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Bahamas Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Jun 22, 2019
Entry By: Bahamas Aggressor crew


Bahamas Aggressor Captain Log

June 22 – 29, 2019

Tiger Beach


Visibility: 80-100 feet

Temperature- 75-78 F

Suggested wetsuit thickness: 3-5 mm


Captain: Christy

Engineer:  Rodney

Photo Pro: Caleb

Video Pro: Rob

Chef: Dorian


Dive Sites:
Sherwood Forest, Shark Paradise, Sugar Wreck, El Dorado, Hogfish, Diagon Alley, Fish Tails, Mini Wall, El Capitan, Predator Gulch, Mount Olympus, Metropolis


Our Guests: Charlie, Elliot, Lisa, Troy, Jeff, Dawn, Bruce, Barb, Chris, Kris, Jason, Pascal, Mario, Steve


Saturday June 22, 2019

Fourteen eager shark lovers boarded the Bahamas Aggressor ready to depart on their epic adventure.  We spent the first night at the dock enjoying the Junkanoo parade and sending any last-minute messages to loved ones. 


Sunday June 23, 2019

The engines come to life early in the morning as we start making our way north and to the Tiger Beach area.  We spot on the way to do our check out dive at Sherwood Forest.  We see so many things all while checking our buoyancy and getting all the kinks worked out for the sharks in the afternoon.  A curious remora swims through the group actively looking for someone to grab onto.  Lots of southern stingrays laze around in the sand with just their eye balls sticking up.   

We move to the destination of the week Tiger Beach and have our first encounter with lots of sharks.  We do two dives here at Shark Paradise and we see it all, tons of lemon and reef sharks and a couple of tigers and even a great hammerhead does a cruise by.  We were super lucky to get to see all of these amazing animals on the first day.

We move to the Sugar Wreck for the afternoon and night dive and we continue to check species off of our shark list as a large nurse shark is found sleeping in the wreck.  There is always so much life on the sugar wreck and today definitely did not disappoint at one point we could see more than 10 porcupine puffers chasing each other in attempts to mate.  White spotted file fish flit around in pairs and butterfly fish dance with each other under the wreck and even a scorpion fish.  All in all, a great way to end the first day of our dive trip. 


Monday June 24, 2019

We start our day on El Dorado where the fish life is abundant!  Everything is to be seen down there including a massive loggerhead sea turtle.   A tornado of barracuda hangs out under the boat and darts past divers as they begin on their safety stop.  We then move to the Fish Tails Anchorage.  We have a fantastic two dives here as a tiger shark comes in and out of view of our boat.  We also explore the reef a bit and find spotted morays hanging in the cracks as well as yellow headed jawfish out in the sand.  We move to Hogfish for our afternoon and night dive as we cruise the lemon sharks follow us so they can hang out with us again when we dive.  On the dive we see a massive reef shark as well as lots of horse eyed jacks hanging out under the boat.  A golden tail moray also makes an appearance along with huge schools of dog snappers. 


Tuesday June 25, 2019

We enjoy a delicious breakfast prepared by chef Dorian and then we are ready to dive!  Our day begins at Diagon Ally, named uniquely after a diagonal swim through that goes through the middle and of course Harry Potter.  The dive here is fantastic, right off the bad we find two scarlet striped cleaner shrimps and they are so desperate to do their jobs they start cleaning divers hands.  We then move on to the reef and immediately see a spotted moray.  Tons on blue chromis and creole wrasse fall all around us making it look like purple rain as they surround the divers.  We then move to Predator Gulch an anchor site where we are hoping to find some of those big tiger sharks cruising around.  We are in luck Emma the most famous tiger shark of Tiger Beach is here and she spends the entire dive with us.  She makes it a point to introduce herself to each of the divers individually.  Everyone is so thrilled with her and the smiles and the stories just keep coming through lunch.  We move to Mini Wall for the afternoon and night dive.  A goliath grouper was rumored to be spotted here and according to divers this fish was every bit of six feet.  We also see some other incredible things including grey angel fish, juvenile puffer fish, and hogfish.  We all settle in for a restful night sleep as we count tiger sharks instead of sheep in our sleep.


Wednesday June 26, 2019

El Capitan is the place to be this morning!  We jump for a fantastic dive here we see it all pederson’s cleaner shrimp, flame scallops, yellow headed jawfish, and so much more.  The reef sharks and the lemon shark are also here and they cruise by us constantly.  We have an incredible cook out on the sundeck as Chef Dorian prepares cheeseburgers in paradise on the grill as we cruise to our next dive site.  We tie up to Shark Paradise and hop in!  A tiger shark is interested in our boat but she keeps her distance only make a couple close passes.  The reefs and the lemon sharks are here though and the reef is spectacular.  We move to the Sugar Wreck for our afternoon and night dive and we are in for a treat the logger heads are sleeping in the wreck and the puffers are dancing around us and the macro life is out of this world as well.  Everyone comes back super satisfied with the dive and we enjoy some hot chocolate and baileys before we head off to bed. 


Thursday June 27, 2019

We arrive at Mount Olympus early in the morning and as divers finish their breakfast they start to get ready for the dive.  We jump in and find a ton of cool stuff the site itself is just stunning with fantastic coral life.  We find a spotted moray and a green moray and the divers become engulfed in a school of atlantic spadefish.  We get all the divers back and start making our way to Shark Paradise in search of more tiger sharks.  We are lucky today and see several tiger sharks cruising around the outskirts of the reef.  We also find the rare and coveted juvenile spotted trunk fish, buzzing around like a little dice.  We end our day on Metropolis where we have even more awesome macro finds including a lettuce leaf sea slug, a flame scallop and another spotted moray.  We head off to bed satisfied with our fantastic day of diving and look forward to the dive the next day.


Friday June 28, 2019 

We start moving early to get to our dive site, Silver Fox Ledge.  We are greeted by a huge green turtle on the dive that wants to stick very closely to our divers.  The ledges here are a great place to see all sorts of great things like spotted drums, trunk fish and squirrel fish.  We start making our way into West End on this beautiful day.  We end our day talking about future trips at the wine and cheese party which is a perfect end to our perfect week.