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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Jul 06, 2019
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Captain’s Log

Cayman Aggressor V

 6th-13th July 2019


Guests: Paul, Olivia, Owen, Olga, Sonia, Jason, Izzy, Roxy, Maria, Mia, Chris Jennifer, Gordon, Tyler, Austin, Kim, Eric, Wayne


Crew Randy, RJ, Mo, Kris, Latoya, Ben, Rodel.


Water temp 84-86F; Air temp 86 to 90 F



We had a very special group of guests this week for Family Week, which is always a nice change of pace with families from all over the globe for a week of diving. We also had our owner Wayne Hasson on board joining us, so it was an extra special week! We greeted the guests on the north terminal in George Town. As the guests boarded we started to sort out equipment and soon start to get to know everyone. After introductions and a safety briefing everyone was soon feeling very much at home on the Cayman Aggressor V, excited for what this week had to offer.



We started out the week at our favorite site for a check out dive, the Doc Poulson. On this dive site we have a small wreck that is covered in soft coral where the divers got to explore for lots of small critters, such as fire worms, Peterson cleaning shrimp and upside down jellyfish. After the check out dive, we moved the boat to the USS Kittiwake, Grand Cayman’s most popular wreck site, which lays in the sand at around 65 ft and the top at 30 ft . On the dive we explored the inside and outside of the amazing wreck, which always allows for some great photo opportunities. After the Kittiwake, we moved West to Stingray City, another one of Grand Cayman’s most popular attractions. On the dive we encountered the numerous stingrays up close and personal, which is always a crowd pleaser. After that we pulled up anchor and began our crossing to Little Cayman, arriving around 11pm.



We kicked off the day with two morning dives at Randy’s Gazebo, one of our favorite wall sites on “Bloody Bay Wall”. On the dives we saw tons of amazing hard and soft corals, a hawksbill turtle and of course the very friendly Nassau groupers that love to get up close and personal. After the two dives, we moved to nearby Bustop for two afternoon dives and a night dive. On the afternoon dives we saw a hawksbill turtle, several Southern stingrays, tons of yellow headed jawfish and some large barracudas. On the night dive we saw two octopus, a school of squid, some hunting black jacks and several stingrays.



We fired up the engines early and made the crossing to Cayman Brac for two morning dives on the Keith Tibbetts Wreck aka Russian Destroyer #356, an amazing 330 ft piece of history. On the first dive the guests became familiar with the coral covered wreck, including the stern guns and the “guts” of the midship. On the second dive we had an eagle ray out in the sand off the wreck for almost the entire dive! We also took the opportunity to take some nice photos of the guests at different sections of the wreck. After that, we made the crossing back over to Little Cayman during lunchtime. We arrived at Meadows just after lunch, where we did one dive. On the dive we saw two hawksbill turtles, several large Southern stingrays, a porcupine pufferfish and a spotted eagle ray cruising in the sand! A storm moved in during the late afternoon, so we had to cancel the fourth dive of the day for safety precautions. We did our night dive at Meadows and saw….



We started off the day with a very special surprise, just after finishing breakfast we saw two large mating green turtles next to the boat, which the guests were able to observe snorkeling. After that we made two morning dives at Marlyn’s Cut, where we explored the many interesting swim throughs, and saw a hawksbill turtle, a nurse shark, several barracuda and a juvenile drum. We then did one afternoon dive at Great Wall East, where we saw tons of very friendly Nassau groupers, a hawksbill turtle and some very nice soft corals. For our night dive we cruised over to Randy’s Gazebo, where we saw several squid, a few lobsters, a large channel crab and tons of shrimps.




We kicked off the day with an early morning dawn dive at Randy’s Gazebo, where we saw a swimming nurse shark and a sleeping nurse shark, a hawksbill turtle and many large Nassau groupers. After that we did two morning dives at Great Wall, where we saw a very friendly nurse shark that spent at least 15 minutes with us, as well as a hawksbill turtle, a juvenile drum and many large Nassau groupers. For our last dive of the day we made one dive at Lea Lea’s Lookout, where we saw even more Nassau groupers, a giant moray eel and a porcupine pufferfish. We then began the long crossing back to Grand Cayman, arriving late at night.



We kicked off our last day of diving with an early morning dawn dive at the Oro Verde wreck, where the guests explored the remains of the wreck, as well as a hawksbill turtle, a green moray and several lobsters. After that we cruised over to Devil’s Grotto for two dives, where we were very lucky to have the dense schools of silverside fish inside the cave systems with many large hunting tarpon. A very special occasion that only happens for a few weeks out of the year! We arrived back on the North Terminal dock around noon, where the guests enjoyed their last meal on the boat for lunch. After lunch, unfortunately it was that time of the week to start cleaning gear and packing up. That evening we finished off the week with our cocktail party and our official Aggressor toast. Overall it was an amazing week of diving and family fun aboard the Cayman Aggressor V!


Until Next Week


Your Cayman Aggressor Captain & Crew