know it, we are plunging in to the water at El Dorado for a beautiful adventure at a dive site called El Dorado. Here divers see a scorpion fish, string rays, schools of barracuda, a headshield slug, and a white spotted file fish. Today at Shark Paradise, our divers finally have an encounter with two tiger sharks that come to visit for a few minutes. For our fourth dive of the day divers encounter oceanic trigger fish protecting the nests they have made from other fish. Quite an incredible experience to see in action. A clear night brings a beautiful sunset and a starry night.



The sun rises early this morning over still water, and the engines roar to life. We are our way to El Capitan where our guests watch Eagle rays twirl in the depths. The reef life here is bountiful and has thousands of sea fans covering its surface. A green moray free swims around a coral head giving the divers quite a show. Even a hawksbill turtle comes to join in the fun. For our third and fourth dive of the day we are off to Shark paradise where divers enjoy the sharks as well as the file fish, blennies, and a golden spotted eel. Tonight, our divers enjoy a wonderful night dive at the sugar wreck where they are met by a nurse shark and a loggerhead turtle right off the bat. Eels, puffer fish, angel fish, jewel fish, and more are ubiquitous at the sugar wreck, and every diver is amazed by the shear amount of life that lives here.




This morning we are off and running at Diagon Alley. A deeper dive site but beautiful visibility and lots of life. Here divers are surprised by an incredible show put on by four eagle rays. Along with the eagle rays, diver’s sea moray eels, slender file fish, and even a green moray eel. Again, we move to Shark Paradise where finally, two tiger sharks come around to say hello to our divers and everyone is in awe by their size and grace. After thanksgiving dinner, Brynne shows the video that she has been working on all week.  For our night dive we move to a sight called Metropolis where lots of night life emerges including a slipper lobster, arrow crabs, and even a mantis shrimp.



After a wonderful breakfast of waffles, eggs, and sausage, and guests enjoy the photos that Rob has been putting together all week, we head towards West End. We make a quick stop at Silver Fox Ledges for a great last dive where divers sea juvenile spotted drum, a trunk fish, lots of arrow crabs, and blennies. After we dock guests enjoy the afternoon and then all the crew and guests enjoy a wonderful cheese and wine party on the sundeck for one last time to reminisce about the week gone by.